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    You will get THOUSANDS of FREE Visitors using this community!

  • MT Blog
    Community for users of Movable Type, and related tutorial and template sites.

  • Educational Software Cooperative
    A community for members of the Educational Software Cooperative. You must already be an ESC member in good standing to join the community. To join ESC see http://www.edu-soft.org SADLY, BECAUSE OF THE LARGE VOLUME OF SPAM SUBMISSIONS, AUTOMATED SIGNUP HAS BEEN DISABLED. YOU MUST CONTACT THE ESC WEBMASTER TO JOIN THE RING.

  • The Desktop Themes Community
    Choose from thousands of FREE Desktop Themes. Make a statement on your desktop with creative sounds, cursors, backgrounds, and icons. New themes are uploaded daily in hundreds of categories, including movies, music, sports, TV, nature, space, fantasy, cartoons, personalities and more. Get your free themes today!

  • C.R.S.
    This community is for folks who suffer from C.R.S. Syndrome! If you don't know what it means then you don't need to join! :o)

  • SaSCommunity
    This community is for Stationerists having fun with Scrippy Software. We are Scrippy Addicts using Scrippy to create stationery and/or our WebPages.

  • Desktop Theme Creators Community
    This community is for creators of Desktop Themes.

  • Incredimail Designers Community
    This community is for designers of Incredimail content. Designers of skins, stationery, music, animation, e-cards, etc... Members of this community must have a website which offers Incredimail content free for download to its visitors. This community is for personal websites and those whom just wish to share their Incredimail content - not Groups or any website in which a visitor must obtain membership, join or pay a fee to use the Incredimail content available. If your a designer of Incredimail content and offer your work without frills to the visitors on your website then by all means p

    This community is not for a special DOS like FreeDOS or DR-DOS, it's for all DOS - related sites out in the web.

  • Cursorphiles: The First Cursors Community
    Cursorphiles is the first and biggest community entirely dedicated to Cursors. Animated, static, Comet, or Cursor trail. All of the types and styles of cursors are here. Anything to get rid of arrows and hourglass from windows.

  • Distributed Computing
    Distributed computing is a science which solves a large problem by giving small parts of the problem to many computers to solve and then combining the solutions for the parts into a solution for the problem. Recent distributed computing projects have been designed to use the computers of hundreds of thousands of volunteers all over the world, via the Internet, to look for extra-terrestrial radio signals, to look for prime numbers so large that they have more than ten million digits, and to find more effective drugs to fight the AIDS virus. These projects are so large, and require so much

    Top 50 Incrediable Incredimail Sites

  • Skins Screens & Themes
    Sites containing (but not limited to) Desktop Themes, Screensavers, and Skins of all kind.{;}

  • Freeware and Useful Web Stuff
    Community for Freeware and useful things on the internet.

  • Html skills
    This community is for people who make their own websites from scratch --without a builder---. It doesnt matter what kind of site as long as you made it.

  • .NET Shareware Community
    Helps people find shareware programs for the .NET Framework.

  • Sandee Will Survive
    This is just a community for people who know sandee will survive! SANDEE WE LOVE YOU!!{;}{;}{;}May 23rd [Update] Augh! sorry for the lack of updates! just added one more person to the members list! <3

  • I Follow The Penguin
    This community is for anyone out there that uses any distro of Linux and is proud of it! You dont need to offer tech support, have a particular distro, be a certain age or anything else. Just be a Tux Lover!

  • Winners Circle Desktop Themes Community
    Visit the websites of the elite desktop theme designers on the internet and see their award-winning work.

  • Stacey's Stuff Desktop Enhancements
    A Community for Pages With any of the follwing: Wallpapers, Hotbars, Screen Saves, Startup Screens, Icons, Desktop Themes, Icq Skins, Winamp Skins or Yahoo Msgr Skins

  • GEOS / NewDeal Community
    This Community is a tour of some GEOS related web sites. GEOS is an GUI Operating System (like Windows) developed by Geoworks. The GEOS Operating System has being the choosing OS for several OEM Word Processor, Digital Notebook, Handheld / PDA and Smartphone devices. The most recent desktop version of GEOS (also known as "PC/GEOS") is called "Breadbox Ensemble".

  • The Vikings Team
    The Vikings Team , home of the few the proud the mighty !

  • ActiveWords Community
    Community of websites and blogs created by ActiveWords users.

  • 100% Totally Free Freeware Sites Coalition
    Absolutely freeware sites. Sites that only list 100% totally FREE freeware. No site lists shareware, demos, trialware or other such NON freeware.

  • Nucleus
    A Community for users of the Nucleus CMS

  • The League Of Extraordinary Women
    A community for ladies who use Paint Shop Pro and other graphics program to create beautiful things. To join you must have a child safe website and offer graphics, tutorials, or tubes made by you, or have your own graphics group.

  • Linux Teenagers
    A community for any teenager who runs the operating system Linux.

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  • Unix and Linux Community
    For Unix and Linux users who wish to high light their studies in Unix and Linux. For facts and news of the Open Source community

  • The Official Viewlet Community
    Home Page of The Official Viewlet Community. Do you have Viewlet Tutorials on your site? Then this is the community for you.

  • P C Computer
    A community for P C Computer technology sites as well as enthusiasts and mentors. TInformational sites with tutorials on windows and other programs welcomed. Websites must be clean, concise and quality designed; not just a garbage page thrown together. Sites must be viewable by all ages. The decision on admitting members and/or removing sites rests solely with the communitymaster (and that could depend on his mood).

