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  • Peace and Harmony Healing Resources
    Natural healing and spiritually inspirational resource guides. Peace and harmony, global and wildlife preservation, native american and ancient cultures, natural therapies for pets, angel and visionary art galleries, posters, cd's, books. Healing sites and practitioners.

  • Herbal Healers International - Practicing Herbalists
    Herbal Healers International - Online Study Group of practicing herbalists. Community membership approval is dependant on membership of the study group. Only active HHI study group members can join the community.

  • New Scents & Fragrance Club
    New Scents & Fragrance Club markets Aromatherpay products on the retail level, but primarily in a club setting.{;}{;}This club/community is designed/created to find companies of similar interested or people who may make their own Aromatherpay products and would like to have us market them through our club

  • Traditional Healing
    Information about traditional healing forms and practitioners especially: curanderismo, shamanism, Native American and indigenous healing arts based on ancient and traditional culture.

  • Treasures from the Sea of Chi Community
    Our user-friendly website sells ancient Chinese herbal formulas that are used by martial artists to improve strength and flexibility as well as for injury management.

  • What is your experience with the herbal remedies?
    In this ring, everybody could tell us about his/her experience with herbal pills. Were they useful for him/her? We also rely on recommendations and so on... Let's go through the herbal wonderland!

  • Vermont Herb Blogs
    Cause we're all a little too excited about plants.

  • The Benefits of Herbal Medicine


    Since the beginning of time, people have been using herbal medicine to treat a variety of ailments and illnesses. Even though most of the world seems to rely on conventional medicine, there are still millions of people reaping the benefits of using herbal remedies to treat what ails them. There are a lot of benefits to be had by those who choose to go the natural or herbal route when it comes to taking care of your health. Understanding these benefits may help you decide if herbal medicine is worth considering for you and your loved ones.


    The media has kind of created a stereotype of the sort of person that opts to live as naturally as possible. Often they are portrayed to be modern day hippies who seem a little off their rocker! There is really no truth to that! Plenty of regular people like you and I and even the not-so-regular like celebrities use herbal medicine for treatment of things from colds and flu to cancer. You also don’t have to commit to a lifetime spent living all-natural and never buying another prescription again in order to benefit from herbal medicine. There are herbal alternatives to everything from pain relief tablets to cold medication, so you can pick and choose what works for you.


    Why Would You Choose the Herbal Way?


    There are a few reasons as to why one might want to give the herbal medicines a try, such as the fact that they are chemical free and better for you than their drug counterparts. Also many people decide to give herbal medicine a try when they’re not happy with how their conventional medicines are working for them. There are also those who try alternative remedies when they feel they’ve tried everything else without any success.


    You don’t need to see herbal medicine as a last resort. Instead, take some time to research and understand herbal remedies and what they are all about. Weigh the pros and cons and even give a few a try to test them out if you like. Maybe the next time you feel a cold coming on you can try one of the herbal alternatives to your usual over-the-counter meds and see for yourself if they are as effective as you’d hoped while also keeping in mind the fact that you have now treated yourself naturally without putting any drugs or toxins into your body.


    Finally, another reason as to why some people prefer herbal remedies is because many of them are readily available and easy to use at home. Sure, it is really simple to pop a pill but it’s also simple to boil a cup of water and steep an herbal tea that may help you just as good. Many herbal medicines come in the form of teas on tinctures that can be taken in several ways depending on your preference and many of them are also effective in treating more than one ailment. They are natural, safe and proven effective, so the sooner you check them out for yourself, the sooner you can decide is herbal is the way you want to go. Those who wish to start consuming healthier, herbal substances should try out Buddha Teas. These delicious teas are not only all natural, but they provide a whole wide array of health benefits. They come in a wide variety, so there is bound to be something here for you, whether you prefer bark, berry, flower, leaf, root, or seed teas. If you are looking for a natural boost in brain function, bladder function, cardiovascular and circulatory function, stress, vision, mood, and muscular support, then you owe it to yourself to try these all natural beverages.