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  • napptural blogs
    A community for blogs that are primarily devoted to women of color that wear their hair in its natural or "napptural" state* and like to blog about it. Fros, textured (not texturized) do's, locs, etc., welcome. *sans chemicals and texturizers **JULY 2009: Note to those who would like to become members of this ring. You must have the site code and include the ringsurf code (meaning the link back to ringsurf) in order for ringsurf checks to keep you in the member category.

  • Global Barber Shops
    This Community is a collection of websites of global barber shops. Join us by submitting your own barber shop.

  • Acne Skin Care
    A Private way to get help for Acne. This is a community of sites offecommunity acne information and at home tips/remedies as well as commercial products for acne.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community

  • Younger Skin Tips - Anti Aging Skin
    Younger Skin Tips/ Anti Aging Skin Product Reviews. Creating younger healthier skin is well worth the time and effort. Learn how to keep your skin healthy, and glowing at any age.

  • Black Hair Care
    This community is for those who care about the health of black hair. If you have questions or info to share...then this community is for you.

  • Vegan Mineral Makeup
    Community of blogs devoted to manufactucommunity or purchasing vegan mineral makeup

  • Get Rid of Acne
    Hi welcome to Get Rid of Acne Community. Our mission is to provide information about acne and how to get rid of it. Acne is a very common condition mostly seen in the teenage years. In fact, it could become a serious psychological problem since it occurs mostly when self-image is in the process of being shaped. Today we have effective topical agents and oral medications that effectively control the effect of raging hormones that result in acne. It is very important to understand that acne is part of the growing up process and it is a good practice not to pick at your face, keep it clean a

  • Shopping for Beauty Products


    For those who love cosmetics and beauty products, there has never been a better time than now to get your hands on some incredible deals. What makes now so special? The Internet does! With the surge of online shopping, beauty blogs, etc, the number of places to get make-up from has increased to unbelievable options. That alone makes prices better than ever since everyone wants to get a leg up on the competition, but there are other ways to score even better deals on beauty products. Check it out.


    Online Auction Sites: I’m talking about sites like eBay where you get to bid on the listed items. These sites offer beauty products of all kinds for super cheap as it is, but if you play your cards right as far as the bidding goes, you can score yourself some of the best known brands for next to nothing. I’m talking brands like Benefit, Smash Box, MAC and others. The best advice I can give you for these types of sites is to take your time and really comb through the listings since you can usually find different sellers offering the same stuff at different prices. Watch those shipping charges too! Sometimes an item will get listed at a few cents and then charge you 3 times more for shipping than they should!


    Beauty Websites and Blogs: Not only do these keep you up to date on all the latest beauty products but they also offer great discounts to readers as well as giveaways. Do the odd random search for beauty blogs. These tiny sites still new to the ranks and looking for readers tend to offer some sweet little contests and since they’re new, you have a REALLY good chance of being selected for any prize draws they may have! They are also a great place to find out about warehouse sales and get your hands on some discount coupons.


    Become a Reviewer: If you own a blog with reasonably good traffic you may be able to score some freebies by offering to post reviews of products on your site. You simply email some of your fave beauty companies and offer a reviews and a link. If you don’t have a site or a blog, you can still ask to review products, but your pickin’s are a tad more slim.


    Ask for Samples: This goes for online and in-store shopping. All you have to do is ask for samples of products that you’d like to test out before committing to buying the full-size. You can get all kinds of little goodies this way so that you can know what’s good and what isn’t before you spend your money AND they make great additions to your travel bag!


    Wait for Holidays: It’s a fact that all of the best promos come out around the holidays as far as beauty products go. Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are THE best time to buy perfume and higher end cosmetics that come with a ‘gift with purchase’. These include everything from free perfumes and cosmetics to great designer totes and bags. You really do get your money’s worth and then some when you shop for these special purchases. Bonus: The local department store beauty counters always throw in some samples too! And when you’re nice, they give you extras!!


    There’s nothing wrong with being a beauty product junkie if you have the means to support your habit and by means, that includes cheap-ass tips!