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  • WebTech University
    For graduates of WebTech University, or an instructor at WebTech University. Also if you are a former graduate and were in the old community, you can join the WebTech University Community.

  • Web Masters Around The World
    This community is for Webmasters, Graphic Artists and Web Designers.

  • My_Dolls
    This community is for anyone who would like to join that offers cartoon dolls or palace links and has clean friendly site.{;}You must copy the community image to your own hard drive, then upload it to your own server, as hotlinking the image is taking up too much bandwidth usage.

  • Designing Dames
    This community is devoted to extraordinary women who design their own websites and graphics, including original graphics designed for use on the world wide web.

  • Queens of Color
    This community is created for women of color who are on the world wide web. THIS MEANS ALL WOMEN OF ALL COLORS.If you have a website and you are a woman this group is created for you. All women are welcome here.

  • Country~Women Only Webmasters
    A site community for Women Only Webmasters of country and primitive themed websites, whom use Original Graphics & Respect Copyrights of Graphic Artists. Personal web-homes, business and blog sites welcome to join! 

  • Blinkie Addicts
    Blinkie Addicts group was created for those addicted to making blinkies using PSP or any other graphics software.

  • Graphic Genie Community
    Looking for adoptable graphics to send to friends in online competitions, birthday pages or for your own personal webpage? Then look no further....let the Graphic Genie whisk you magically away and view the treasure trove of graphics in store.

  • Pagan WebCrafters' Association
    For members of the Pagan WebCrafters' Association http://thepwa.net

  • Made with Notepad (Notepad Made)
    This is a community featucommunity sites made with notepad.

  • I Collect Stamps
    For stamps swappers, collectors, and designers!

  • Goo-Wide-Web
    A community for web-related design.

  • me lucky charms!
    would you join a community called me lucky charms!?

  • Grrl Nrrd
    Est. 1997, Grrl Nrrd is for women with fabulous web pages full of content and great html. A full range of women have joined since 1997 including those with journal sites to pages about Lynux. If your site meets the requirements, it will be added to the community within one week. [temporary note: don't be alarmed by the number of sites in the queue. these sites are old and have been bumped to the queue until they update their webpages with the code.]

  • I [heart] xpresshtml
    This community is for all of the individuals that support xpresshtml.net.

  • Original Photoshop Brushes
    Sites offecommunity free original photoshop brushes for web & graphic designers

  • Women of Brilliance and Diversity
    Tatianna's Women if Brilliance and Diversity is a very exclusive community and internet group for women 18 and older who design and maintain a website & does not allow Hate, Porn, Gore, Racism or Religious Fanaticism.{;}{;}

  • The Web Design Community
    A CommunitySurf Community for all Web Design related Web Sites.

  • Home Grown Graphics
    {;}A community for those who make and use their own graphics on their web sites. A great place to surf and get ideas from other web artists!

  • Brushaholics
    The Brushaholics community is open for all sites that offer free and original brush sets for both Photoshop and Paintshop Pro.

  • Flowers Of Friendship
    We are a group of great ladies who like to make friendship blossom! This is a woman's only group NO EXCEPTIONS. We have several great committees you can join. This is a great way to have a garden of new friends! This group will not tolerate any offensive behavior. No members sites can include nudity, racism, hatred, or anything you wouldn't want your mother to see. We have the right to deny your membership for any reason without explanations.

  • The Budding HTML Gurus community

  • SMK Wiley Magicians
    This is a community created for Sirkissa's Wiley Magicians Team!

  • [insert label here]
    Labels are for objects, not humans. are you sick of being branded for whatever reason? "i am whatever you say i am"{;}

  • Designing Women
    This is for all women of the web who design web pages, either for themselves or for others. You must be a woman and over 18 years old to join.

  • MSN Award Communities United
    The Awards Communities of MSN unite to better serve the dedicated and talented MSN Group Managers and Members.

  • MUST BE - Compulsive Webdesigner Community
    Community of compulsive webdesigners, designers, webworkers

  • Tagging Along!
    A community for sites that offer sig tags for others to use, and/or request. New Owner 5-6-05

  • = Webmasters-Professionals United =
    This community represents professional webmasters all over the world. We work to bcommunity unique high quality design to the Internet. At this time no adult sites are allowed, thank you for understanding!

  • Webscapes and Imaginings
    This community is for the digital art lover and creator, which includes, but is not limited to paint shop pro or photoshop. Let your imagination wander to create wonderous and beautiful things!

  • blogsOFcolor
    This community was created to show off the design and content-writing skills of people of color. We're out there, but not always seen. It is intended for those who currently have blogs on their pages and incorporate blogs into their design.

