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  • Friendly Webbies
    This community is for personal homepages that a child safe sites displaying a certain talent of theirs (ie: desktop enhancements, stationery, e-cards, utilities/downloads,{;}graphics, photos, prose/poetry, jokes/stories, animation, anime, games,{;}ICQ panels). If{;}your homepage is cool and unique, this community is for you.{;}You have to upload the image from my website for it to display. Angelfire doesn't allow direct linking which is why the image doesn't display on communitysurf.{;}

  • Mystical Mommies of the Web
    Come join the unique organizations just for mothers! Mystical Mommies of the Web. Meet and make new friends from all over the world. Join our committees and help this one of a kind orgainzation grow!Our goal is to join mothers from all over the world one by one. Come see what we are all about! :o)

  • Young Mamas Community
    This community was created to link together the websites of young moms. This includes teen moms, pregnant teens, young moms (by young I mean under age 22 when you had your first baby), teen pregnancy pages, etc! If you were a teen mom or young mom but are older now, you are still welcome to join. If your site fits one of the aforementioned categories, then feel free to join this community :)

  • Activist Nations
    As great storms announce themselves with a simple breeze - so too - will the whisper of a single activist, summon the activism nation.

  • Elysium Gates Bibliotheke Member
    At Elysium Gates this is where you will find sites that are about books, literature, poetry and reference material. Thus creating a learning center for the entire web world.

  • Mommy (or Daddy) Bloggers
    This community is for those of us who are not only bloggers, but parents. If you blog about your kids, yourself, or just your daily life, then this is the community for you.

  • Celestial Magyk
    This community is for the members of the Celestial Magyk team at The Rumbles. We would love to have you join us.

  • Win my Award
    awards that can be won on the web.

  • Return Our Servicemen
    A community to link together sites that honor our POW/MIA's

  • Guenivere & Lancelot's Forest
    Guenivere and Lancelot's Forest is a team in the site fights. This community is for its members and members of the Site Fights Family

  • I Got This Patch
    A Community for all those addicted to communitys.

  • Young Mothers Unite
    Young Mothers is a safe, warm community where we encourage, support, inform, and build lasting friendships.

  • The MOOcommunity
    Linking sites related to MOOs and MOOing.

  • Unbroken Circle
    The Unbroken Circle is an internet family, dedicated to helping with web sites.

  • The Circle of Stars
    The Circle of Stars is open for all members of The Site Wars; a fun, family-safe, free website competition!

  • Sisters of Loyalty
    A community of women joining together to support causes we all believe in

  • Python and Zope Community
    This community is designed to bcommunity together the websites and people in the Plone, Python and Zope communities.

  • Womenontheweb
    Community van de Vereniging Womenontheweb.nl (WoW)

  • GA webloggers
    a community for georgian weblogs

  • Creative Expressions Community
    Welcome to Creative Expressions Community! Is your site into Neopets, PSP, Tubes, graphics, HTML, and tutorials? Do you like writing and poems, awards, causes, games, Java, contests? Well, I think the Creative Expressions Community is just right for you. We allow you to make your own community fragment even! {;}So if your ready for a great time on the Web, plus, a ton of new people looking into your Creative site.... then please apply for membership and join us.{;}Thank you for looking into the Creative Expressions Community!{;}{;}

  • Elysium Gates Agora Member
    Welcome to Agora of Elysium Gates, the area for eclectic websites!

  • Elysium Gates Symposium Member
    Elysium Gates in this area is blending the old with the new, by gathecommunity member sites that reflect spiritual, metaphysical and religious beliefs and contemplations. Also here you will find sites that reflect philosophy, psychology and the mystical side of all cultures and activities.

  • Totally Equal Dames of the Net
    Totally Equal Women on the Net... An online womens group. We believe that ALL women are Equal !

  • Country Girlfriends Forever
    Friends, fun, chat

  • Virtual Professionals
    Networking with like-minded Professionals, Virtual Assistants, Education and Training Courses, Business Articles, Classifieds, Business Resources, Newsletters, Member Profiles, Free Press Releases, Membership, Forums, Discussion Lists, Free Documents, Professional Development, Online Marketing Tips, Promotional Events, Virtual Trade Shows and much more!

