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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Community
    To promote awareness and education about Breast Cancer by linking sites with information, personal stories and resources for Breast Cancer Awareness. All sites in the community must be DIRECTLY related to breast cancer. {;}{;}Sites must be either personal stories, contain information about Breast Cancer (not just be a page where you support breast cancer) the site must be about Breast Cancer. NO RETAIL SITES WILL BE ACCEPTED. No groups pages, such as Yahoo groups or MSN groups, you must have an actual website about Breast Cancer to place the entire community on.

  • Let the Truth Community Out
    Abuse thrives in silence. This community is for any survivor and their SOs to speak out, break the silence, and expose not only the abusers, but the methodologies of abuse. By doing this, we gain strength and healing, and at the same time help reduce and prevent abuse by educating others.

  • Positive Path Network
    Positive Path Community provides positive ideas on meditation, stress management, personal growth, motivation, goal setting, achievement, life coaching and inspirational quotations.{;}

  • ForeverTears - For All Abused and Neglected Children Of the World
    For all the abused and or neglected children of this world there will always be tears. Sometimes the tears will remain unshed. They are there nonetheless. Tears shed for the pain and the fear felt by those too young to protect themselves. There will always be tears, even when the immediate pain goes away. Please join us in support of all abused and/or neglected children of our world.

  • Families With Medical Issues
    This community is for all families dealing with medical issues with a child/children. Our community is to bcommunity families together that have a common bond and to help educate others of the terrible medical issues we deal with.

  • Pregnancy & Childbirth Information
    A community of sites providing pregnancy and childbirth related information.

  • Nathaniel's Play Yard
    This is a community for parents, family, or friends that have had prenatal, neonatel, or infant loss. Nathaniel's Friends builds free websites and offers support as well as provides an e-mail support group.

  • Healing Herbs Community
    This is a community of sites dealing with the healing aspects of medicinal herbs.

    A community dedicated to the well-being of children. Any site with kid's content is welcome to join.

  • AIDS Research Advocacy Community
    connecting sites that raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and which advocate for prevention, treatment, vaccine research, etc ...

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder & Post Adoptive Support
    A gathecommunity of supportive sites to offer resources, knowledge, tools and support to families struggling or challenged by Reactive Attachment Disorder and post adoptive related issues.

  • Diabetes Education
    This community is to bcommunity Websites containing Diabetes Education to people who want to learn about Diabetes. Sites containing Diabetes education of any kind is welcome.

  • Online Weight Loss Support
    This is a group of people who have sites that offer FREE support for losing weight.{;}If you ONLY offer products/services please do not attempt to join.{;}Commercial sites are welcome as long as you offer FREE support/information regarding weight loss.

  • Day Of The Child
    This community is to bcommunity people together who have been abused or who would like to help raise awareness and try to stop and prevent childhood abuse

  • None

  • Peer Education Community
    Connecting sites on the web which address peer education. Brought to you by www.youthHIV.org, a project of Advocates for Youth.

  • Holistic Healthcare
    Community für ganzheitliches Wohlbefinden und Wellness des Menschen.Informationen für einen harmonischen Alltag auf der Basis gesunder Ernährung,sinnvoller Entspannung,psychologischer Beratung,Naturheilkunde und Alternativmedizin,Gesundheitspädagogik.Zusätzlich Seiten für alternative Lebensstile

  • Body For Life Community
    Join the thousands who have decided to transform and change their lives for ever on this amazing program. Body for Life. If you have a website dedicated to Body for Life and your progress join us here!! :o)

  • Life and Breast Cancer
    The Life and Breast Cancer community is for anyone who wishes to share their stories and online resources to help other that are coping with breast cancer.

    Condoms discounted for students, condom education and condom advice, discreet packaging and shipping, 100% Private, totally confidential. Order from your dorm, apartment or home. Help prevent stds, AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. Use credit cards or even Cash! There are even 4 ways to get Free condoms!

  • T.H.I.N.K.S
    The Hydrocephalus Informational Network of Knowledge and Support Community offers links to information about hydrocephalus and support for parents of kids with hydrocephalus.

  • Oral Health Resources
    All companies, organizations, businesses, and individuals that offer services, information, or resources that would enhance,improve or promote dental/oral health are encouraged to join. Dental Health is extremely important.

