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    My vision is a very simple one indeed. For all I want in life, is to make people happy through thier stomachs. Everyone needs to eat, and I plan on feeding them. I want to make sure when they leave, they are full. Now whichever way that may come. Whether it is through a restaurant, some type of catecommunity business, from the house, or just simple family meals on the weekend available to everyone that would be great. It could also maybe even be through food banks. I just like to cook. Just letting everyone know that they could come somewhere to get a decent meal, cause believe me,

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  • Is it Healthy to eat at Restaurants?


    Deciding to out to a restaurant could be a major decision, on where and how much you want to spend.  Then the big question comes....Which one has the healthiest food?  We all know that going on could be a change of pace...or refreshing, or even just change of routines.  The way the economy is you rarely see people out, but for some they will indulge every chance they get...but the question still remains Where? And what do we eat?  Nowadays you want to choose healthy restaurants, because there is diseases, germs and food poisoning all around.  We must be careful and observe where we go, to ensure we are getting good healthy clean purified food.   


    It’s time that we not only watch what we eat, but where we eat.  People in restaurants are not so concerned with that, they are there to do a job, and that is to serve you and the ultimate goal “Make Money”. Just be aware of the places that you go, choose a better selection that will benefit you in the long run.


    What is Fast Food?

    Choosing to eat at a fast food restaurant on occasion won’t kill you and sometimes, when you’re strapped for time, it really is okay. You can make your choice wisely, by choosing a side salad and a diet coke...There’s too much frying going on that will cause high cholesterol.  The cost is not much, but it’s not worth it...when you are diagnosed with high blood pressure.


    If you go into a hotel, you will also fine numerous of vending machines with snacks full of sugar and grease that will put you in a diabetic coma.  There are also hotels that has a vending machine that will contain diet beverages and water and some whole grain bars.   You will also find that in some restaurants also. 


    Now we have consumers that go out and will eat an average of 5000 calories each day.   If you observe people on a daily basis, the majority of people are suffering with obesity.

    Here is a tip that you can do to maintain eating healthy in a restaurant, is count the calories as you are ordering.  A simple meal is start off with a side or whole salad with vinegar or a light salad dressing, then bake chicken with vegetables and for desert a bowl of jello.  You will surely feel good after eating a meal as such.

    There is no reason why you should have a big 3 stack hamburger with a super size fry and a vanilla shake…and then you will have a upset stomach moments later.  Bread is a source of protein, but wheat will be more nutritious.  Whether you are on a diet or not your selection should be reasonable and you should be cautious of your health, when eating at restaurants. 

    Here are just a few tips or eating healthy at restaurants;

    1.       When selecting meats, choose baked not fried.

    2.      When ordering a side item, a solid vegetable or mixed vegetables.

    3.      You can also have a side salad or maybe even a grilled salad.