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  • Disabilities Community
    The Disabilities Community is a grouping of sites for those who deal with a disability, in their daily lives at home or work.These can include sites that provide information about a specific disability, support groups for disabilities, personal home pages by the disabled or their families.{;}Commercial sites are welcome but only if 75% or more of the site is disability-related!

  • Trisomy
    The Trisomy Community was created for those who wish to share their web sites about Trisomy children and/or their families or have pages with information about this disorder and/or related problems. {;}{;}The purpose of this Trisomy Community is to connect, parents, families and other interested persons. {;}{;}In order to be added to the Trisomy Community, you must have a web site about a Trisomy child including, but not limited to, Trisomy or any other Chromosomal disorder. {;}{;}It is our intention to spread the word that these children are very special and their lives are precious.{;}

  • Infantile Refsum Disease
    This is a community for those families affected by Infantile Refsum Disease, or any other peroxisomal biogenesis disorder.

  • Autism Support
    This is the Original Autism Support Community. It was created to develop a community of families and/or professionals in which they can share their stories, experiences, knowledge, information and support regarding AUTISM. Please visit the Autism Support Community Homepage, there are certain criterias listed to be in this community.

  • PDD Aspergers
    If you have a site dedicated to PDD, Aspergers or any Autism Spectrum Disorder please feel free to join this community.

  • Reach Out's disABILITY Community
    Community for sites of disABILITY Interest

  • Our Special Kids
    For all sites concerning special needs children.

  • Blogging About Trisomy 21
    A community for those who blog about trisomy 21 (aka Down syndrome). Family members, professionals, self-advocates, and anyone else who blogs about issues related to trisomy 21 welcome!

  • CFIDS & ME Bloggers
    Welcome To The CFIDS & ME Bloggers Community.{;}This community is for persons with CFIDS/CFS/ME/FM who have blogs.{;}It's also a place to find others like yourselves for support, a shoulder to cry on, to vent, etc...{;}No flaming!!!! If you flame, you are out, plain and simple.{;}Be supportive and show the love to your fellow sufferers.{;}Please write in your blog at least once a week so we know you are ok.{;}Please upload the our logo to your own server.{;}Please specify the url where your community fragment will be placed.{;}Inactive bloggers will be notified. {;}If you are not feeling well

  • Autism Family Circle
    A Comprehensive Autism site designed & maintained by a mother with 4 autistic children with resources, links, information, poetry, personal testimony, e-cards, April Awareness, autism ribbon pins for sale, graphics, greetings, web design, and more!

  • Utan Övre Gräns - om utvecklingsstörningar

    Disabilities and Awareness


    Disabilities are the absence of ability relative to the personal or a group standard or standard. In reality there is frequently just a spectrum of skill Disability might entail sensory impairment, physical impairment, intelligent or cognitive impairment, mental disorder (also recognized as psychosocial or psychiatric disability), or different kinds of chronic illness. A disability might happen in a person's lifetime or might be there from birth.


    Disability might be seen as resultant straight from the individuals, where case the aim is characteristically on the aspects of those persons and how they could task better. This vision is linked with what is usually termed a medicinal replica of disability. On the other hand, the communication among people as well as their environment/society might be highlighted. Here, the aim might be on the role of civilization in labeling a few people as having a disability related to others, whereas maintaining or causing disability in the individuals through standards and attitudes of convenience that help the bulk. This vision is usually linked with a social model or human rights of disability.


    On 13 December 2006, United Nations officially decided on Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities, the initial human rights agreement of 21st century, to defend and augment the opportunities and rights of the globe's anticipated 650 million disabled people. Countries which sign up to convention would be needed to accept national laws, as well as remove the old ones, in order that the individuals with disabilities would, for instance, have equivalent rights to employment, education in addition to cultural life; right to own as well as inherit property; not be distinguished against in children, marriage; not be unwilling subjects in medicinal experiments.


    In the year 1976, United Nations commenced its worldwide Year for the Disabled Persons, later named as the global Year of the Disabled Persons. The UN Decade of the Disabled Persons featured a World Plan of Action involving Disabled Persons. In the year 1979, Frank Bowe was the only individual along with a disability representing any nation in planning of IYDP-1981. At present, a lot of countries have named delegates who are themselves persons with disabilities. The decade was closed in an address prior to General Assembly by Robert Davila. Both Davila and Bowe are deaf. In the year 1984, UNESCO received sign language for use in the teaching of deaf youth and children.


    The disability rights association, resulted by the individuals with disabilities, started in 1970s. This Self-advocacy is regularly seen as mainly liable for shift toward sovereign living and convenience. The word "Independent Living" took from 1959 California legislation that facilitated the people who had obtained a disability because of polio to leave the hospital wards as well as move back in the society with help of cash advantages for purchase of personal help with activities of every day living. With its sources in US civil rights as well as consumer movements of late 1960s, movement as well as its philosophy has since extended to other continents swaying people's self-perception, their ways of classifying themselves as well as their countries' communal policy.