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  • The France WebCams Community
    Welcome to the France WebCamscommunity which is basically your best spot to find Frnace Webcams that allow you to enjoy live view of different parts of the world's most romantic country.
    France Web Cams are loads of fun for planning a trip or just for your viewing pleasure. Wjat better way to see the world than from the comfort of your own home any time of the day or night! Check out these cams anytime!

  • Second Life with OneFinalDarkness
    Second Life is vast and has more interests and interesting people than I care to try to count ... Gathering the thoughts of the community along with their experiences is one way to give back to a wonderful community. We have also chosen to create a venue called 'Babs Place' as a home to music of all types and somewhere InWorld to share time and fun with like minded people and friends.

  • Virtual Reality: As Close to Reality As Ever


    A computer-stimulated environment is now in our reach with the technology known as virtual reality. VR is the acronym which is generally used to represent this vast term. Our experience on computer especially Visual is the prime virtual reality. But sometimes virtual reality is also added with advanced features like sound and voice. Computer screen and headphones are the devices for virtual reality experience.


    With the help of Virtual reality is a technology which is used with computer to give us the virtual artifact, moderately known as VA or virtual environment. For experiencing and interacting through virtual artifact we, generally use simple input devices with computer i.e. mouse and keyboard but in more advanced cases multimodal input devices are used to give us advanced virtual artifact experience. Examples for such input devices are wired glove and joysticks.


    Virtual reality is something very close to reality. This technology is used in many fields of life and people are given REAL training for combating and flying with the help of this technology. Many times in movies actors are shown wearing automated glasses in which they can view a real world, these films or movies do, usually utilize this technological environment to make it more attractive for you. Some advanced games are also being introduced in the markets which are the best examples of the virtual environment.


    Virtual reality does also have some limitations. As it is very difficult to create the real experience of the REAL world, techno-logicians are confronting limitations over the power to process the resolution of the image. The bandwidth for the communicational purposes is also low but it is estimated that the limitations over these things would soon be removed. Sooner or later this technology is expected to become more powerful and far more cost-effective.


    Virtual reality is more often gives the description for the extensive variety of applications. Virtual technology is not just restricted to its use with computer and movies. This technology is always used to create impression over people and has been advocated by many means, so more people step in for the advancement of the virtual reality. Mass Media is the greatest advocate of the technology and always upheld the technology.


    Fiction books and motion pictures are also the source of the virtual reality campaigner. Many fiction books have been authored by great authors of their times while movies have always been produced giving the clear picture of the technology. Animated movies are also been produced for giving out the idea of the technology. Johnny Quest is among one of the animated series which were based on the ideas of virtual reality and virtual artifact.


    Dramas and other series have also been produced and directed for making people aware about virtual technology. Music videos had also been produced by top singers and bands and presented the idea of the virtual reality. Most of such videos have hit the top of the music charts. Games are also produced to give you idea of VIRTUAL REALITY.