  • DMAT Awards Community
    This is a community for the members of msn communities that are part of DMAT AWARDS site, win custom awards for your site...

  • Authentic
    A directory for web designers with true talent.

  • IncrediMail Letters
    Incredimail letters for the family.

  • stay tuned
    a community for j-rock fans.

  • TechTV Blog Community
    A community of Bloggers who LOVE TechTV.

  • Designs By Roni
    Collection of websites created and maintained by Designs By Roni.

  • Anime Graphics
    If you make anime graphics including layouts, banners, avatars and etc, you should join this community and get more attention for all of your hard work. This is a community created just for the people who spend time on graphics for other people, and on anime genre! :D

  • Asian [Logs]
    Community for Asian people who blog =D

  • cute cute cute community!
    *THE* original CCC community started by Kimikat, for stand-out cute web sites! Filling the web full of *cute* since 1998!

  • Kina's Creations

  • 800x600 Sucks!
    For everyone who has their monitor set to 1024x768. For all the webmasters who don't give a rat's ass if their pages look like shit in 800x600. Join us in telling the rest of the world to get their heads out of their asses because {;}800x600 SUCKS!

  • PSP-design
    For deg som liker PSP

  • Foxxy
    This is an elite community of design and content - membership is by invitation only. Please feel free to send me a note letting me know about your site if you think I may not have seen it. If appropriate and invitation will be sent to you along with instructions. No illegal content - no hate, no porn.

  • square domains
    a community for squaresoft/square-enix/square related domains

  • Beautiful Web Sets Community
    You Offer WebSet, Double or Tripple, Elegant, Backgrounds for Free at your site? This Community is created to get more visitors!{;}Your site has to be Childfriendly. No Porn, Hate, Discrimination etc.{;}After submitting you have 7 days to put the HTML code at the Page you submitted.{;}E-mail me when you have finished adding the HTML so I can add you.{;}I have the right to delete any site that doesn't follow the upper rules without letting you know.

  • Girl Geeks Unite
    girl geek's unite is for all girls who aren't embarassed by their geeky ways and proud of their geek-hood.

  • Pixelblogs
    Pixel Blog is for the members of Pixelitas.com who has blogs and journals. A great way to keep in touch with your fellow Pixelita's. There are no rules except that you have to be an active member of Pixelitas and have the link on the main page of your weblog, blog, journal etc.

  • Luvliness Community
    A community for girls with great sites!

  • Button Addicts Anonymous
    A group of those who are a little over-obsessed with making buttons.

  • A Simple Explanation of Web Design


    As soon as you enter a URL in the address box provided and click enter, you will find yourself directed to a website. Let’s take this page as an example, you might have searched for it online or you just have out the address for the site and you have been brough to this page to find your desired content. Look around. See all the font? Notice how the colors of the site match and blend? Or how there are links and categories? Well this is an example of web design. Someone took the time to design this site to look as it does.


    Websites are generally masterpieces of codings and one working over them spends his sufficient time to give beautifully completed web design. Web designs are distinctive and are found throughout the net and for your surprise you must know that these web designs are completely or incredibly different from other designs. Compare different designs and you would find a great difference in each site. Right from the page lay out to the buttons of the website. You would get to know that the web design is work of much care. Web designs are work of sheer creativity.


    Let’s consider few of the web designs. Some decent designs are used on the sites for online businesses such as e-commerce. While, sites for huge companies and multinational contracting companies are so picture perfect while sites for some educational organization and institutes are designed so simply. These sites are given a somewhat ‘classy’ look.


    Floral designs are usually given to the web sites that have business with the event managements or some other related things. Websites pertaining to women are also available with the feminine touch in patterns used in web designing. These websites are generally given quite bright contrasts and floral buttons and layouts.


    Some webs designs are also made for the children. These websites are very much interesting and they are decorated and given quite a childish look to attract kids towards them. Well! These are just the web designs of some of the web sites from different categories of web based business, but the thing which is common behind all of the web designs is the coding.


    The basic coding which is used to design or create a WEB is HTML. HTML is used along with other languages and codes to make a more complex website, one among them is JAVA. These and other advanced coding are responsible for the vast and complex websites you see today. The pictures and videos even sounds are the components of the web designs. Some web designs are even enhanced with special effects and special figures in the cursors. If you want to take a look at some such web sites you better look for web sites providing E-greeting services.


    Web sites are deigned so beautifully and creatively to attract their customers and viewers. The better the design of the website the better would be the traffic to the website.

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