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  • Open Source ERP and eCommerce
    A ring dedicated to the topic of open source eCommerce and ERP

  • Open source community is going to be the future of technology

    The world of internet is one of the most intriguing and fascinating world. The latest innovations in the field of technology and particularly in the virtual field of the internet have further aggrandized the power of the internet in our daily lives. Various technological firms have really started to look into the future of the net and are proactively creating ways and means to make the advancement smoother as well as fast. One such development that is swiftly changing the way technical firms are going to manufacture and market their software as well as other technical creations is the  methodology of the open source.


    Developed in the early 1980’s the concepts of open source software, open source management, open source e-commerce are very fast changing the ways and fundamentals of trading and licensing in the technological as well as technologically driven industries. One fundamental basic that needs to be understood by the people actively involved in the advancement of the open source practices is that the source code for the particular software needs to be considered as free to be distributed, modified and resold but not free of cost.


    The philosophy of open source management has given birth to another domain that is called open source community. Companies and firms that are actively involved in open source management and practices are fast founding communities that would make it easier for them to create, distribute as well as modify the open source software. The world is very fast becoming a global village and the advent of open source techniques is only going to make it technically a lot more interesting as well as flexible.