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  • GOF Graphics Community
    Garden of Friendship Graphics Community. For Members Only

  • Elysium Gates Volunteer
    Torch bearers throughout history are way showers. Greece made famous their torch bearers through the Olympics. Elysium Gates torch bearers continue the tradition by helping to orientate new members to all the ins and outs of Elysium Gates.

  • Journal Babies
    A community for journals that chronicle a pregnancy, birth, and on.

  • M.H.P.C.
    This MHPC Community is exclusively for our nutty members. MHPC is a private, on-line group membership organization which provides an enjoyable, safe and rewarding place to exchange knowledge, expertise and communications on hobbies and interests of all subjects with members from all over the world.{;}

  • The Vote Exchange Community
    A community for people in any competition that are in search of more supporters.

  • The Princesses Community
    An online community for women that supports the Princess in all of us.

  • LABlogs
    A directory of blogs written from Los Angeles and the surrounding area

  • Elysium Gates Oracle
    Community for Elysium Gates Web Hosting Community volunteers called

  • SquidSurf Net Community
    The only Community for Squidoo lenses.

  • Friends, Flowers, and Musings
    This community is available to members of Friends, Flowers, and Musings. We are a group of women on the internet that share many interests and love making new friends!

  • Plus Models Online
    The Plus Models Community is created for Plus Models with their own websites, Photographers, Agencies and other Modeling organizations that sponsor or feature Plus Models. There is also informationon how to get started in Plus Size Modeling as well as how to get your own FREE portfolio!

  • The Original Community
    This is the Original Community, started by Sage Weil in May 1995. The last Communitymaster abandoned this Community when Yahoo!Community took over Community.org in September 2000. This Community honors the work of Sage Weil, and his invention. By ressurrecting the Community at Communitysurf, we acknowledge that Yahoo!Community does NOT embody Sage Weil's dream any longer. Anybody who supports this, can join this Community.{;}

    GOF Adoptions Community
    Garden of Friendship Adoption Community. For members only.

  • GOF Quillters Community
    A collection of quilts from the members of the Garden of Friendship

  • I Dream in HTML
    A community for people who "dream in HTML". :)

  • Free Sites NetRing
    The "Free Sites NetRing" is for websites hosted by a free web hosting service such as Angelfire, eSmart, GeoCities, Homestead, etc. This is a great community to showcase and promote your website! If you have a webpage hosted by a free service, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Yorkshire Bloggers
    For those lucky bloggers who currently reside in, or who originate from, the region of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

  • WebTown Grand Champions
    This is the community for all 3 X Winners at the WebTown Website Competition. This includes the Vote Exchange, Non Vote Exchange and Spirit Page Competitions. Well Done to all members.

  • Genealogy Communitys Community
    Do you own/manage a genealogy community? Are you looking for an easy way for genealogists to find your community's home page? Why not use the power of a community?? It's tough to try to find those right web sites to invite to join your community. Join The Genealogy Communitys Community and let visitors leasurely surf the community to view sites with a common topic...Genealogy.{;}

  • Plus Forties
    Over 40? Got a blog?{;}

  • WOSIB Fae Community
    Sisters of the WOSIB Garden of the Fae

  • WordPress Community
    Whether you have a self-hosted blog or a blog hosted by a service such WordPress.Com, why not join our blog-ring and connect with other WordPress users to cross-promote our sites and share blogging tips and tricks. We are open to owners of WordPress blogs and providers of tools or resources for WordPress blogs.

  • .nu waves
    MOVED: http://echoes.nu/nuwaves/ -- Please copy & paste the following URL to join, update, visit or obtain more info about .nu waves, a community devoted to personal .nu domains & hostees: http://echoes.nu/nuwaves/ A community for those with their own .nu domain or who are directly hosted at a .nu domain. Move over, .com, .org, and .net, .nu is moving in!

  • The Collective
    The collective is a community for people who are crazy about, obsessed with or addicted to anything web inspired. {;}This is not for the generally obsessed. The focus of your obsession must be web-related and it must be reflected on your web site.

  • Operation Just Cause Community
    A group of linked sites honocommunity POW/MIA and seeking a full accounting of each still-missing hero. Visit Operation Just Cause at:{;}http://ojc.org/page2.html for more information.

  • Because Community Is Broken
    A community dedicated to the loss we all feel because Community IS broken. Name used with permission from because_community_is_broken. Membership is open to anyone mourning the loss of Community.

