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  • Vegan & Cruelty-free
    The Vegan and Cruelty-Free Community connects web sites of interest to those who follow, or would like to learn about, a more peaceful lifestyle that does not exploit animals.

  • Vegetarian Community
    This community is for veg*ans of all flavours to support and learn of other resources around the Internet. It was also set up as a result of Yahoo globalisation and their taking over of www.community.org and the extra hoops that have to be jumped through to join.

  • Freya's Children
    For sites dedicated to a cruelty free lifestyle. If you have a site containing vegan/vegetarian information or anything vegan/vegetarian related, you're welcome to join. The site doesn't have to be exclusively about veganism or vegetarianism.

  • The Veghead Zone
    For vegan or vegetarian sites. The site doesn't have to be exclusively dedicated to veganism, but there has to be some veggie content.

  • veganette!
    If you're a girl and you're also vegan, you're a veganette!

  • Veggie
    This community is for vegetarians or vegans (I myself am simply a vegetarian). The people who have a diet without a face (so no fish eaters!) I want quality sites...I'm picky so beware ;)

  • Vegetarian Community
    Getting healthy has never been so easy thanks to this community that shows you how to get vegetarian and health food online and delivered to your door! We all have different reasons for choosing to be a vegetarian or for eating well, but what we have in common is this great community that gives you resources all in one place.
    Find an online health food store where you can get vegetarian food with free shipping. Use this to add variety to your menu and find organic foods, healthy foods that are tasty and so much more.

  • Ghetto Raw - Doing Raw Foods on a Budget!
    A place for all things Vegetarian for Christians! All Veggies, Raw Foodies & the like welcome! Join us Now!

  • Becoming a Vegetarian


    To become a vegetarian, you must be willing to apply discipline to your life.  This means that your whole life will change due to the adjustment that you will apply to your life.  You friends may not understand it, but from time to time they will get to use to it, if they respect you as person.  The transition will be easier if you had someone to support you, and that would also make it fun...because they will make it fun by participating. 


    You can begin by preparing veggie meals only, the ones that you already eat just without the meat.  Some of the meals that you would have to change are spaghetti without the meatballs.  Soups, salads, rice pilaf and bake potatoes.   You must remove the meat from your meals.  When preparing lasagna use the crumbled veggie burgers instead of the ground beef. 


    There are organizations and associations set up throughout the US that will assist you with recipes that is enjoyable and delightful.  They will even assist you with cooking meals for you.  You can attend a social event with others whom are making the transaction as well.  One of the vegetarian meals that are popular are cuisines, and oriental meals.  It is served daily in restaurants. 


    You can locate cookbooks, magazines and newspaper articles that are designed for vegetarian meals.  It will give you insight on preparing your meals.  This will help you get started.  They have cookbooks with recipes that do not involve cooking. 


    Becoming a vegetarian can benefit you, cleanses you from a lot of toxins that is in meat that we are allowing to go in our bodies without even knowing it. Becoming a vegetarian is very healthy.  You are still receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals in your daily eating, by choosing no meat with your meals.  A vegetarian diet is very rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  It gives you a good nutritional value with your diet. 


    If you are following a vegetarian diet, you must take a B12 supplement to ensure you will be getting the whole vitamin that you need.  Most foods with B12 includes: soymilk, fortified breakfast cereals, and fortified meats.   It is important that you continue to take your multivitamin everyday.   If you are feeling fatigue or weak for any reason, be sure and take a B12 supplement because it gives you that nutritional value. 


    Encouragement while making the Transition


    Be sure and check the store labels when purchasing items, just to make sure you are not getting anything that defies your Vegetarian lifestyle.  You can also find many deserts and snacks to fulfill that sweet urge with your diet.   Some snacks include plain crackers, candies, and cookies. 




    Food Products


    You can eat a vegetarian hamburger in some restaurants that serves, just substitute the hamburger meat with crumbled hamburger meat.   Your milk products consist of soy milk, and almond milk, cereal coffee, or hot chocolate.   Any gelatin food item will be acceptable, onion, mushrooms and soy sauce on your foods.