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  • Traffic Boost Community
    This community will boost the traffic to your page by not only acting as a great community, but also as an easy tell a friend form. Watch the traffic to your pages grow.

  • MS Agent Community
    Collection of great ms agent site.

  • The Skin Love Community
    This is the community of the Skin Love community from the winam.com forums. Welcome and have fun!

  • Web Studio
    Did you use Sierra'a Web Studio to create your web site (all or part)? Join the Web Studio Community and get noticed!

  • a community for journals that include daily photographs or original artwork with each entry.

  • around the world in 80 clicks
    a webcam community with links around the world , family friendly with lots of free cam stuff to download and personal help from the community owner

  • Living Actor Community
    The Living Actor Community is a collection of websites utilizing Living Actor technologies from La Cantoche. http://www.livingactor.com

  • Run Away Muse
    A community for those who cherish their muse.

  • who R U?
    a collective of blogs and/or journals

    A community dedicated to all those who want to link their midi sites with other midi sites.

  • A World of Multimedia


    Multimedia is the media and content which utilizes a blend of separate content forms. The word could be used as noun or like an adjective illustrating a medium as having numerous content forms. The word is used in distinction to media that just use conventional forms of hand-produced or printed material. Multimedia comprises a mixture of text, still images, audio, animation, video in addition to interactivity content forms.


    Multimedia is generally recorded as well as played, displayed or accessed by the information content processing tools, like electronic and computerized devices, however could even be a part of live performance. Multimedia even describes the electronic media devices utilized to store as well as experience multimedia content. Multimedia is related to conventional mixed media in the fine art, however with the broader range. The phrase "rich media" is identical for interactive multimedia. Hypermedia could be regarded one specific multimedia application.


    Multimedia might be generally divided in linear as well as non-linear categories. Linear active content progresses devoid of any map-reading control for viewer like a cinema presentation. Non-linear content proffers user interactivity to manage progress as utilized with the computer game or utilized in self-paced computer based guidance. Hypermedia is an instance of non-linear content. Multimedia presentations could be recorded or live. A recorded presentation might permit interactivity through a routing system. A live multimedia management might permit interactivity through a communication with the performer or presenter.


    Multimedia presentations could be viewed personally on stage, transmitted, projected, or played nearby with the media player. A broadcast might be a recorded or live multimedia presentation. Recordings and broadcasts could be either digital or analog electronic media expertise. Digital online multimedia might be streamed or downloaded. Streaming multimedia might be on-demand or live. Multimedia games as well as simulations might be used in physical environment along with special effects, with many users in an online network, or nearby with an offline computer, simulator or game system.


    The different formats of digital or technological multimedia might be planned to improve the users' experience, for instance to build it faster and easier to communicate information or in art or entertainment, to exceed daily experience. Improved levels of interactivity are made probable by combining manifold types of media content. Online multimedia is gradually more turning object-oriented as well as data-driven, enabling applications along with collaborative end-user modernism and personalization on many forms of content over time. Instances of these vary from numerous forms of the content on sites like the photo galleries with both the images (pictures) as well as title (text) user-updated, to imitations whose co-efficient, illustrations, events, animations or videos are adaptable, permitting the multimedia "experience" to be changed devoid of reprogramming. Besides hearing and seeing, haptic technology allows virtual objects to be felt. Rising technology concerning delusions of taste and smell might also improve multimedia experience. In the year 1965 the word Multi-media was utilized to illustrate the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, a presentation which merged live rock music, movies, experimental illumination and performance art.


    In the intervening 40 years the phrase has taken on dissimilar meanings. In late 1970s phrase was utilized to illustrate presentations including multi-projector slide shows time to an audio track. In ordinary usage the word multimedia refers to automatically delivered mixture of media comprising video, audio, still images, text in a way which could be accessed interactively. A lot of the content on web at present falls in this definition like understood by lots of people.