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  • ~* The Pink Ladies *~
    The Pink Ladies - All women can join even if you do not have any breast cancer info on your page. We just need to join together and spread around information, to keep it first and formost in each others minds that we can beat this. With early detection we can save someone. {;}

  • Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
    This community is for families affected by HLHS. Surfing this community allows you to read about this Congenital Heart Defect, and how it has affected families all over the world.

  • * Congenital Heart Disease Community *
    Personal websites about congenital heart{;}defects. Congenital Heart disease affects one in one hundred babies, it is the most common birth defect. Read our heart warming stories. Watch our children grow up. Most of our children are living and doing well, but many have lost their battle with CHD..

  • In Loving Memory Of
    This community is designed specifically for sites on the net that have been dedicated to a loved one who has passed on....{;}

  • Childhood Cancer
    Pages relating to issues of childhood cancer, including personal homepages, sites for emotional, practical, and financial support for parents of children with cancer, and sites for information on the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer.

  • Angelic Network for Chronic Pain and Illness
    A community for sites that offer support for Chronic Illness or Pain..

  • The HIV/AIDS Online Network - HIV AIDS POZ
    Here you will find a bit of everything from HIV/AIDS dating personals to HIV and AIDS education web sites (videos, documents and audio). Please learn about the risks, symptoms and ways of transmission from this nasty virus. Please volunteer some of your time in our live anonymous java chat rooms (http://www.13km.com)

  • Heavens Angels Survivors Community
    Heaven's Angels Survivors Community is open to all members of Heavens Angels who are over the age of 18 and have survived various illnesses or abuse. To name a few would be child abuse, domestic violence, cancer, hodgkins{;}disease, etc...

  • SURVIVOR - Breast Cancer Stage IV
    A community for survivors with Stage IV Breast Cancer. At least one page of your website must be devoted to Advanced Breast Cancer -- those sisters with the toughest challenge to face in the battle against Breast Cancer -- Metastasis. The SURVIVOR group also includes other activities such as a private email group and a web site. We also have a number of advocates who want to help us out. If Metastatic Breast Cancer has touched your life, this is a good place to be. We try to be research-based and pro-active, but can't do it without your help. {;} {;}{;}

  • Sarcoidosis Awareness Community
    A community of pages written by and for those who face life daily with sarcoidosis and their familes. Our goal is to provide information, resources, links and support to sarcoidosis suffers everywhere.{;}

  • Neurofibromatosis Community
    This community promotes Neurofibromatosis education, enlightenment, and encouragement. It is open to NF organizations, medical sites, and personal homepages. Sites pertaining to all aspects of NF-1 and NF-2 are welcome, including associated conditions such learning disabilities, scoliosis, epilepsy, acoustic neuroma, cancer, deafness, blindness, etc. NF information is too scarce, and public awareness is practically non-existent. Let's get together and make ourselves known! {;}

  • Diabetes - Free Information
    Free information about diabetes. Symptoms, treatments, drugs, how to prevent it.

  • Hope for children with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
    To bcommunity together families and children living each day with the trials and triumphs of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

  • Aaron's Tracheostomy Community
    This community is for home pages of adults or children with tracheostomies and their families. Sites related to life with a tracheostomy or living with a child with a tracheostomy or tracheostomy care may join. No commercial sites please.

  • Bipolar Buddies
    A community for all those who suffer from bipolar disorder ( manic depression ) or have family or friends who do.

  • Living With Daily Pain
    Community of support for those who live with chronic pain and/or the ones who care for them. We can help one another by supporting one another.

  • Insomniac*logs
    A community for people who can't really sleep well at night.

  • Angels-n-Miracles
    Angels-N-Miracles is a community designed to bcommunity together families of Children who were diagnosed with Childhood Cancer. They truly have had the experience of Angels and Miracles ducommunity their lifetime. This community will also be a source of information, resources, and hope and inspiration for other parents and families with Childhood Cancers present in their loving family.

  • Diabetes Community
    A community for all sites that are about diabetes in the broeadest sense. A community for patients and health care professionals alike.

