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    Split Bean Coffee is a Southern California based coffee distributor, dedicated to the promotion of Nicaraguan Coffees. For those who wish to support Fair Trade Products yet have issues paying Artificially Inflated

  • The History and Methods of Coffee Drinking


    There are several methods for making coffee. Coffee has been around for a long time and thanks to peoples love and even need for coffee, it is most definitely here to stay.  It is used all over the country, everywhere people are drinking coffee.  Even, on the job, in delicatessens, stores and coffee shops.  The most popular is “Starbucks”. It has grown into a multi-million dollar company.  Who would have thought a cup coffee would make you a billionaire. 


    Drinking coffee involves, the boiling of water with good coffee grounds.  Some would drink it with sugar and crème, and if you like me you would fancy it up and use the imported crèmes like French vanilla, and hazel nut.  Now they have the real fancy type like expresso and cold coffee like frapuccino.  In the French they would choose the fancy of coffee’s. 


    There is an excellent way to prepare a coffee treat with the Hagen-Das ice cream.  This is made with the condensed milk…they can prepare that for you at the Starbucks coffee shop. 


    There is another type of called ”Espresso” and they infused the hot water at high pressure for a short time.  It is a strong flavored.  Now in the coffee shops I love to watch when they process the”vacuum brewing” they place the coffee grounds in the machine called globe after mixing here you are with an Espresso an latte coffee. 


    The making of coffee is so interesting; with just a pouch of coffee grounds poured and water added and then dripped into the glass coffee pot, here you are with the fresh cup of the day, to wake you up and get you started on your way.


    Some folk wakes up to tea, but the majority of folks will wake up to the morning fresh brewing and the most popular is “Folgers” .  I know when I wake up I rush into the kitchen to make my coffee, I must have at least one cup to start, before I shower.  Then I am ready for the day.


    Another method of coffee is ”Turkish”  coffee.  This is popular mainly overseas in the middle east area. They do not do any straining of the coffee. 


    The majority of people put a lot of pleasure into brewing and drinking coffee.  When making coffee it becomes a traditional, because its one of he first things that you do in the morning.  Putting on a pot of coffee…is mandatory in most households. 


    Where does coffee come from?


    Coffee is made from a plant called evergreen.  Actually, its  from the fruit of an evergreen shrub.  You can find it in the tropical regions. 


    Who drinks coffee?

    Everyone!  When your walking through the mall, you see all sorts of people, housewives, young adults, retail clerks, business professions.  As I observe in hospitals, in the lounge I would find nurses and doctors, along with other medical personnel having a cup of coffee in early morning and even in the mid day hours. Who doesn't drink coffee??