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  • The Microsoft Agent Community
    Formed in September 1997, The Microsoft Agent Community is worldwide organization of websites featucommunity Microsoft Agent technologies. Around our community, you will find many of the best web sites, applications, and character designers in the world that are utilizing these fascinating technologies in the most innovative and coolest ways...

  • Speech Technology - Making Communication Possible for Everyone


    Speech Technology (also recognized as automatic speech recognition or the computer speech recognition) alters spoken words to the machine-readable input (for instance, to key presses, utilizing the binary code for string of character codes). The term "voice technology" could also be used to refer to speech technology; however more can precisely refer to speaker technology, which tries to identify the individual speaking, as opposite to what is being supposed.


    Speech technology applications comprise voice dialing (example "Call home"), call routing (example, "I wish to make the collect call"), domotic appliance power and content-based verbal audio hunt (example., find a pod cast where specific words were spoken), easy data entry (example entering the credit card number), training of prepared documents (example, a radiology statement), speech-to-text processing (example, emails or word processors), plus in aircraft cockpits (generally named Direct Voice Input).


    One of the most remarkable domains for profitable application of speech technology in the US has been health care as well as in general the work of medical transcriptions (MT). According to business experts, at its commencement, speech recognition (SR) was sold as the manner to entirely get rid of transcription more willingly than make the transcription procedure well-organized, therefore it was not received. It was even the case that SR during that time was technically lacking. In addition, to be used efficiently, it needed alterations to the ways doctors worked and recognized clinical encounters, which a lot of if not all were unwilling to do.


    A distinction in ASR is usually made among "artificial syntax systems" which are generally domain-specific as well as "natural language processing" which is usually language-specific. All of these types of application present its personal specific objectives and challenges. The major applications of speech technology include health care, military, telephony and people with disabilities.


    In health care domain, even in wake of enhancing speech recognition technologies, medical transcriptions (MTs) have yet not turn out to be obsolete. A lot of experts in field expect that with augmented utilization of speech recognition technology, the services given might be reallocated more willingly than replaced.


    Speech technology could be implemented in back-end or front-end of medical documentation procedure. Front-End Speech technology is where the supplier dictates to a speech-recognition engine, the known words are displayed just after they are verbal, as well as the dictator is accountable for editing as well as signing off on a document. It does not go by an MT/editor. Back-End Speech technology or deferred speech technology is where the giver dictates to the digital dictation system, as well as the voice is routed via a speech technology machine plus the renowned draft document is routed with the unique voice file to MT/editor, who alters the draft as well as finalizes the report. Deferred speech technology is being extensively used in industry at present.


    A lot of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications could be more effectual and might be performed very easily when organized in combination with a speech-recognition engine. Queries, searches and form filling might all be quicker to execute by voice rather than by utilizing the keyboard.