  • Solar Star
    A community for sites that are out of this world! Please no pornography or hate sites.

  • Silverclicks Community
    Are you giving away free Silverclicks on your Website? Then this Community is for you :) Please join us!

  • The Random Friends' Community
    This community is dedicated to bcommunitying fighters together from various competitions in an original and fun way.

  • L'Anneau, Regroupement de pages francophones
    L'Anneau regroupe des sites non-commerciaux de toutes catégories en français.

  • Off On A Rant
    This community is CLOSED. I would delete it if I could but CommunitySurf won't let me.

  • Miniglobe Collectors
    This is a community for the members of Miniglobe Collectors. It is an exclusive club to members of The Site Fights only.

  • The Official Emperor's Gate Community
    This community is for the honorable members, staff, and participants at the Emperor's Gate web competition. If you are involved in EG in some way, you are welcome to add your site to the community!

  • Kristines Voting Booth
    Kristine's Voting Booth is THE place to go for reliable voting and support in website compeition. We are friendly, fun and very reliable!! Come visit us!

  • WebDesigners Net Community
    WebDesigners Community.

  • Expert HTML
    This is the second incarnation of the Expert HTML Community. It is a showcase all of the fantastic sites created by the members of this group. Webmasters within this group all have spent a great deal of time creating a website that is pleasing to the eye and is well worth the time to visit. Ideally your website should have something to do with some aspect of building a webpage, but it's not required. Your site must also be family-friendly and non-commercial.

  • Fire & Rescue Community
    Fire & Rescue Community is dedicated to all the Emergency Services around the world. To bcommunity together those dedicated to protecting life and property.

  • Sites - 4 - Christ
    A Ministry of Cult discernment and A Place for Christians to fellowship, share prayers and praises, daily devotions, studys, great links and more. Come and fellowship with us! http://www.huckandmichelle.com

  • CMMSponsers
    all cmms sponsers

  • Elysium Gates Emporium Member
    Welcome to Emporium, the area for business and commercial websites!

  • Austen Anonymous
    A community for all Austen-related fanlistings (TFL approved or otherwise).

  • Ajana
    Welcome to the Ajana Team Community, this community is for all past and present members of the Ajana team at WebTown.

  • The HTML Writers Community
    The community is for linking together sites of people who enjoy web design.

  • Soacommunity Eagles of The Site Fights Community
    This community is for all the past and present Faires, Spirits, Quills, Scribe's, Fighters, Staff Members etc. from the Soacommunity Eagles of The Site Fights.{;}

  • The Wee Ones
    This is a Community for all Wee Ones (Fairies, Elfin, Angels) AND for those who have at least one fantasy themed page on their site, and who consider themselves friends of the Wee Ones.{;}{;}Anyone that fits that description is welcome to join - male or female. Your fantasy page/site does need to have content - no sites with nothing but links, please.{;}{;}The organization, The Wee Ones, is a new group on the web made up of Wee Ones and Friends from everywhere, males and females welcome. It's open for new members at this time, but it is not necessary to belong to the organization in order t

  • Elysium Gates Historia Member
    At Elysium Gates, you will find in this area members whose interests lie in the past. From sites on genealogy and archeology to more speculative sites of the trends of societies and what it means for our future.

  • Thriftstore Garage Sale Frenzy TGSF
    This is a Wonderful Group of People who belong to the Ebay Community Group Thriftstore Garage Sale Frenzy that look for Great deals at Thriftstores, Garage Sales and other places for items to Sell on Ebay. We share what sells well (our WHOOHOOS) as well as ask general questions about selling on Ebay. Please email me if you would like to join the group.

  • Community da Roda de Mate
    Participe você também do Community da Roda de Mate. Venha encontrar blogs e blogueiros de todos os lugares do mundo. Fique à vontade para cadastrar o seu blog e começar a participar.

  • POW/MIA & Combat Engineers
    This community is for all branches of the military and the POW/MIAs and their families.

  • In Memorial's Hearts of Angels Community
    Welcome to the In the Hearts of Angels Community! Anyone with a site that deals with the topic of Child and infant loss, memorial sites, support groups etc, are welcome you to join my community! I only ask a few things. Sites that contain pornography or any other adult material are not allowed.. This is a family community and will always be free of such content. You will add the HTML Fragment to the page you submit on the below form. You will not remove your code at anytime while you remain a member of the community. Now I hope that you will fill out the form below and join me!{;}
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