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  • GirlBlogs
    This is a community designed for women who keep a blog on the web. If you are a female and you blog, please come and join us!

  • Web Mistress
    The community for sites owned by female web mistresses. Not just any web mistresses, but for all us ladies who work hard to create sites of the best quality and with original content.

  • Anime Spirits
    Spirits2Shine's Anime Spirits team community

  • Country Homes Group
    A members only community for the Country Homes Group.

  • Sacramento Bloggers
    a community for sacramento bloggers

  • DWings
    This is the Community exclusivly for members of DWings at The Site Fights Web Competition.

  • Online Tools & Resources
    Attack for Reporting Attackers to their ISP, Free Web Browser's, Free Personal Firewalls, HTML Decoders, Password Safety and Online Safety, Newsgroups for spam info, Open Relay Submission, Spam Tools, Spyware Help Message Boards and Chat Room's, Websites with Useful Information, Windows Help Message Board's and Chat Room's

  • Mystery Leagues Community
    Mystery Leagues Community. For all members of Mystery Leagues team at Webleagues.

  • BlogEngine.Net Community
    BlogEngine.NET is an open source .NET blogging project that was born out of desire for a better blog platform. A blog platform with less complexity, easy customization, and one that takes advantage of the latest .NET features.

  • Busby SEO Test Community of Fire
    The official community of entries of the Busby SEO Test world wide competition.

  • Free-Things
    This community is only for sites that contain free stuff. If you have free counters, chatrooms, website promotion or something else that is free, join this community now!

  • Free Classified Ads Community
    Any web site offecommunity free classified ads is welcome to join.No adult sites.

  • White Spirit Lights
    A community that promotes team work and the members work up the levels and the committees.

  • Ain't Life Grand
    Ain't Life Grand is for web sites that show how grand life is. This is the original Ain't Life Grand community, not an imitation.

  • explode
    have you ever felt so full of emotion that you just wanted to explode?

  • CB Radio ICQ Chat Net Community
    A Community for radio operators who also use ICQ on The internet!

  • Must We Explain
    This community is for creators and designers of original and unique websites! If your website or a website you have designed has your very own ideas apply to this community. We are looking for creators and designers who excell in the field of webdesign and who expect to get paid for the work they do

  • Flamed and Proud of it!
    community of people who don't mind flamers, and are PROUD to be flamed!

  • Hill Country Community
    A Texas size community for business and personal web pages in the Texas Hill country.

  • The Projects
    The Projects is a community intended to promote and gather other project sites, whether it be other communitys, 'zines, fan sites, or icq skin sites.

  • Earn more Money Community
    This community is dedicated to people interested in making money on the internet. Do you have a site dedicated to earning, information and/or marketing of internet money making programs. If you do, increase your traffic by joining a community.

  • In Your Face
    A personal bloggers loggers, loggers bloggers doggers personal blog community.

  • Webmasters Circle
    The Circle for Webmasters from around the globe. Any personal site owners will be invited to join the big circle of webmasters.

  • JohnDoe Journal Neighborhood
    this community links together all the members of the JohnDoe Journal Neighborhood...you must be have a journal on johndoe.org to be a part of this community

  • The Guardian Angels Community
    Official{;}Guardian Angels{;}Community

  • Wackadoodles
    Don't ask....

  • Esselink Surname Web
    Esselink surname web

  • web avengers
    Web Avengers (and the corresponding site) is for those who are fed up with copyright infcommunityement and bandwidth stealing on the web.

  • Forever Dreaming
    This is a site for all the dreamers out there. You don't have to be an expert at making webpages, as long as its family friendly. For women all over the world to join, and hopefully make long lasting friendships, and be active within the Forever Dreaming community :-)

  • ║net addict║
    for those who love the internet and wish they could or DO spend every waking hour on the internet. net addicts are almost sure to have a great website.

  • digital electricks
    Websites relating to digital music and/or art are welcome here.

  • Do Not Click If You Hate Us
    Collection of personal sites and blogs belonging to ilXor regulars. In other words, a bunch of Interweb mentalists.

  • Web Guard
    Web Guard is one of the oldest communitys supporting awareness regarding bandwidth theft and copyrights. If you are concerned with copyright of your creations or the problems of bandwidth theft, you belong in this community.

    This is the community for the members of GNOGG - Greater New Orleans Gaming Group. Like AOL, we've outgrown our name with members nation-wide, but we'll keep the name cuz it's different and fun to say...

  • Intellects Community
    A community for the never ending mind.

  • AgentBannana Inc. Community
    Pretty much any page is welcome.

  • The VEF Zone Community
    The VEF zone stands for Vote Exchange Free zone. This is a place of gathecommunity for all people who think vote exchanging has gone too far and we need to take steps (small ones or big) to correct this. Fighting without a huge list of supporters has become impossible, is this the way we want it? Take a stand now! Join the VEF Zone!

  • Melayu Cyber
    Melayu Cyber Group, group cyber terbesar di Malaysia mengandungi pelbagai maklumat semasa dan terkini

  • I have Issues
    a community for people who really love the internet because it helps to seperate themselves from their

  • greymatter
    a community for people who use greymatter.

  • Ecuatorianos.com
    Ecuatorianos.com community

  • Really Cool Community
    All kinds of cool sites! Join no matter what kind of site you have!

  • Netiquette & Flame
    Linking sites on Netiquette, Flaming and other Internet Codes of Behaviour!

  • My Own DOTCOM !
    Have a Website that shows visitors where to Registar Domains, Host, Design, Promote and get Web Tools? Or any of the above? This Community is for you! We also have a DROP DOWN MENU for our Community Code for EZ Navigation!

  • USA & FREEDOM Community
    If you have a usa-support/tribute/liberty-support web site, please join this community and bloost your traffic!

  • Insane Blogs
    A community for the insane blog owners.

  • UndergroundOracle
    The Official Community of Underground Oracle

  • Serendipity Place Community
    Community for Serendipity Place

  • Blog Freak
    A community for all the people out there who love to blog (And are freaks).

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