  • The phpBBmod Community
    A community for users of the phpBBmod forum software.

  • WebObjects and Mac OS X Community
    Welcome to the hub of the WebObjects Community Community. Our objective is to bcommunity together the various web sites related to Apple's WebObjects Technology.

  • World Wide Decryption Community
    Here we aim to share our knowledge and help each other with all problems regardless how small the problem may seem. No-matter how much or how little you know, you will have some knowledge that others will need, we will all try and help each other. Learn as much as you can, this will be beneficial to everyone. Remember if you don't know something then ask, I'm sure someone within the group will advise you on your predicament.

  • internet
    if you love the internet and have a spot on it then your welcome in!

  • DamnPuters Resource Community
    Links to useful Computer & Internet resources & information. If you have a site that provides resources and information for computers and/or the internet, come on in and join us.

  • Non Elite
    It's a community for people who love what they do, and they love their site, and they haven't ever been accepted into an 'elite' clique. Alternatively, this is a community for lovers of their site!

    Anneau francophone de la tlphonie mobile.

  • Apple OS X
    This is a helpful homepage for your easy start or change with the new Apple Macintosh Operating System OS X. A lot of tips and gimmicks and downloads for the Apple.

  • DoorMud
    Official DoorMud Community!

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  • Just Us Gnomies
    For the Gnomies you know who you are!{;}www.lockergnome.com the best tech newsletters on the net.

  • computerbiz
    To bcommunity together IT businesses that provide affordable computer products for everyone from home user to small business and their websites

  • Independent Software Developers
    A community for independent software developers.

  • Software Testing
    Software testing resources and beta testing sites. Welcome to any sites which take part in software testing or offers software testing services. This could just be authors providing beta versions.

  • FREE PowerPoint to Flash Converter
    PowerFlashPoint FREE convert PowerPoint (XP/2003/2007) presentations to flash in a single click. Easily distribute your presentations via CD/e-mail to anyone, anywhere!. With PowerFlashPoint FREE 2.8 you can experience the capabilities of PowerFlashPoint without any limitations like time constraints or number of slides conversion. It will convert presentations exactly like the paid version of PowerFlashPoint 2.8 except that it will add a PowerFlashPoint logo on each slide. As it is an add-in for PowerPoint, you can quickly convert your presentation within PowerPoint itself. PowerFlashPoin

  • EnterpriseOne Community
    This community contains blogs that are dedicated to the tips, trick and methodologies used to support Oracle EnterpriseOne

  • Software Testing
    Learn basics of software testing, Testing Techniques, Levels of Testing, Types of Testing, Test Planning, Test Development, performance testing, load testing, unit testing, stress testing, application testing, product testing, usability testing, web testing, Test Design Techniques,winrunner .

  • Ezsoftware software store
    Ezsoftware software store has over 30,000 software titles online with many trial available. Updated daily with the best software title at the cheapest prices on the internet. Our categories include, * Audio * Finance * PC Enhancements * Games * Education * Internet * Design * Development * Utilities * Web And many more related categories to chose from. Features items best sellers and much more. Visit us today for all of your software needs.


    Understanding What Software Really Is


     One might have a question in the mind regarding what is software? If you want to get your self known to this term then take a look at your computer’s screen. What ever you are looking at is “software”. A computer generally works with two basic things i.e. software and hardware. Whatever works on the computer screen is software and whatever which is instead is hardware of the computer.


    There is much software available for the computer; they are available at your nearest computer library, book store and internet. Well! If you make start with your computer the thing you need to go to the shop. Let’s categorize software:


    The most BASIC software is the MSDOS. It precisely written as Micro Soft Disc Operating System and was introduced by the Microsoft company itself. It helps the computer to read the disc for other softwares, but wait!!! To read the other software for your computer to work in right order you need Windows. Windows is available with many versions, it had been up to dated time and again and today we have the latest version for this software which is known as Windows Vista. One other software which is used as operating system is LINUX; it also comes in different versions.


    Well these were the basics of Software so let us move on to the other ones, DRIVERS, are some of the software which are confronted for their essentiality for our computer to RUN smoothly. This software makes different drivers of the computer work, just like USB driver is needed to run the USB device, which is hardware and require software to work properly. You would also need a CD-ROM driver to make your hardware CD-ROM work.


    Still there are other softwares which are needed to protect your computer against THREATS. Don’t neglect the fact; your computer is at risk all the time, not just from environmental damages but from the attackers inside the computer. With the advancing age today, we are available with a number of the software to protect our computer. Some of them are produced by Microsoft while others are produced by other software companies. They could be better understood as:

    ·        windows defender

    ·        firewall defending software

    ·        Anti-virus software

    ·        Registry cleaning software.


    These are few among the PC protecting softwares. Some other softwares for the computer to become more advanced and up dated are writers, translators, avatar making software, music players, DVD players and more. These can be categorized under the top heading of the UTILITIES.


    Well this is the short description for the categories of the software you can check all the software under these categories. You can buy them from computer shops while they are also available for download at the internet. You can get them FREE of cost but be aware sometime you might get the BLACK or the pirated edition. Most softwares, are also available for certain cost and you can directly have them downloaded in your computer, paying the demanded cost.