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    A Look At Computer Programming

    A computer runs according to a set of programs that are installed in it. When you open a program, it tells the computer what to do. Computers cannot function by their own, they have to follow a set of commands for them to respond. For instance, you have to open a media player in order for the computers to play music. The media player is the program that tells the computer what to do. A program is a type of software that is commonly used in computers.


    There are many programs available for the computer. These programs are made by software developers. Making these software involves writing a number of commands (known as codes) according to a given set of rules, which then will command the computer to perform a specific task. The commands are universal and are written in a specific way.


    To make a program, a programmer uses a programming language. He does this by writing a set of  codes, which don’t make sense to a human, but the computer understands them. A different program known as a compiler is used to make the codes understandable to the computer. With time, many programs have been developed that enable computers to perform much better. These programs have made the software industry a major sector of the computer technology industry.


    Whenever you get a software, it is usually already written in machine language and you cannot change the commands. However, some programmers distribute their software with the commands so that those who know about programming can improve the programs if they want. Such types of programs are known as open source software.


    Many people think that all programming languages are the same. This is not the case since the languages can be put into different categories. There are popular languages, for example Java, that are used by programmers who make commercial programs. However, this is not the only language available. Others include Haskell, Forth, Prolog , etc which are mainly used by research programmers.


    A computer programmer will not only write commands for the computer, he may also be specialized in development, support and maintenance of the computer. This is why many businesses hire programmers to work for them. Their major work involves creating a program that will work according to what the employer wants. For example, they may develop a program that does calculations or processes word documents. After making the program, the programmer will have to ensure that the employer can easily use it.


    Other works that the programmer may do include bettering the program and correcting any problems that it may have. In short, programmers develop, maintain and customize programs that are used by individual and companies whether for work or play. Programmers are required in any field that uses a computer.


    Although learning computer programming is not essential, those who know it can easily make their own programs or even improve the open source software that are available. This is a very lucrative career to join since the usage of computers is rapidly expanding in nearly every area of our lives.