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  • Recovery Blogs
    I am creating this community to gather Recovery based blogs together, so to gain more expierence stregnth and hope to those who are in recovery

    Our Community Members Sites contain only Recovery related materials, forums, and Links preferably 12 Steps or some 12 Step Content (read on for exceptions). We are dedicated to carrying the message and our singleness of purpose. We are not allied with any demomination and are self supporting. All sites must be with the emphasise on abstaining from all mind altecommunity drugs..We are not interested in sites that condone using moderation or drug substitution. We are not affiliated with any official 12 Step Group. Our primary purpose is to carry the message to those out there suffecomm

  • Suboxone and Subutex for Opiate Addiction
    Information and support for opiate addicts treated with Suboxone or considecommunity such treatment. Not the appropriate community for those who with to argue against the use of Suboxone; opiate addiction is hard enough already without taking pot-shots at each other!

  • Covered In Darkness
    I am starting this community for everyone who is depressed. Who feel pain, denied, neglected, rejected, tormented, lonely, broken, hurt, dominated, controlled, outcast, empty, tortured, sick, lost, abandoned, mistreated, tired of life. For the depressed, self-injurer and the suicidial.

  • RecoveryDaybyDay
    Recovery Day by Day is an online support blog. The goal here is to develop links to other persons in recovery for the purpose of assisting them with helpful information.

  • ificouldonlyhelp
    It all starts here!

  • clean and sober shopping network
    One addict helping another. We are a network that accepts all other shops. We feel just like in recovery what we give we get back. Join us we will then put your shops and links everywhere we are..promise

  • Jacob's Safe Houses Addiction Ring
    A ring for website related to helping the alcoholic and addict in their recovery.

  • How Information Can Help You Treat Addictions


    Dealing with addictions can be daunting to say the least. Regardless of the type of addiction a person suffers from, chances are that it consumes their thoughts and affects every aspect of their life. An addiction can leave a person feeling scared, defeated and just downright exhausted because of the web of lies that they have to fight to keep track of and from being discovered. To add to that is the feeling of being alone because no matter how many people the sufferer has around them, they don’t feel that anyone else could possibly understand what they’re going through and often feel that they have no place to turn. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.


    The reason people suffering from addiction often feel alone or as if there is no hope is because they don’t know what resources are available to where to look for help. Some don’t even realize that they have a problem with addiction even though they may sense that their lives seem to be spiraling out of control. This too can be because of a lack knowledge and information about addictions. It may sound silly that someone can be suffering from an addition and not know it, but a not knowing the signs associated with the disorder can make it possible. That is one of the reasons why arming yourself with information is so important to get yourself or someone you love the help that they need.


    The first thing that you need to know is that addictions can focus on just about anything from drugs and alcohol to gambling, sex or even exercise. Addictive behaviors can include just about compulsion that has a negative impact on a person’s life, psychological or physical well-being. That’s the thing with addictions; they start off seeming harmless enough and it’s easy to brush off as a passing phase that before you know it is damaging other aspects of your life. People with addictions may go to great lengths to cover up what’s going on so a telltale sign is excessive lying. One of the other indicators is just an overall change in their demeanor and attitude with noticeable irritability. Loved ones often notice that there is a problem even before the person with the addiction because they have an outside view into the situation.


    If you sense that someone you love is suffering from addiction, try to approach them about it. Be sensitive to how you approach it and don’t sound as if you’re being judgmental. Also, don’t be surprised if they get defensive and snap back as this too is part of the disorder. If they deny it, as they likely will, you can help them by making sure that they have access to information about addictions. They may not seem very appreciative of your help right away, but having access to information could be the wake up call that they need to see the signs that they may not be aware of. Something as simple as a pamphlet or the link to a website could be enough to help that person realize that there are places to turn and that they are not alone in their addiction. A path to information can work wonders because information really could be your best friend when it comes to treatment.