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  • The Rumbles Community
    This community is to celebrate and join all the Rumblers, or people who have been rumblers together!! Or anyone else who likes what we're doing here at The Rumbles :)

    Do you agree that blind voting is unspirited? Have you ever competed in The Site Fights, The Web Brawls, or any other site competition? If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then this is the community for you! You don't need to be fighting right now, and you don't need to be very much involved with any of the competitions to join. {;}

  • Banner Exchange Exchange
    A community for banner exchanges

  • The Elegant Angels
    The Elegant Angels is a fun, informative and interactive internet group. The EA's bcommunitys together people from around the world. Our members share stories, information, graphics, assistance and more with each other.

  • Nordisk PSP
    En community for Nordisk PSP's medlemmer.

  • The Site Wars Community of Honor
    The Community of Honor consists of sites that have competed in the Site wars and have competed in the Galaxy Quest or Milky Way. Member sites are the penultimate representative of achievement in website competition.

  • The Angel Patrol
    This Community is for the Web Brawls Angel Patrol and any member, past or present, of the Web Brawls. {;}Please download the community graphic to your server, do not link to my server. That is bandwidth stealing. If you need assistance with this, I am here to help you. :)

  • Pick Me! Hostees
    A Pick Me community for all the hostees out there, already hosted or wannabes. Everyone's welcome.

  • Friends Of The Site Fights
    This community will be for those in the sitefights or involved with them, either being team leaders, fairies, weeones, spirits, dpatrol, fighters, etc.. Or for those who just support what the site fights are all about.

  • Sisters with Style
    Sisters with Style is a very elite group of women from around the world shacommunity ideas and having fun.

  • The Cosmic Dancers Team Community
    The Cosmic Dancers Community is for all past and present Cosmic Dancers team members. Please do join, thanks!

  • Another Victim of Y! Hooliganism Screams
    Yahoo has vandalized the community community with the implementation of their 'new' system. This page will attempt to memorialize the old 'Community.org' while protesting the actions of Yahoo. If you would like to scream in protest, join here.

  • Eagles Against Blind Voting
    The Soacommunity Eagles of The Site Fight stand together against blind voting

  • Puffin Friendship Walls
    Linking together all of the great Puffin Friendship Walls out there!

  • The Rumbles Spirit
    This community is for all rumblers spirit pages, so that we can link together the spirit of The Rumbles!! If you are a Spirit here at The Rumbles, and have a page for the gifts you've received from TR, then you are certainly welcome to join as well!:) All past or present members with TR spirit pages are welcome to join :)

  • A Dragon's Tale Team Community
    This is a community to join the teammates of A Dragon's Tale together. You must be a member of the team A Dragon's Tale at The Site Fights to join. To join The Site Fights and A Dragon's Tale Team visit http://thesitefights.com/ to learn how.

  • Charmed Ones Community
    Charm Exchange Online Club. Come make new wonderful long lasting friendships!

  • Darksbane Adoptions Community
    Darksbane Dragons & Unicorn Adoptions brought to you by: The Site Wars

  • SoupGirl_Community
    GREAT recipes & GREAT auction deals! -- If you are a member of OTWA or OAUA and have a great Soup Recipe to share and would like to be on this list, email us. -- Great Auction tips-n-tricks to help you Spice Up Your Auctions, along with contact information for ebay and other sites. -- Listing Goals Forum, Set your goals and come here for support or bragging rights. -- Participate in General Auction Talk and General discussion about anything.

  • The BOTA Fun Center
    For members of the BOTA Guardian Fun Center.

  • The Painters
    The Rumbles team The Painters

  • TSF Noah's Ark Community
    The Official Community for members of one of the newest teams over at the Site Fights - Noah's Ark!

