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  • Jonge Journalisten
    In het collectief Jonge Journalisten bundelen jonge talentvolle freelancers hun krachten.

  • Long Island Bloggers
    A community for bloggers in Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, and Suffolk - made by Islanders for Islanders.

  • Fairy Dreams
    Fairy Dreams Internet Groups

  • Deviant Webmasters
    The "Deviant Webmasters" community is the only one dedicated strictly to sites using the WoW bulletin board/discussion forum software as well as the ocPortal content management system (CMS). These two pieces of software are those I chose to build my own website's foundation upon, and I am a tremendous believer in the capabilities of both of these scripts. Both scripts are feature rich and unique, and since both are still in their relative infancies the best is yet to come! However, our communities are still small and we need to support one another. So, this is the best way I could think to do

  • Rascals Against Blind Voting
    This community is for the Site Fights team, DWombat's Roaming Rascals, and is a community against Blind Voting.

  • Community Of The Mystickal Realms Champions
    Community designed especially for the champions of the Mystickal Realms Site Competition.

  • Melbourne Blog MeetUp
    Community for MeetUp Blogger participants

  • Elysium Gates Orchestra Member
    Welcome to Orchestra, the area for music, song and dance!

  • Elysium Gates Chat Guardians Member
    Chat Guardians are the wonderful and dedicated volunteers that moderate the chat area and make sure that it is a fun, friendly and safe atmosphere for all members.

  • IRCNet
    This community is for IRCNet channel homepages.

  • Beeotch Goddess

  • The VE Friends Community!
    If you are in the Site Fights, Site Wars, Web Brawls Fantasy Fights or ANY other VE Competition, please join this community and get more votes for your site! We also have a VE list for you to join to help gather up more votes!

  • Temple Of Traffic
    were updated info of traffic exchanges are posted weekly!

  • SEO ranking
    search engine optimization , ranking , google techniques and SEO

  • The Comfort Zone
    he Comfort Zone is a new type of internet friends group. There are no committees to join, no teams, circles, gardens etc. Just one big chatting group were we all get together and, well, chat!

  • Don't Wanna Yahoo
    A Community for those of us sick and tired of Yahoo's crap...

  • ChitChat Friends
    Just for fun, take a break and chat with your friends :)

  • Tossers Suck!
    Tossers Suck! is a weird little community for people who just porn in general.

  • Search Engine Marketing
    Search Engine Marketing Community is for companies and websites who offer information or free tools for search engine marketing.

  • f.a.b supporters
    a community for supporters of the f.a.b cause.

  • Country Playground Bloggers
    A community just for Country Playground members who have a blog/journal

  • World Wide
    the international community of home pages...

  • FreebiesCommunity
    All sites promoting or have an interest in freebies, free stuff, freestuff, screensavers, screen savers, digital postcards, Web hosting, graphics, freestuf, free games, freebees, downloads, free music, freeware, family freebies, free food, fonts, games, free email, webmaster freebies, freeware, mp3, freebies, contests, free samples, free counters

  • Memes
    a community for blogs that host weekly or daily memes

  • Furuba Community
    Der deutsche Furuba Community

  • Comic-Cazees Community
    A community for all those affiliated with the Comic-Cazees at the Mystik Brews web competition.

  • Respect the Net
    Respect the Net is a group that is trying to get back the Respect the Country Graphics Community needs!

  • Odyssey Web Hosting
    Connecting and promoting Christian-friendly websites hosted by Odyssey Web Hosting.

  • Web of World Wide Women
    A community for women from all over the world to display their web sites and make friends via themed email groups.

  • 99 Things
    A community for 99 Things About Me. (because 100 is just to much!)

  • LOTH So. Cali Region 2B
    This community is for all the ladies that belong to LOTH and are in So California's Region 2B.

  • TextPattern
    Any one using Dean Allen's Textpattern weblog management software.

  • Baker Street
    An EG Shu kingdom team community.

  • Allentown Webdesigners Guild / Clan / Cult
    For Allentown Webdesigners

  • Le Community Bidon
    Community de sites pour aider les webmasters à créer un bon site et amener beaucoup de visiteurs sur leur site.

  • Yorkshire Bloggerz
    For those fortunates who currently reside or who originate from the region of Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom.

  • Rumbles Spirit Community
    This community is for any member of The Spirits to join!! *big big smile*

  • Online Love
    Did you find your mate on the internet? If so apply. Must have website about the relationship.

  • Keep The Web Free
    We believe that the internet and the services on it should be, within reason, free. Too many people are cashing in on the chance to get something from nothing and, combined with heightened security risks, has resulted in the net, over the past six years, becoming an uglier place to traverse. However there are many good guys out there providing free webhosting, free opensource applications, free chat facilities, free dating facilities, free blogging tools, free webmaster tools and goodies and freeware. Doesn't matter if you provide some form of service or content... if you have a website a

  • Palace Owner/Operator
    This community is for all palace owner/operators.

  • Webring.com buried me!
    A community for people whose communitys have been wrongly or arbitrarily deleted by Community, have otherwise been sabotaged by Community.com's indifference to customer service, or who otherwise have stories to tell about abusive or unprofessional treatment they've experienced at the hands of Community and its support staff. Those wishing to join should drop by my homelist and ask me to open the community.

  • New Millennium Web Awards
    Websites offecommunity their own awards are invited to join this community. To join this community, your site must offer awards to other websites. Additional, only apply with the application page for your award. Other pages will not be approved. Thank You.

  • Search Engines
    Search engines seem to help make the world go round these days! From Google to people-finder; you can find anything and anyone with just a few clicks. This community is all about search engines and gives you all kinds to choose from.
    This is a great community for anyone interested in search engines, how they work, SEO, research and more. We've got a long list of search engines for you to try out if you're looking for something different or just something more.

  • ArticleMS created Directory Sites
    All web sites which are created using the ArticleMS directory script are encouraged to join this community. Let's make this the most popular script on the internet!!!

  • The Free Web
    Find all kinds of info and tools that are safe and free to use...

  • Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009
    Capiznon Bloggers as we all know have abilities in promoting our province. They are all very hectic, “hectic” because most of them are students. Bloggers in a very hectic schedule is not a hindrance for them.

  • Traffic Exchange Community
    This community is open to all websites

  • Best Web Freebies
    This Ring is for sites which offer Freebies There is lots of free stuff on the net and here s the doorway to finding it all. I welcome sites offering actual freebies or allowing you to post something on their site for free or free advertising or giving free information or website building freebiez or ... well anything for free! I am choosing to make this Ring family friendly so play nice. Sites with lots of popups or containing redirects are not welcome because we just want the FREE STUFF !!!

  • www.project-help.net Support
    We have an idea of a project that will be useful to many people around the world. It will be non-profit project, free to use for everyone. But now we need money to create our project. We need YOUR help! Help us please!
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