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  • Tea With Friends
    Tea With Friends Community is open to anyone who loves tea and has something on their site pertaining to tea. This community has wonderful recipes for a delightful tea party. Go back to the Victorian days and see how romantic and serene your afternoon tea can be.

  • Leaves of Tea
    Leaves of Tea community connects web sites of interest to those who enjoy the culture, civility, and celebration of tea (Camellia sinensis).

  • Host A Tea Party
    If your looking for a memorable way to spend an afternoon. why not invite your friends to a tea party. plan your event with us! We will come to your choice location with everything required for an afternoon celebration. There are many themes available.

  • Tea's for you and me..
    Anything about tea... Buy or sell tea... Fun recipes with tea...

  • Green Tea: A Good Diet Source


    The ingredients in green tea are non-fat, it contains no caffeine and the majority is water.  It is all natural with green tea leaves.  Therefore it makes it impossible to gain weight, if drinking it for the purpose of dieting.  It has the highest level of polyphenols which frees the body from radicals.  Radicals in the body comes from caffeine, that can cause heart disease. 


    All tea is prepared with a plant called “Carmellia sinensis.  The leaves are hand picked and then process to remove enzymes which breaks down the fat and calories.  There is a type of tea that is popular called “Black tea”. The way that black tea is made they hand pick the leaves and allow them to oxidize, which means it adds flavor to it and makes it more delightful to your taste. 


    Green tea is known as a antioxidant and contains more polyhenols.  A person would drink a cup tea of the average size 120ml.  It causes stability in the body which means it damage all cell proteins that may cause diseases.  It is a healthy part of your diet.  Tea is a good source of protein, but Green tea is a nutritional source of diet.  It helps you maintain your health, which cause you to maintain your weight.  With that in mind, it allows you to feel better and live longer and happier lives.  If you are pregnant tea would not be a good source because it contains caffeine.....There are other sources of tea that are decaffeinated that are also on the market. 


    While, drinking tea, you must be aware of the danger interactions.  If you have medications that consist of aspirin or antibiotics, consult your physician for the caution. If you want to lose weight with green tea, you must discipline yourself accordingly and not have any fatty foods with your tea. 


    The Expense in Tea


    Tea is not an expensive product, it ranges from $2 -$5. It comes in cases of small packs of 50 or bottles.  It is likely to be served in restaurants , and you have a choice to have hot or chilled.  You can find in some stores the leaves dried tea leaves for at least the price ranging at $250.  


    Tea is popular all over the globe.  It prevents cancer and heart disease and possibly weight loss, with discipline you can maintain a good weight and health management. Research study continues to search and test the hypothesis of weight loss that green tea accomplishes.  Overall tea is a good source diet.  It is a drink that is served at varied times of day.  It is served in almost every restaurant or deli.  In younger years the kids would have a stand in their yard and sold lemonade and tea for only 5 cents a glass.   Tea is naturally fat free and you can enjoy and drink it without worrying about the calories.