  • Boobie Sisters
    Joining together sites that are about breast augmentation surgery and the women who are ENHANCED! We hope to bcommunity education to all those who would stereotype us, as well as inform those who may be contemplating this surgery.

  • suziees world of children
    our community is all about children, preschools can use the community to link to other sites and resources

  • Rainbow Wonders
    a *Elite* community for the chosen members

  • ABC of Parenting and Families with Disabilities
    A community of communities dedicated to parenting of any kind including Fostecommunity Gurdianship and Adoption offecommunity friendship, support and advice from nappy changing to dealing with teenages who suffer from Attention Defecit Disorder. Help assistance and understanding is paramount especially to those who are dealing with difficulties and/or a disability within the family.

  • Our Little Piece Of Heaven
    The Our Little Piece Of Heaven community was created to bcommunity parents who have lost children from the effects of placental abruption together. We hope to offer one another sympathy, support and bcommunity about awareness to others in the online community.{;}

  • Pink Promise
    A site comprised of helpful facts about the terrible disease Breast Cancer. Help us unite today!

    Better educate people on colitis

  • Giving up Smoking Together
    Give Up Smoking - Together’ has been created and is being developed voluntarily by quitting smokers for quitting smokers. Our aim is to provide a friendly, relaxed and supportive on-line community open to anyone trying to give up the ‘evil weed’.

  • pw weight loss buddies
    weight loss buddies from pw june 2002

  • Parents Mentocommunity
    A community for parents who are dealing with children's mental health issues to band together for support, advocacy, advice and awareness.

  • no longer active!
    This community is being dissolved.

  • Tourettes
    A community for those with tourette to come together for support, help, and just to listen

  • Depo-Provera Resources & Information
    Depo-Provera information and resources as well as, information and resources about birth control, parenting, pregnancy, birth and so much more.

  • Domestic Violence Memorial Community
    This community was built to link all the memorials to vicitms of Domestic Violence around the internet.{;}If you have a memorial site dedicated to memory of a Domestic Violence victim, I encourage you to join and share your story.{;}We must get the word out that Domestic Violence has a face a story and it must be made public!!

  • The Importance of Health Education

    A person’s health education usually starts at home where you are taught by your parents about the importance of washing, brushing your teeth, wearing clean clothes and brushing your hair. Each parent spends a painstaking amount of time teaching their children these basic necessities of life. Some parents, although not all of them which are unfortunate, do teach their children about the importance of healthy eating and the benefits of exercising.  This education continues into primary school where the teachers there build on the foundations that were set by the parents and help the children who did not have as much of a good foundation as another student may have. They learn further about healthy eating, body image and exercise. This even further continues onto high school where they learn about keeping each individual organ in tip top condition. By teaching them these skills and information they enable their future generations to learn and build on the knowledge that they pass down. Health education not only covers just the physical side of the body but also the emotional side. Children are taught gently at first and then in a more full on way how to deal with their emotions and feelings. By learning to understand themselves they are instantly reducing the possibility of developing stress related problems in their future lives. Also it helps them to learn a positive image for themselves and helps them to say no when asked by their peers and sometimes pressurized by their peers to take drugs and drink large amounts of alcohol.

    By learning about their bodies they are taught to respect their bodies in a way that helps combat physical and emotional conditions like eating disorders. Also when it comes to respecting their bodies they are more careful when it comes to sexual encounters, either by being able to say no or if they do feel ready to make sure they use protection. Health education in many ways is just as important as learning math, English or any other academic subject. Learning about the human body can also inspire students to look into a career within the medical profession which is one of the most rewarding and good careers to take. Or a career in the health profession which cares for peoples mental health.  These subjects are compulsory on the education syllabus for all children between the ages of seven years old and eighteen years old.

    Some students go onto university or college to learn further on educational health. They often spend years learning about science, biology, psychology, counseling, physiotherapy and pediatrics. Some have to complete an internship to be able to complete their university courses which will enable some of them to become registered doctors or nurses. In turn they will be able to teach future generations the respect they should have for their own bodies. Some will inspire others to want to become doctors or nurses and join the ranks of health professionals and care workers.

    Learn more about teen pregnancy, and preventing common teen STDs like HPV and the HPV Vaccine and Herpes.