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  • Choose Life 'Your Baby Would'
    This community is to unite all people non believers as well as believers in Jesus Christ, who believe that abortion should be abolished in not just the United Stats but the all over the world. We must start at home to do this. When you join there will be a unity prayer sent to you to place on your page to or pages. Displaying this prayer is a show that we are united agents this fight for the unborn living children.

  • Families with Special Needs
    Uniting websites in an effort to help facilitate healing in families with special needs. Owned by Nancy Geoghegan.

  • Blogging Preemie Parents
    A community for Parents of Premature Babies and children who share their lives with a Preemie, and all that comes with them.

  • ADHD & LD Info
    The purpose of this community is to unite parents who are seeking information about ADHD and learning disabilities (LD).

  • Understanding What Controls Child Health Conditions


    Children sometimes have the possibility to act and behave erratic and uncooperative whenever they are in the presence of the doctor. Other children are even afraid to see and be examined by one. This is mainly attributed to the idea that people who see the doctor are either sick or have a problem physically. Others are afraid because of the stories they heard or due their experiences. Whatever the reason is, doctor’s opinions and medical examinations are important in keeping people mainly the children healthy and physically strong.


     Due to the fact that children are still young and their understanding of the complex ideas are not yet that sharp as adults, their behaviors and attitudes should be reasonably dealt. Administering health care to children needs special concerns and a mild approach to prevent them from being scared and developing tension, which ends up to a very awkward, and unpleasant child health condition. Thus, doctors must understand children’s behavior and continuously show patience and concern towards their young patients even though they show behaviors of reluctance and difficulty.


    What Needs to Be Done


    Certainly, knowing that there is a problem with regards the behavior of the children towards healthcare facilitators raise the need for individuals, parents at that, to act towards the situation and increase the possibility of protect their child’s health condition.  


    Considered as normal reactions to new faces, children have the right to be overwhelmed with the situations that they are under. However, this reaction can be explained by simple reasons such as unfamiliarity and fear of diseases and sickness thus doctors must understand this kind of behavior and develop a different approach to their young patients. Also, parent’s participation and cooperation is very vital in addressing this kind of behavior but not in the manner of using illogical and unnecessary ideas like inciting painful actions because these can later on result to greater fear and tension aggravating the child’s behavior. What is important is that the benefit and the need for the medical action must be emphasized and carefully explained to the child and that his or her cooperation is vital to the process. In addition, the child’s awareness and knowledge regarding the medical examination and its importance and the doctor’s approach and mild persistence are important in achieving a successful and pleasant visit to the doctor. Thus, doctors must understand children’s behavior and continuously show patience and concern towards their young patients even though they show behaviors of reluctance and difficulty to avoid situations that subject them to jeopardized status.


    Protecting Your Child’s Health Condition Now For Tomorrow


    Having the assurance that your child’s health condition is protected is one of the best securities you could ever realize to be true. Attaining this though requires the parent’s close attention to the matter. Having the child realize the importance and the reality behind the need of going to the doctor an early stage shall help them avoid the possible downside of emotions when being subjected to the need to have regular check ups with their doctors. Helping them to love the doctors and appreciate the services that are given to them should naturally be the aim of the parents in explaining why there is a need to visit health facilities and deal with health caregivers regularly.