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  • bleeding on your hallowed ground
    bleeding on your hallowed ground is intended for those who have been silenced, for those who have bled; it is for those who find an outlet through writing, art, music, or other such things in order to exhale, in order to express themselves, in order to bleed. {;}

  • Web-A-Holics Community
    A Community for Web-A-Holics.

  • Too Many Organ-Z
    Do you love being in lots of organizations and groups? Do you love all the wonderful new friends you've made? Have you gotten a little carried away; like me??? ~:o) Any of this sounds familiar...this is the site community for you to join today!

  • Knights Of The Old Code
    Knights Of the Old Code live by a code of honor...all Sites are Child safe..

  • Michigan Sisters
    Michigan women together as one in sister hood.

  • Elysium Gates Theater Member
    In the Elysium Gates Theater area, you will not only find all of the above but also film, TV, and radio. At Elysium Gates we are constantly blending the old world with the new and trying to share on the net the best of both.

  • Fantasy Cyberpet Community
    This is a special community for unique fantasy cyberpets. That means each cyberpet must be of fantasy, and each cyberpet must be drawn by the owner of the site and the cyberpets must be well drawn.

  • Intelligence Is Beautiful
    Do you believe that intelligence is beautiful? Then join. And join.. NOW! ;-)

  • eBayDivas
    A community for the quick and easy navigation of all the PlusDivas on eBay! Support your Divas! :) Plus, usually free shipping to PlusDiva list members :)

  • UMUC Web Publishers
    Web pages created by current and former students of 'CAPP385' in the Computer Studies department at the University of Maryland.

  • Modern Day Faeries
    This is a community for people that believe they are Modern Day Faeries. Check out the home page for more info.

  • HTML Mizfitz community
    The community for the HTML Mizfitz! We will NEVER DIE! H3h-h3h!!!

  • Enchanted Castle Team
    Team members of Enchanted Castle joining together

  • blonde.logs
    A community for weblogs/personal sites owned by blondes. We're really not stupid. Natural, dyed, bleached, whatever! As long as it's blonde, come join up!

    Desde aqui damos de alta tu pagina en 400 buscadores de habla hispana y mas de 1000 de idioma ingles.

  • The MFO Community
    The MFO Community: Information about the Multinational Force & Observers in the Sinai Desert, Egypt.

  • Elysium Gates Taverna Member
    Welcome to Taverna, the area for food, drink, partying and meeting people!

  • Elysium Gates Pandorain Member
    This community is for volunteer Pandorians of Elysium Gates only. If you are not a member of Elysium Gates, we would like to invite you to join today!{;}http://elysiumgates.com/tour/

  • VE Buddies
    VE Buddies is for sites looking for VEs without blind voting.

  • Disney Spirits
    A community for everyone on the Disney Spirits team at Spirits 2 Shine!

  • Project Remember
    This is the community for Project Remember, a project dedicated to remember those that died in 9/11/01 and those from other terroist acts.

  • World Wide SiteCommunity
    A place where all sites are welcome.

  • @lantis Network
    The @lantis Network is open to all websites. This community is made up of many different people with different lifestyles, and interests. Come and join our growing community today!!!

  • The Lycos Expatriate and Homepage Ring: Tripod, Angelfire and wherever else
    A community for non-commercial pages at Tripod, Angelfire and any other homepage provider run by Lycos, or for sites which were located on these sites before being capriciously censored and deleted. *ahem* Blogs are welcome to join. Applicant sites must abide by the Lycos terms of service and should come in at no higher than a PG rating and not have anything that would be considered genuinely offensive in common sense, pre-Political Correctness terms; let's keep this place reasonably friendly. The community is closed, but I'll be glad to open it for qualified applicants. Just sign up for my ho

  • Mystical Meadows
    Mystical-Meadows is a NVE competition which means that our fighters do not exchange votes with others in order to win. Their sites are voted for by their visitors and friends only.

  • The Sundaes
    The Rumbles Sundaes Team Community

  • Aad50 Community
    Community généraliste

  • gCards
    Community for people who use the program gCards by Greg downloadable at this site: http://www.gregphoto.net/gcards/index.php

  • Making Money on the NET with NOTHING out of POCKET!!!
    This is the Community where if you want to Make Money and Don't want to pay for it, join us!

  • E-Cards - The UnOfficial Community
    The Official Community for Internet-sites offecommunity a free E-Card service. The Best Online Ecards - Free Internet Service - Personal E-Cards! Send Virtual Greetings Electronic Postcards: Java Animated Musical My Friends Flowers Birthday Love Humor Valentine Animals Fantasy Christmas.

  • Confused Fence Sitters Society
    Confused Fence Sitters Society invites those who often cannot make up their mind as to which direction to go. Which to do - This or That?

  • The Netiquette Sites Community
    Community devoted to bcommunity together web sites that deal with netiquette, helpful tips, and acceptable behavior on the Internet.{;}

  • World Wide Internet Cafe
    The World Wide Internet Cafe Community gives all internet cafes from around the world a place to link together and share their knowledge and experiences of providing a community service. It is also a global listing for world travelers who wish to maintain their online status. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • The Family Palace Community
    This is a community to link the Family Palaces of The Palace, virtual chat program. All family palaces are welcome to join. Family Palaces ONLY please.

  • HamWorld.net Amateur Radio Community
    Amateur Radio Community

  • Heaven's Littlest Angels
    Memorials for our littlest angels in Heaven

  • Eccentrix Community

  • Not Porn
    This community is for sites that simply do not contain porn. Many of the sites SOUND like they COULD be porn sites, but face it: they aren't.

  • WWA Blogs
    A community to link together blogs by Women With Attitude members. Only members of WWA may join.

  • Bouley86's VE Friends
    All the people that do a Vote Exchange with me! Maybe they'll do one with you!!

  • pussy power
    A community with really no purpose. Celebrate your kittiness. Looking for web sites with decent design.

  • The Land Of Elite Enchantment
    Community for Fairies of The Land Of Elite Enchantment: Fairies for Golden Elite Competition

  • Cyber Free4All
    A community for websites that offer free stuff such as wavs, graphics, tubes, lessons, fonts, ect... If your site sells anything you will not be approved!

  • AZ13 Website Network
    Community exclusively for quality sites of distinction and creativity. All sites in this community are worth surfing. They offer Quality Products, Informative Content and Creative Design. These sites add content and change their looks on a regular basis so please check back often. Cruise our web you won't be disappointed.

  • #Suicide
    A community dedicated to the Lost souls, members of #Suicide IRC-channel in IRCNet.

  • Legends and Heroes
    Tributes to Legends and Heroes.

  • The Trade Route
    The purpose of this site is to assist online traders in becoming more knowledgeable, and informed while increasing their efficiency and profitability.

  • Native Creations
    A community for members of the Native Creations Team at Southern Dreams.

  • Free Traffic Community
    Promote your website for Free. Almost anything goes except the following: Any website with contains, or links to any website containing, adult material, warez, software piracy, terrorism, racism, or any other material which may be deemed inappropriate.

  • Lavender
    An elite community for sites which, have that certain je ne sais quoi
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