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  • My Diet Blog
    My-diet blog is a community of like minded people who blog about their trials, struggles and hopefully success with trying to lose weight, stay healthy and fit. Sometimes you can feel very alone and frustrated on the journey to loose weight. On a bad day, an encouraging word or guidance from someone going through the same thing can be just what you need. That is why I started “my-dietblog”. It is more than a web-community, it is a community for support, information and guidance as well as a place to find resources about health, fitness and diet. Journal/Blogs/Diary/W

  • ::::Metamorfosis:::
    Este es un community para unificar a todas las chicas que desean bajar de peso, animandonos y formando amistades ^^

  • Simple Tips to Help Make Fitness a Part of Your Daily Life



    You don’t need a fancy gym membership or personal trainer in order to incorporate fitness into your daily life. While all of those things would be great, the truth of the matter is that we’re not all Oprah Winfrey’s who can afford to have others worry about our fitness for us! Most people just find being fit difficult because of their hectic and busy lives. Well, you can’t use the ‘I’m too busy’ excuse any longer when it comes to fitness because there are things that you can do in your daily life, regardless of how busy you are, in order to get fit.


    Here are some suggestions that will help you keep fit without having to change your day-to-day routine…well too much anyway.


    Forget elevators! Yes, you’ve heard this one before but that’s because it works! Any time you normally take an elevator, opt to take the stairs instead. It’s an easy, no-brainer way to add exercise to your home life and workday. You’re already there so why not get the most out of it?


    Leave the car at home! How many times do you hop into the car just to go to the corner store for some milk or cigarettes? (Don’t even get me started on the cigarettes!) By walking instead you’re doing something for your fitness level and getting some fresh air and sunshine—both of which are important for your health and well being.


    Do some major cleaning! I don’t mean wash the dishes instead of using the dishwasher, I mean get out the mop or brush and scrub those floors, wash those windows and vacuum those steps! These are all physically demanding chores that need to be done anyway and can give you an awesome workout!


    Walk your dog! Don’t just take your pup out long enough to do its business and resist the urge to just let it out into the backyard. You owe it to your dog and yourself to go out for a proper walk so you both get the exercise you need and deserve.


    Carry your baby! And if you don’t have a baby, then carry a sack of potatoes! There’s nothing like consistently lugging around 10+ pounds to build some muscle and improve your fitness!


    Have sex!! You already know that it can do wonders for your mood, but it also burns some calories, lowers stress, gets your blood flowing and makes a day feel a million times better! Sex is good for you all around, so do it and do it OFTEN!


    By using these little tips, you’ll make a HUGE impact on your overall fitness which in turn will mean an improvement in every other aspect of your life. Staying fit is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind and with such easy suggestions; you’d have to be an ass not to try. Okay, that was a tad harsh, but you get the point. You have no good reason for not making these small changes, so get on it!