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  • Forever Weavers Community
    Welcome to the Forever Weavers Community, a community for sites related to online interactive storytelling - i.e., Freeform Roleplay.

  • Community of Glenshadows Tavern Roleplayers
    About this Community {;} {;}A community for all the people who participated in Roleplaying at Glenshadows Tavern ((Gone but NOT forgotten)) on WBS...THE BEST CHAT ROOM EVER!!! and an interesting place where everything can and did happen. Also links to other Chat rooms for similar interests. {;} {;} {;}

  • Final Fantasy Community
    Community for any one with a Final Fantasy web site

  • Bladed
    A community for people who believe that blades are the superior weapon.

  • Anillo Pro-Rol
    Pro-Rol Chile, para promover y proteger el JdR

  • Neopet Fanantics Community
    If you love your neopets this is the community for you.

  • The pundak network
    The Pundak is the Israeli RPG portals, this community is for members of the pundak network

  • TheRealm
    Step into a world of fantasy, from Elves and Dragons, to T'skrangs...From Knights and Demons, to Werewolves and Vampires. A place you might even want to call home. This site focuses on the many people that make up an OnLine Free Form Roleplaying Chat Room called 'The Keep'. Where the world of Fantasy and imagination come alive.

  • A Roleplayer's Haven
    Welcome to a new roleplaying society, that is created by roleplayers for roleplayers. We are striving to keep roleplyaing alive and creativity amongst us.

  • Obsession
    Obsession: The Final Fantasy community is for all Final Fantasy fans alike to join together!

  • Neverwinter Nights Community
    This community is for the Neverwinter Night community, made by Bioware. Fansites, Guilds/Clans, Project sites, News Sites, anything involving NWN is welcomed to join us.

  • zelphie power
    A community for fans of Final Fantasy VIII's Zell and Selphie (and maybe even the Zelphie paicommunity <3)

  • Freedom Of Roleplay
    Got a new RPG? Join Freedom Of Roleplay!

  • The Harry Potter Role Playing Sites Community
    An excellent Harry Potter role playing site with a define plot, interesting characters, and features no other HP role playing board have.

  • Wild Horse Role Play Game Community
    wild horse role play games

  • Blackberry RPG Community
    Welcome and open to all forms of RPG, scifi, fantasy, writing, interactives, poetry, graphics, discussions thereof and tidbits.

  • The RPGRealms
    Home of the GRIP (Generic Roleplaying for Internet Players) Online Gaming System. Play your favorite RPG over the Internet or a LAN with a real GM and up to 8 players! Design and run your own campaigns!

  • GameCreation.net
    This is a community for anyone who has created or is developing their own Adventure or Role Playing Game.

  • The Sages Tower
    This community is for people who have created Dungeons & Dragons resource Sites. Have your own realm? Thought up a new monster or spell? If your page contains ORIGINAL D&D info, this is the community for you! Pages with info copied from any D&D source will be denied.

  • The Equilibrium of Night PBeM RPG Community
    The Equilibrium of Night PBeM RPG Community is for sites dedicated to play by email RPGs. All genres of PBeM RPGs are welcome.

  • Roleplaying Art Community
    This is a community for ALL artists specializing in bcommunitying roleplaying characters of all kinds to life in pencil, pen, paint, or pixels.

  • The Staff Room
    A Community for those of us that own Harry Potter or Harry Potter related RPG's

  • ImEG Network
    The Internet is a perfect environment for collaborative writing communities. Our projects give web writers places to meet, forums to converse, and shared settings to develop as a community. As the project goes on, the setting grows along with the players' Worlds and characters, providing an ever-increasing pool of ideas for others to pull from.

  • Bec's EQ Role-playing Community
    This community is dedicated to linking the Elfquest based webpages that offer Role-playing games, to the players looking to game in the Elfquest based Universe.

  • Sojourner's Crossing
    All pages related to Sojourner's Crossing MUX. Player pages and more!

  • The USS Armitron Community
    A community for Simm Federation Ships

  • RPG Community
    This is a community for RPG sites. If you have one, or like them, join!!!

  • Help The Poor Of Neopets
    A group of people and guilds who like to help others and expecialy those neopians in need.

  • Gypsy Camp
    A Community for Gamers and Roleplayers, Gypsies and more!

  • **Thai RPG Community**
    Thai RPG Community

  • Malkavian World Order
    So, you say, what is the MWO? Well, we are a group of vampires that, {;}ducommunity the day, writhe in feverish dreams of being mortals busied with mortal affairs, like having a family, or working in a job, or trying to shag that tasty morsel sitting suggestively at the table across from us at the cafe. But at night, oh yes, we are the vampires you fear, the ones that seem to be insane (are we or aren't we?), the ones that sound like they are making sense, but the sense is not one of your own five that you limit yourselves to. That is why we will take under the world. Haven't we already?

  • Sf & Fantasy PbeM
    If your site is any sort of PbeM (rpg, moo's etc) and within the sci-fi or fantasy chanre then this is a great community for you!{;}There is even the chance to win the{;} {;}Space Universe{;}or{;}Dragon Egg{;}{;}Awards!

  • Dragon Soup
    Accepting any and all forum based RPG's, interactives, creative writing, stories, poetry, fanfic, artwork, graphics, hobbies, crafts and any ect one could think of. Give the community a try!

  • Anime Hall
    This is where the Rpg and Anime sites gathered together as one.

  • Eyes Of The Dragon
    An RPG made for Dragons! Battle them, Trade them, Go on a quest etc... Just click here to begin the journey of a lifetime! You won't be disappointed.

  • Starlight Valley Pack
    Allies of the starlight valley pack

  • Neverwinter Nights Yanaski community
    Gathecommunity websites of either persistent/offline NWN Realms to make a network of good quality.

  • RolePlayingGameUnion
    Un community para RPGs

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    This community is dedacated to the champions rpg system and the people who enjoy playing it for them tis community is created

  • Furcadia -- The Furry Fanlisting
    Love Furcadia? I know you do. Come and join this furry fanlistings, where furres can get together and check out each other's sites. :D

  • ElfQuest SeaElf's Community
    Dedicated to SeaElves! A community for all ElfQuest holts that have or allow SeaElf Characters.

  • Resident Evil Unlimited Community
    This community is dedicated to a Resident Evil Roleplay. Advanced Roleplayers only.

  • Wheelie's RP's

  • Cloud and Aerith Forever
    A community for all Cloud and Aerith fans.

  • Community Of Australian RoleplayING
    A community of sites about roleplaying in Australia. This includes sites for roleplaying conventions, clubs, large campaigns and sites with resources for Australian roleplayers.

  • Game On!
    Collection of websites devoted to unofficial campaigns set within or based on any version of the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game.

  • United Proboards Community
    A united community of proboards roleplaying sites.

  • Prison Break
    Like Prison Break (TV)? Find others who do as well. Find on-line text role playing games, spoilers and more.

  • Union of Dungeon Crawlers
    Reviews, articles and opinions about the Stone Soup Dungeon Crawl, a turn-based roguelike game reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons. Join the union!
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