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  • Vintage Notebooks Community
    Vintage Notebooks are the very first 8-bit notebook-sized laptop computers that came onto the market, back in 1983. The computers in this category are: TRS-80 Model 100 & 102, Model 200, NEC PC-8201A & PC-8300, Olivetti M-10, and Kyocera Kyo-85. This community links together sites that have information on these fine machines.

  • Le cercle du Palm francophone
    Bienvenue dans la réunion de tous les sites Palm francophones. Au fil de vos périgrinations, vous découvrirez l'actualité, les différents modèles (Palm, Visor, TRG Pro et autres appareils PalmOS), les trucs et astuces et toutes les facettes du fascinant monde du Palm. Palm Pilot 1000, 5000, professionnal, personnal, III, IIIc, IIIe, IIIx, IIIxe, V, Vx, VII n'auront bientôt plus de secret pour vous. [French Palm Pilot Community]

  • Grafik und Windows Hilfe
    Hilfe für Windows,Xp,98 und für Grafikprogramme PSP, mit eigener Homepage und E-Group

  • AVR Microcontroller Information Community
    Welcome to the only community dedicated to AVR Microcontroller information. Whether you're after informatonon AVR Denon, Atmel, Projects, Instructions or Programming, you will find it all right here and much more.
    This community is a great resource for finding information and more pertaining to AVR Microcontrollers. Relax and stay awhile and see what you find!

  • Mac Addict
    This is a community for webmasters who have designed their sites on macs.

  • Microchip PIC Microcontroller
    While some of us are happy to just enjoy the conveniences of things like remote controlled gadgets, some actually want to know how they work and even how to make something out of them using their own two hands. It is for those people that we have created this community  dedicated to the Microchip PIC Microcontroller.
    Use this community for finding Microchip PIC Microcontroller information, projects, instruction books, projects books, basic book compliers and more. Also come here to find basic and advanced programming instruction to use the PIC Microcont

  • Mantenimiento del hardware del PC
    Descripción de las operaciones habituales de mantenimiento y reparación de averías de los ordenadores tipo PC. Tipos y características de los componentes de estos ordenadores.

  • What Exactly is Computer Hardware?


    Hardware is the general term that refers to physical artifacts of the technology. It might also denote the physical components of the computer system in form of the computer hardware. Hardware traditionally meant the metal fittings and parts which were utilized to build wooden products stronger and more functional, long lasting as well as easier to manufacture or collect. In contemporary usage it comprises equipment like the keys, locks, latches, hinges, corners, handles, wire, plumbing supplies, chains, tools, utensils, machine parts and cutlery, particularly when they are prepared of metal. In the US, this kind of hardware has been conventionally sold in the hardware stores, a phrase even used to a slighter extent in the United Kingdom.


    In a more colloquial sense, hardware could refer to main items of armed equipment, like tanks, ships or aircrafts. In slang, the word refers to trophies as well as other physical symbols of awards. In information skill, hardware is a physical feature of computers, telecommunications, as well as other devices. The word arose as the way to differentiate the "box" plus the electronic circuitry as well as components of the computer from plan you put it to make it do things. The plan came to be recognized as software. Hardware implies durability as well as invariability. Software or programming could with no trouble be diverse. You could put a completely new plan in hardware as well as make it generate a completely new experience for user. You could though, alter the modular configurations which most computers come with by adding up new adapters or the cards that broaden the computer's capabilities.


    Like software, hardware is the collective term. Hardware comprises not only the computer proper however also the cables, power supply units, connectors and peripheral devices like the keyboard, audio speakers, mouse and printers. Hardware is at times used as the term jointly describing the physical features of telecommunications and telephony network infrastructure.


    It is quite renowned that the working of computer is pulled by software and hardware. One could define computer hardware like the electronic and magnetic, electric devices which carry out computing functions. Hardware is physical components of computer such as microprocessor, RAM, hard disks and motherboard. The peripheral devices like the monitor, keyboard, printer, mouse and speakers could even be included in list of hardware parts. The programs which run on computers like C++, Windows and Photoshop are software parts of computer. A great instance for a simple understanding of hardware-software meaning is music CDs. The real compact disk is hardware, whereas the music and songs in CD are software parts.


    There is one more way to describe computer hardware. Hardware devices are executors of commands offered by software applications. The software application offers a command to the processor that is the inner part of all the computer hardware. Processor in turn checks for an attached printer. If printer is set, software would obtain a helpful response from processor. Then software application gives instruction to printer through the processor to print web page. In that manner, hardware parts are foot soldiers as well as software applications are commanders in digital operation which occurs in a computer.