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    The "Chocolate Is My Life NetRing" is for websites wholly or partially about Chocolate and by people who are addicted to Chocolate. If you have a webpage about chocolate, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Wild About Chocolate
    This chocolate community will take you on a tour of sites that are owned by fellow Chocoholics...sites that have pages dedicated to that luscious, deep, rich, tantalizing flavor we know as chocolate. For more information, visit: http://www.chavie.net/wildchoccommunity.html

  • Chocolate Deelitez
    Hello and welcome to "Chocolate Deelitez" community...This community is for all men, women and children who LOVE chocolatez and can't go a day without this deeliteful treat..Yummy!!..So, if your a true CHOCOLATE lover and would like to make friendz with other CHOCOLATE loverz, than you have come to the right place.{;}Join today and become a member of{;}"Chocolate Deelitez"!!.{;}

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    "The Chocolate NetRing" is for websites wholly or partially about Chocolate, including cooking and baking, candy, cakes, brownies, fudge, cookies, syrup, recipes, etc. If you have a webpage about Chocolate, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

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    A community for cookie lovers.

  • Chocolate POD: Passion... Obsession... Dream
    This community is open to anyone who has a site and LOVES chocolate! :) Just make sure you read the guidelines before submitting your site... thanks and have a nice day (& chocolate!) :)

  • Chocolate Dreams
    A community for all those who love chocolate!

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    People and Websites interested in Candy, candy gifts, Pez Candy, Tic tacs, Rock candy, Nostalgic, lifesavers, wonka, retro candy, candy company, candy stand, Hershey’s, M&M/Mars, Nestle, Wrigly, Candy, candy bar, candy stand, hard candy, candy company, chocolate candy, mars candy, big rock candy, m&m candy, bulk candy, candy land, candy stores, sugar free candy, wholesale candy, lifesavers candy, candy co, candy wholesale, candy hearts, candy list, m & m candy, candy barr, strange candy, old fashioned candy, wedding candy, sugar candy, penny candy, candy vending, candy companies, pictures of c

  • The M&M Candy Community!
    This community is all about M&M Candies! They're not only deleicious but also a marketing phenonmenon! Our community is for the people who love the candy as well as the cool collectables and commerical characters.
    Find your M&M Candy & Merchandise here. We give you acess to all kinds of M&M’s Collectibles, M and M Candies and Dispensers M and M’s Old-fashioned Antique-Style Candy Dispensers. There's Peanut, Plain, and all types M & M’s to choose from. Which is your favorite?

  • Sweets, Chocolate & Candy for all
    Looking to buy/sell Sweets, Chocolate & Candy in the UK then join our community

  • The Enjoyment of Chocolate


    Everyone loves to have chocolate! When it comes to this cocoa treat, there is no time that isn’t a good time for it! Whether day or night, summer or spring, you can just grab a piece of chocolate and indulge in it.  It is very interesting to know that chocolate sometimes is known as a food.  It’s not a forbidden thing.  It is used as a strengthening too. 


    When you are at odds with your mate and you don’t know what to do….you go grab a piece of chocolate and just indulge.   There are times in a relationship when you are making up, the first thing he or she bring are flowers and you guessed it “chocolate”.   It is safe to safe it can be used a strengthening tool. 


    Now on behalf of the children, they love it…you may see it on your walls at home, but they really enjoy it.  The nutrition information on chocolate is keeping your calorie count down to at least 100 or it will weigh heavy on the hips. 

    When you partake in a piece of chocolate, the most favorite around is dark chocolate, milk and white chocolate is delicious. 


    In the Nutritional charts it is stated that chocolate is known as a health benefit.   Although, it is filled with at least about 8 ounces of caffeine.  It’s not harmful to your  health.  Nutrition also states that it is a good source of food or snack, whenever you decide to eat it.  It will not raise your blood level nor your cholesterol level. 


    To indulge in the rich taste and creamy chocolate, just takes your breath away.  It can be used as a seducing tool, if you use it the right way.  Your mate will love you and enjoy it to the fullest.   When it comes to health issues it’s not unhealthy There are what they call cocoa means that makes the chocolate so creamy.  The cocoa beans are made in Africa and Asia areas.  Most chocolate has about 20% to 30% fat in it.  There are about over 400 cocoa beans to make one bar or pound of chocolate….that is a whole lot of chocolate.  Chocolate does not have a high volume of fat.  Nevertheleless it is a good source of nutrition, but you must not indulge into it as much.  You can put on weight if it is eaten out of  control. 



    I love to eat chocolate and its not a bad thing.  I try not to indulge but sometimes it can get sinful.  But I say go ahead indulge in your sinful pleasure of chocolate. 

    You can read reports on chocolate to ensure the nutritional value or you can indulge and worry about that later.  Its good food and its good for you.  Having a balance meal daily with exercise is good for your heart, include a piece of chocolate.  Many people feel comfortable reading the labels to ensure they are not partaking too much, but I say, Enjoy.