  • Cystic Fibrosis Community
    This community is for anyone who has been touched by Cystic Fibrosis. Whether it be yourself or a loved one. Family member or friend close to your heart. Lets connect all those touched by this disease across the web.

  • Juvenile Arthritis Kids
    From one parent to another offecommunity friendship & support by shacommunity each other's websites of a personal story or information. Let's help spread awareness that Arthritis is just not an "old peoples" disease!...If you are a Professional or Organization with a website to provide information and resources for families and children regarding JA, you are welcome to link your website to our community.

  • Families with Chronic Illness Children
    MAY THE ANGELS WATCH OVER OUR CHILDREN...If you have a child with a chronic illness and would like to share your personal website with other families or have a support group, chats or resources this is your community to join. Remember you are not alone!...If you are a Professional or Organization with a website to provide information and resources for families and children regarding Juvenile Chronic Illness, you are welcome to link your website to our community.

  • ANA's Deadly Sin
    This is The ANAdote's community.

  • Pray for Peyton
    A community for beautiful Peyton, an adorable little girl fighting leukemia. She was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia on March 27, 2004. Just a month and a half away from her 2nd birthday. As of today, August 3, 2004 she is in remission and undergoing chemotherapy. She has her good days and bad days. But overall doing very well! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is a very strong little girl!!

  • Autoimmune Diseases Community
    Community for all Autoimmune Diseases

  • Savannahs Light
    Children with neurological disorders Children who have handicaps Autism spina bifida, blind, eplipsy, learning disorders, special needs

  • Welcome To the community of Disabilities
    about people with or dealing with disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, MS, Polio and others to numerous to mention here

  • Thyroid Awareness
    To share experiences and educate people on thyroid disorders.

  • Violent Minds: A Mental Illness Awareness Community
    A community for people with ANY kind of mental related illness and anyone who supports someone, knows someone, or anything like that.

  • A Web Community: Strength and Gravity

    Understanding How Diseases Develop and Controlling their Growth


    The present humanity is evidently viewed to be the contemporary stage of the continuous development of the human biology over the many years that have passed. Human anthropology is determined to have been gradually developing through the crossbreeding of genetic qualities and characteristics within the human society to produce offspring that has unique characteristics which is hoped to be better than the previous one. Thus in this aspect, human genetics are constantly changing in an attempt to develop the biological characteristic of the next generation in the anthropological ladder.


    However, in the course of crossbreeding and genetic recombination of human biological characteristics, the genes for biological diseases are still present and are evidently transferred into the next generation with traces of mutation and possible quantitative developments. Because of this aspect, the present human society has innately found to have certain traces of genetic disease in their very intricate and basic biological aspect. Because of such, heritable genetic disease and disorders becomes natural part of the human genome.


    Some of the genetically related diseases in the present medical lexicon have been determined through the analysis of the human genome wherein most of the individuals in the society have been found out to become possible prey for it. Some of these diseases are cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, muscular dystrophy, diabetes and others . Anthropological studies have already determined that most of the genetic diseases in the present are somewhat linked to the early human genome wherein some of them are also inflicted with the said disease. However in the present, these diseases in the human genome have been found out to posses traceable symptoms for it thus, developing medical treatments for the said conditions.

    Thus, genetic studies evidently become an important part of the present medical studies. Determining the natural roots of the said disease can actually help the present society in developing solutions and treatment for the said medical concept thus lessening its possible threat within the humanity. Because of the said idea, genetic study in anthropological aspect has indeed becomes an influential and advantageous concept in the development of the medical pursuit of the present society regarding biological matters.


    How Understanding Diseases Could Benefit You


    Disease” is indeed a too general term that deals with the existence of a rather broader section of understanding how the human bodily system is able to function and how come it sometimes fail to perform its duty thus resulting to developing diseases among individuals. Finding the right knowledge that one needs to have to be able to take consideration as to how diseases actually develop helps one to protect himself from the possible dangers that potential illnesses pose him.


    Through research and constant update with regards the development of the new diseases that are present in the society today, one could directly protect himself from actually being involved in the situation. With the right understanding, one could also be equipped with the right aspect of protection that he needs to give personal security to avoid being affected by the existing diseases in the society today.