  • The Support Wall Express
    This community will take you on a wonderous journey through{;}hundreds of loyal supporters. These pages were assembled{;}in a tribute to the friends who gave countless hours of daily{;}time voting for that site. If your in need of a loyal supporter {;}or two you may try by finding someone in one of these pages.{;}{;}The Support Wall Express Community is for all websites that have a supporters page. If you have a page dedicated to friends or supporters who have helped you with your site in some way and your website is appropriate for all ages, then you're eligible to join this community.<

  • Dolls House Community
    A team community for members of the Dolls House at Avalon Adventure.

  • The Calico Cats
    Community for members of the Calico Cats and the WebBrawls!

  • Cafe Logs
    A community gathecommunity together all the blogs that are hosted/affliated with cafemaru.net

  • Mystical Creatures @ The Rumbles
    This Mystical Creatures team is for any past or present members of the Mystical Creatures Team!! Are you a member? Come and join! :)

  • PAT - Proud Avatar Thieves
    Community of Virtual Places Original Avatar Sites and more. Feel free to leave your link in our message board =] {;}

  • Pin-Up Gals
    Pin-Up Gals is an online women's group dedicated to celebrating our differences and the uniqueness of womanhood.

  • No kopykats
    The nkk community is back, with a fresh start and no stickypaws!

  • Christian Paradise Lil Angels Community
    This Community is another part of Christian Paradise. This is for all members under 18.{;}

  • -=[ TOS ]=- The Order of Skulls
    TOS is an internet family with members skilled in Programming, Painting, HTML, and much more.

  • welcome to kansas city mother fucker
    what, can't you figure it out from the title?

  • Pick Me! Host
    For all the hosts out there, who host, are looking for hostees or agree with hosting on your domain.

  • ~*~ The Posty Pals ~*~
    We are a small group of friends who like to get together and share life, fun and games. This is a invite only group!

  • Disney Sunshine
    Disney Sunshine Team community.

  • Organizations


    Organizations are a social agreement of pursuing collective objectives that controls its personal presentation, and that has the boundary differing it from the environment. The phrase itself is derivative from Greek word ργανον (organon) which means tool. The word is utilized in both every day and technical English in manifold ways.


    In social sciences, associations are studied by the researchers from numerous disciplines, the most ordinary of which are economics, sociology, political science, management, psychology and organizational communication. The wide area is usually referred to as the organizational studies, behavior or analysis. Thus, many different theories as well as perspectives exist, a few of which are well-matched, as well as others that are opposing.


    • Organization – is a process-related: an entity is being organized (organization as action or task).
    • Organization – useful: organization as the function of how entities such as state or businesses authorities are utilized (organization as the lasting structure).
    • Organization – institutional: a unit is the organization (organization as a real determined structure in a social context)


    In sociology "organization" is stated as designed, harmonized and focused action of the human beings to build or compile an ordinary tangible or insubstantial product. This action is generally framed by official membership and shape (institutional regulations). Sociology differentiates the word organization in designed official and unintentional informal (i.e. impulsively formed) organizations. Sociology examines organizations in the 1st line from the institutional viewpoint. In this manner, association is the lasting arrangement of the elements. These elements plus their actions are decided by set of laws so that a sure task could be satisfied through the system of synchronized distribution of labor.


    An organization is described by elements which are a part of it (who belongs to an organization as well as who does not?), its communication (the elements which communicate plus how they communicate?), its independence as well as its regulations of action compared to the outside events. By synchronized and intended cooperation of elements, the organization is capable to resolve the tasks that lie ahead of the abilities of single elements. The cost paid by the elements is restriction of degrees of liberty of elements. Benefits of the organizations are improvement, addition (mixture of dissimilar features), as well as extension. Disadvantages could be inertness (during co-ordination) as well as loss of interaction.


    Management is concerned in organization mostly from an instrumental viewpoint. For the company organization is the means to an end to attain its goals. The study of organizations comprises a focus on optimizing managerial arrangement. According to the management science, the majority of human organizations fall approximately into 4 types:

    • Pyramids or hierarchies
    • Matrix organizations
    • Committees or juries
    • Ecologies