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  • Web Kittens
    A Clique for webmasters and mistresses

  • HTML Writers
    A community of sites offecommunity assistance and helpful tips and tricks for coding in HTML (directly on site or by email). Only those sites whose webmasters are proficient in HTML will be allowed to join this community. Consultants are encouraged to join. The site must be of top quality, that is it must be clean, concise and quality designed to be admitted to the community. Sites with a lot of extraneous material and redundancy need not apply. Sites must be viewable by all ages. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.

  • My Domain Rawks!
    cute lil community for our devoted domain lovers!

  • AngelBaby's Graphics
    Bcommunitys together Sites who offer Memorial Graphics

  • Lumos
    A community for those who aren't afraid to shine.

  • perfectionist
    perfectionist community. for people who are perfectionists about their site.

  • Divas of the Web Unite!
    This community is for all the girls out there who KNOW that their presence on the net makes it a better place!

  • Content Queen
    A community for the sites with lots of great content

  • Graphics Addicts
    An onlien community and community offecommunity members free webspace, forums, activities, commitees and competitions.

  • WebmastersCommunity
    Websites related to Web Tools,Web Graphics,Web Promotion,Web Marketing, Web Design, free website, website design, web page design, build a website, web site builder, web page builder, build a web page, making a web site, build web site, build your own web site, building web page, building a web page, build my own website, custom web site design, build your website, you build a website, build my website, build your web page, website and builder, best website builder, design my website, free web page, template,website designers,html editors,html, editor, web, hosting, host, isp, ftp, flash, java

  • 500 Error
    A community for custom 500 error pages. There are communitys for 404 and 403 errors, why not 500 errors?

  • SheylaK Community-Anillos
    Paginas personales, en ingles y en espaņol :), Lo importante es que tengas una pagina Original y echa con muchas ganas ...Unete!!! ((*_~))

  • _To be A Little Nothing
    Community for people with talented design skills and an open mind. The world is more then this.

  • Shedevil
    For the SHEDEVIL in you.

  • HTML Divas
    Hey, our web~community is all about chicks having some fun (not forgetting being serious and spending loads of time) with html. We all know the stress of updating your site and doing your own html and we decided it'd be even more fun if we all formed a group thus the name HTML Divas. We just support each other and let ppl know that we're around on the net working our butts off (-: hope you like our pages we spent lots of time working on em.

  • thirtified
    A community with a sense of humour -- should *you* be thirtified? Original content, good design and Netscape 4.x compatibility required.

  • [ transcendent ]
    ::transcendent:elite:: for sites with superior design and content to back it up.

  • the show must go on
    "Inside my heart is aching{;}My make-up may be flaking{;}But my smile must go on."{;}-Moulin Rouge

  • 100% Original
    A community to connect people with 100% original and creative sites!

  • impure angels
    Just another spiffy community for you community whores out there.

  • Stolze Webmistress - Proud to be a Webmistress
    WebGraphics, webdesign, astronomy and many more

  • The Cool Webpage Community
    A community for cool webpages.

  • Error 404
    Webmasters! If you have a custom Error 404 page on your site that's funny, creative, bizarre, or otherwise worth visiting, add your 404 page to the Error 404 Community. Hey, you went to a lot of work to create a page that most people only stumble across by accident -- expose your work to folks who just love good 404's!

  • PSP-O-holiker
    For deg som storkoser deg med PSP

  • operation diary design
    operation diary design - a dangerous collective of designers. and designers only.

  • FFMemory
    A community to connect everybody with a site! I doesn't matter how your site looks or what it's about, the only thing is, no dead links or something you can't have..

  • Dellusion
    All good sites are welcome!

  • vexed;
    vexed; angry, annoyed, frustrated

  • I Am
    A community for Canadian webdesigners.

  • The Friendship VE Club
    This community is for everyone at the Friendship VE Club to stay connected not only through our friendships but with our sites.

  • Elitist Bitch
    Someone calls you an elitist bitch? Don't get mad, embrace your inner superior bitchiness! Join us!

  • The Anti-WYSIWYG Collective
    This Community consists of webmasters who hard-core their sites with Windows Notepad, SimpleText, or anything of the like who band together to stamp out the threat of WYSIWYG

  • Forbidden!
    A community for people who have custom 403 pages on their domain

  • Content-ed
    This is a Community dedicated to all those sites with lots of content.

  • Hana Logs
    For fans of anime, manga and games with Hana in the title, or any anime, manga or games regarding it.

  • Personally Me's Community
    A Doll Community For Kool sites.

  • Layout Addicts Guild
    Community bcommunitying together people who are nuts about webdesigning and making creative layouts for their sites on the net.

  • Layout Freak
    Do you change your page layouts, not because it needed to be changed, but because you felt like making one? Then this is the community you belong in.

  • Seductively-Erotic
    Anybody with a cool site can join. Any page with Blogs, Blinkies, Cliques and fanlistings are welcome.

  • RainForest Riddle Community
    Team community for Rainforest Riddle :)

  • The Stars @ the Rumbles
    Community for the members of the Stars Team @ the Rumbles.

  • Web Design Services
    This Community is designed for Web Designers to get their service known.

  • Promotion/Designs Groups
    For any groups that contain promotions, backgrounds, or psp, aiming to promote their groups/sites to a wider audience. Therefore getting more traffic to your site/group and therefore a whole lot more people actually knowing about it,and joining. Join today!!!!!!!!! Sorry, only general groups, no adult/mature.

  • Web designing and Hosting
    Sites working on website designing and low cost hosting can join this community.

  • My Web Hosting Ring
    This Ring is Dedicated for the Websites that Give Hosting, Domain Names And Web Designing Services

  • Elena MoonLight Designs
    Elena MoonLight Designs ofrece servicio web-grafico con precios a tu medida. Diseņo de paginas web, banners para etsy shop, plantillas web para ebay, y mucho mas...
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