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  • All About Feng Shui
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  • Feng Shui Basics


    Doesn’t it feel as if Feng Shui is a new craze? It seems that only in the last couple of years have we been hearing about it on television, in books, on the radio…everywhere! It turns out though that Feng Shui is a practice that has been around for more than 3,000 years since first being developed in China. What is it you ask? Well, that’s what this article will answer for you and then some.


    What Feng Shui is not, is something off your Chinese take-out menu! It is also not a fad or craze but rather an ancient science that encourages good energy within a space, be it a bedroom or an office. This good energy comes from the placement of things in the space and when properly assessed, a compass is used as well as an instrument called a Ba-Gua. Different spaces in your home are believed to impact different areas of your life which is one of the many reasons why proper Feng Shui requires skill and training. There are however a few simple principles that can be applied to your space without a visit from a professional and it is those that we will cover now so that you can achieve the good health and success that comes from practicing Feng Shui. To be more specific, we’ll touch on the two spaces that seem to be of the most importance to us: the bedroom and the office, likely since that seems to be where most of us spend the majority of our time!




    You need to remove computers, exercise equipment, televisions, etc from the bedroom in order to maintain the good (and sensual) energy that your bedroom needs. As far as colors go; skin colors are the most Feng Shui-friendly choices for the boudoir. Any art for your bedroom should be expressive of the way you’d like your life to be, for example, pictures of a lonely old woman are NOT a good choice! And finally, try to keep windows open for fresh air or use a purifier because the quality of the oxygen you breathe in your bedroom is essential for creating and keeping good energy. Plants are also not to be placed in a bedroom unless far from the bed.


    Office Spaces


    Since we use our offices to make money and to try to be successful, the energy of an office is a big deal. Again, try to get the best air quality you can in your office by opening windows when possible or using a purifier. The light in an office needs to be bright—sunlight preferred—because light is considered the most powerful energy. Also, having your back to a door when you’re at your desk is considered a bad practice that can take away from your success. And clutter is a no-no! You need to keep things as tidy and organized as you can.


    Whether or not you believe in the power of Feng Shui, these suggestions DO at the very least make some sense as they encourage us to spend time in surroundings that make us feel great. Isn’t that what we want anyway?