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  • Herbal Medicine Remedy & Drugs
    The place you will find everything you want about herbal & natural drugs, herbal medicine, herbal remedy, herbal supplements, herbal weight loss and more. You will find the highest quality natural herbal remedies for your health. Weight loss herbs give you an excellent alternative to prescription drugs. Also, most herbs don't have the addictive qualities that many prescription drugs have, which often lead to drug addictions. Directory of information on nutritional supplements, herbal supplements and natural healthy products and remedies.

  • prozac nation
    supporting the awareness and treatment of clinical depression

  • Redeemed Christian Recovery Fellowship
    We know what it is to be powerless, for our lives to be out of control. We know what it is to feel sick and tired, worn down, hopeless and helpless. We know the weight of heavy burdens, the guilt, the shame, remorse, fear, anger, resentment, and hopelessness. We know what it is to do violence to ourselves, to others, and to God. We know what it is to seek rest for our souls, because that’s what our drugs were meant to provide; rest for our souls.{;}{;}We offer, Recovery Chats, Message Boards, Support Groups, etc.

  • Addicted Bloggers
    Helping recovecommunity addicts and alcoholics stay connected across a sea of digits and electrical pulses.

  • Nar-Anon Family Groups
    This community is for family and friends of a loved one who struggles with addiction. Support, friendship, interaction, meetings, conventions and more.

  • Drugs and Our World

    Millions of people all over the world take illegal drugs everyday.  Online resources cover every aspect on information for young and old alike on drugs. You can visit site now a days that can give parents of teenage children informative and practical information on how to spot the signs of your child taking illegal drugs and what types and symptoms are connected to each type of drug. Drug addicts can also access information to help them kick their habit which will ruin every aspect of their lives if they continue to purchase and take illegal drugs. Not all addicts are hooked on illegal drugs. It is becoming more and more common for adults to become addicted to over the counter and/or prescription drugs. The readiness of our culture allows us to visit our doctors and practically be prescribed anything we ask for. Our doctors and nurses are badly paid and over worked making them susceptible to making mistakes and missing an addict’s addiction until it is too late. Over the counter drugs are available without prescription and can be bought from anywhere, your local store to the larger chemists or supermarkets.

    We will now look at the different kinds of illegal drugs that are currently available via underground black markets that are addictive and can ruin lives. This information has been provided for people who suspect their loved one is taking illegal drugs and wants to know more information so they can spot the signs:

    LSD (Acid, Trips,Tabs, Blotters, Microdots) – This drug is a very powerful and hallucinogenic. The symptoms include the person who has taken it seeing the world in a false way. They perceive everything to be brand new and magical and even the dirtiest dingy places will look like a five star hotel. This loss of perception can cause some very horrible problems if the person taking the drug goes on a bad one. They will start to loose all sense of danger and will trust anyone. They can begin to hallucinate some very nasty things leaving them very confused and scared.

    Crystal Meth (Ice, Tina, Krank, Tweek) – This drug is a stimulant and will remove the user of their inhabitations. This particular drug has spread very fast into most communities and is often the choice drug used by users who wish to get a real true high. The user will feel a sense of euphoria and feel rushes of adrenalin. They will often obsessively clean or tidy their surroundings, it keeps the user awake for very long periods of time and raises the body temperature so that it causes rapid heart beats. This can lead to cardiac arrest, paranoia, aggression, hallucinations and psychotic behavior.

    Crack (Rocks, Stones, Cocaine) – This drug creates a high intense rush that lasts for a few minuets and then a high for around twenty minuets. This makes the drug very addictive and often its users will spend every last bit of money they have to keep recreating the hit they get from it. The side effects include wild mood swings, violent and unpredictable behavior, confusion, paranoia and can cause hallucinations.  This drug causes chest pains, heart failure, strokes and death in some cases.

    With the continued proliferation of illicit drugs, more and more adolescents are bound to need teen drug abuse treatment in the future.