  • Hamel
    This community is for all current and past members of Hamel, a team at the WebTown Website Competition. Come along and join us.

  • The Dancing Gypsies
    We're the Dancing Gypsies at Sirkissa's Magick Karnival! Are you a dancing gypsy? If so, then please join! All past and present members welcome!

  • Women Online Helping Women
    This community is for women who have created web sites online themselves, and the sites must be devoted to providing information and/or help for issues that concern women. Appropriate issues could be ones like abortion(either prochoice or prolife), women's health, mental health, birth control, parenting, infertility, women's rights, women's legal issues, women in business, women in the workplace, women online, ect.

  • Firecams, Streaming Webcams Community
    Got a Streaming Webcam? Well what are you waiting for then. Join up NOW !!!{;}All cams are welcome to join here.

  • Web Directories Community
    A highly focussed collection of specialised web directories, enabling surfers worldwide to pinpoint exactly what they want - fast!

  • Dragons of the WebBrawls
    This community is for past, present, and future members of the Dragons Team at the WebBrawls website competitions, as well as Staff Members and Fight Supporters. Show your Dragon Pride, and join the TwiLight Dragons Community today!

  • Web Design Professionals
    A community opening to anybody or business that make money from web design. Hence Web Design Professionals. Let people know that you mean business.Not all that apply are accepted, making this THE RING to be a member of. Our logo is a sign of quality web design by the member sites.

  • Angel Cities Community
    Official{;}Angel Cities{;}Community

  • Kids Surf Safe
    This community is all about Kids Surfing Safe! Fun things for kids to do and see online that are safe.

  • Star Fairies and Wee Community
    Community of the Star Fairy and Star Wee websites (from the Site Fights-http://www.thesitefights.com)

  • Say NO! to Blind Voting
    Do you agree that blind voting is bad? That we should look at a site before voting for it? Have you ever competed in a site competition like the Site Fights, Web Brawls or Site Wars? Then join this -original- community against blind voting and show that YOU are against blind voting!!

  • The Web Club
    This is the official Community for The Web Club.

  • Personality
    Community for domains that describe their owners. For example, domains that fit the community are ones that describe the personality traits or the physical features of the owners.

  • furrypurrs
    Join in the Furry Purr's and win an awesome prize!!!

  • Elysium Gates Gallery Member
    Gallery, the area for visually artistic websites!

  • Elysium Gates Observatory Member
    Here you may find a site about an endangered species, a new asteroid, alternative power, medical discoveries, modern physics, recycling or even how the internet works.

  • Flowecommunity Souls Community
    Flowecommunity Souls is a group of friends who share laughs, tears and friendship.

  • ARG Bloggers
    ARG Bloggers united!

  • Hispanic Bloggers
    A community for hispanic bloggers to connect. Regardless of the percentage you have in you. Join if you have any. http://www.hispanic-bloggers.oh-so-crispy.net to find other codes and buttons!

  • Girls Guide to Blogging Community
    The homepages of the Girls Guide to Blogging Community of bloggers.

  • SouthBeach Liaisons
    For Liaison, Senior Co-Liaison and Co-Liaisons sevecommunity SouthBeach proudly here in the Community Leader Program.

  • Inner Dreams
    This site has been created to support the fight against child pornography.....anyone with a webpage can join....{;}We are moving to community so if you would like to join us please go here{;}http://innerdreams.itgo.com{;}Sorry for the inconvenience

  • The No Blind Voting Community
    This is a community of people in various web page competitions that are against Blind Voting. Blind Voting is when you tell someone you want to exchange votes with them but you haven't even glanced at their page. This is unfair and unspirited. If you are against blind voting, you are welcome to join this community.

  • Web Pals
    A community for sites that offer ways to help other webmasters in either building their site or promoting it. such as free banner designs, original web graphics, free promotional tools, etc,etc...

  • Awards of Excellence
    Community includes sites who award websites showing true excellence in design.
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