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  • Designer Laptop Bags & Cases
    Who says that a laptopbag has to be black and plain? For fashionistas who love a cool designer laptop bag - this cool community is for you! (And of course men are welcome too!)
    Cool designer laptop bags and cases are a cheap and easy way to add a little style to your function. Check out all of the great options that this community has to offer and see what's new in the world of laptop bags for men and women.

  • Computers and Shopping: A Marriage Made in Heaven


    The days of the high street shopper are becoming numbered as more and more people are choosing to stay at home and find bargains on the internet. The internet opens up your shopping experience so that you can find the best prices from shops all over the world. There are now even internet web sites that compare lots of different shops for the same thing so that your fingers don’t have to do all of the walking! Shops are able to pass on the savings of lower overheads, electric and shop fees on to you. Shopping is twenty four hours; you are in control of when and where you shop. Specialist items are more readably available rather than searching from town to town, city to city, it’s all there right at the tip of your fingers. Queues are a thing of the past and you don’t even have to worry about where you need to park or where you parked the car!


    The one thing that most people don’t realize is that there are security problems when it comes to internet shopping. Before ordering anything from any internet site, even if you recognize the shop from the high street be make sure you ask yourself a few questions first.

    Where can I contact the company if something goes wrong? Do they offer postal Insurance? Is my payment protected? Does the web site secure whilst you give them your details (personal and credit info)? Do they look trustworthy? Is there a refund or money back guarantee? Are they verified? MasterCard, Visa or even PayPal


    So how do you know that the server you are on is secure? Well there are a few tell tale signs that show a server is locked. At the bottom of your browsers window will appear a key or lock symbol. Also the web address will change from http to https, this is often when you get to the pages within the websites shopping cart and begin to enter personal information. Sometimes the browser bar itself will change color or the padlock will appear here as well. If the site you are using does not offer a secure server on which to enter personal information on then, be aware that your details can be stolen and /or hijacked. You will be purchasing a hot tub in Sweden without knowing it, so always keep your information secure. Some other ways of making sure you are safe is to print off your order confirmations, check the delivery times, pay by credit card as your bank will protect your purchases, make sure you never leave your computer unattended in a public place and make sure that you can contact the company at every stage from ordering your item right up to after care advice.


    Most banks offer secure encrypted systems to hide your credit card information during a purchase. This 128 bit Java applet requires you to enter extra security information to enable your card information to be used.