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  • I'm a Veggie!
    To link all sites of people who are vegetarians!! Does not need ot be animal related and does not need to have veggie/vegan information.{;}

  • CheeseMakers & Making
    A linked community of sites shacommunity information to everyone who has an interest in making cheese. This includes homestead cheesemakers, artisans, small scale producers, large scale commercial cheese producers, cheesemaking suppliers, etc.

  • GourmetFoodsCommunity
    People and websites who are interested in Gourmet Foods,Food,recipies,restaurants,vegetarian,natural,Gourmet gifts,Hickory Farms, beef stick, cheese, hickory farms, summer sausages, cheeses, meats, fruits, desserts, gifts,gourmet food, gourmet gift baskets, gourmet gifts, gourmet food online, specialty food, gourmet foods, specialty foods, gourmet gift, gourmet gift basket, gourmet foods online

  • Food and Love
    A community for people who love food and aren't afraid to show it!

  • Pandora's Recipe Community
    Pandora's Recipe Community - A community of sites devoted to the free exchange of recipes. Visit Pandora's Recipe box for 65,000 FREE recipes in Meal Master format available to download!

  • Fuzzy Duck And Other Assorted Drinking Games
    The 'Fuzzy Duck And Other Assorted Drinking Games' community was{;}designed to bcommunity together websites that have (one or more) pages of drinking games...

  • Cheese Webring
    The "Cheese Webring" brings together websites about Cheese, including cooking & recipes, books and other references, industry & factories, selling, and related topics. If you have a webpage about Cheese, join today. If you have more than one, you may add all of them!

  • WineandSpiritsCommunity
    Sites or people interested in Wine, Fine Wines and Spirits, Imported Beers,buy wine, wine shop, wine store, wine accessories, wine gift, wine club, Geerlings and Wade, Geerlings & Wade, Geerlings

  • Morel and Matsutake Mushrooms
    This community has Morel and Matsutake Mushrooms for Sale for poeplewho love to cook using only the highest quality ingredients. You can find wonderful fresh and dry Morel and Matsutake mushrooms here and learn just how to cook them too.
    This community also offers valauble information on How to Grow, Find and Cook Morel Mushrooms as well as all kinds of Pictures and Information on the Morel and Matsutake Mushroom.

  • Gluten Free
    This is a community just for those who are into Gluten-free living. Whether you ahve cut out Gluten because of allergies, to lose weight or just to be healthier, this community can serve as your source for all kinds of information and products.
    Have a look around and find Gluten Free Foods and Recipes. You can Purchase Gluten Free Products here of all kinds, including Gluten Free Bread, Flour, Pie or Pie Crust, Pizza, Chocolate, and much more. This is where you can get all you need for Gluten Free Baking, including Cooking and Recipes.

  • Have Your Food!
    A clique about your favorite food!

  • Recipe Central-M

  • Greatest Food on the Planet!!
    Great food Cheap Prices

  • Cake Baking/Decorating
    For all those who love to bake and decorate cakes!

  • The Food and Beverages Industry



    Every year, Food and Beverages companies rake up bazillions (for lack of a better figure) of dollars for their products. The fast food industries have taken the world by a storm. With such a successful takeover of the world (for lack of a better term), one has to stop and wonder how such a phenomenon has happened. There are a number of factors that serve as the impetus for such an event. Here are three interdependent factors coming from a purely non-expert point of view:


    First and foremost, fast food industries all offer a basic human necessity:  Food and Drink. As such, no matter how much money we try to save from our gas expenditure, clothing, education, and every other aspect we can think of spending money into, we never hold back from spending our money  on food and drinks. Thus, the average Joe/Jane finds himself/herself spending on food and drinks everyday for the rest of his/her life just because he/she needs it. And what happens to all this money? It turns into a Food-and-Beverage-company yearly statistic.


    The first factor alone however does not guarantee such a complete success of the Food and Beverage companies. Were it not for the second factor, the Food and Beverage companies would have gone bankrupt the minute they unfurled their corporate sails. The second factor is laziness. Yes, laziness. Gone were the days when people prepare their own food. Of course, we cook our own food here and there sometimes, but the irresistible allure of affordable, instant, ready-to-eat, and tasty food undermines all human reason. Never mind the artificial ingredients, the MSG, the preservatives, the fat, the sugar! It's instant food for Pete's sake! Who wouldn't want that?


    The second factor, like its predecessor, does not single-handedly deliver reason at the doorsteps of Food and Beverage companies. It's much more complicated than that. Well, actually not that complicated but a tad more complicated than just two factors surely. The third and final factor that completes the interdependent factors that gave way to the success of Food and Beverage companies is the present lifestyle of the average people. The second factor, laziness, is most of the time not by choice. It is not so much as laziness as it is the lack of time. The present system under which governs how we live our lives gives us little to no time to prepare and cook our own food. Being in such a state, people would naturally opt for fast food, one that would not hamper tight schedules.


    Learning the factors, we then go into the primary pros and cons of such a phenomenon as this.  Well, of course, it is always convenient to have food on the ready. When your hungry and you don't have the time to do your own cooking, just look for your friendly neighborhood Food and Beverage company, Its most likely just across the street. They're everywhere nowadays. That is single-handedly the best thing about the success of Food and Beverage industries—you never go hungry for long as long as you have the cash to pay for a meal. The bad side is that the proliferation of fast food chains has been the cause of a great number of illnesses related to unhealthy dietary practices.


    So, in the end, nothing is really bad when we learn to control ourselves. Eating at fast food chains now and then wouldn't have us keel over and die of a heart attack the minute we finish our meal. All we have to do is to learn to moderate things. When we have time, it is always good to prepare food ourselves, failing that, have someone prepare food for us just as long as its not fast food.

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