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  • GE Free Zone
    This is a community for those who wish to abide by the GE Free Code of Conduct: To preserve the planet for natural species. Prevent the spread of genetically modified organisms into the environment Actively participate in opposing the use of genetically modified organisms in the environment ad promote this in our daily routine and on the world wide web. Preserving one's home or organisation as a GE Free Zone.

  • Cookingworld.co.cc
    Enjoy cooking... find online recipes from cheesecake to coffee.

  • An Organic LifeStyle of Cooking


    This style of cooking saved my life.  It is a safe and easy way to eat.  The organic foods are all natural and non-fat, non- greasy, low cholesterol foods.  It gave me energy and I felt young everyday.  All you need is a few basics of cooking and it’s won’t be complicated at all. 


    When purchasing in stores they are ready made.  So all you would have to do is heat and eat for some of the foods.   If you lived on a farm, you can grow your own foods…or if you like gardening you can plant organic seeds and grow your own organic vegetables.  The foods do not have any chemicals or pesticides.  It is much healthier for you.  You don’t need a chef to learn to cook organic.  You can go to your local bookstore or library and find books on Organic cooking to learn different methods and recipes on meals. 


    An Organic lifestyle cooking is a healthy delicious lifestyle.  If you love food you will love organic food because its all natural and has no preservatives.  You can get full course meal at a reduction of cost.  Organic food is fresh that you can serve to your family and friends.  It will make a good house warming or get together at your home.  It’s not complicated to make.  You don’t have to be a chef to cook the organic way. 


    There are tons of reasons why you should eat organic, its healthy for you is #1 and they have neither additives nor preservatives.  Many people desires to  eat healthy, but have a hard time getting started….well this is the way to start….start purchasing all natural foods.  And as you continue you will adapt to the lifestyle or eating organic and will love it. 


    One important factor is that there are no toxics chemicals or anything that can cause allergic reactions.

    All organic foods contain a high percentage of nutrients, which allows you to eat less and maintain a suitable weight.  Also, organic foods have a high percentage of natural vitamins including vitamin c.


    The first time that I tried it, I liked it because it was all natural and it did not have any type of effects within my body, I felt great.  The motto for an Organic Lifestyle should be, “Eat and Be Well”.  When you taste it you will love it , I guarantee you.  Even, if you don’t eat it as much you will come back to it.

    So now that you learned all there is to know about the Organic Lifestyle, go ahead on your next grocery story trip, pick up a couple of packages of pre-cooked organic meals and surprise your family tonight with an amazing meal.  They will love you for it.  It will certainly changed there lives.  It will be good for the kids too…because you have to start off young and build their habits of eating right and they will grow up to love it and continue the trend that you first taught them.