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  • Angels Are With Us
    This community was created in memory of our angels in heaven. Although as long as you have a family friendly site you are welcome to join.Come take a stroll through my site and get inspiration for your heart and soul.

  • Skandinavisk Grafik
    SkaGra innehåller lektioner i tre steg av ditt favoritprogram, antingen Paint Shop Pro eller Photoshop. I communityen hittar du medlemmar.

  • Pagan and Fantasy Artists Guild Community
    The Pagan and Fantasy Artists' Community is open to Pagan and Fantasy graphics site owners and{;}others interested in Digital Art and Graphics Design.

  • AmeriYank's Tubes 4 Fun
    Surf this community to find lots of tubes! Join this community to show off your tubes!

  • Community of PSP Friends Members
    A Community exclusively for websites/pages belonging to the members of the PSP Friends "family" of email lists: (PSP Friends, PSP7, GraphicsPlus and StationeryPals)...all members are welcome to join, but sites/pages must be child-safe in content.

  • The Eclectic Guild Community
    The Eclectic Guild Community is for people who love creating graphics, who mainly work with PSP, PI, PhotoShop or any graphics program along with plug-ins, and who have bonded together, helping, asking, and generally having fun. {;}{;}

  • Unique Tubes
    Got unique tubes? Want to share them for free or as linkware with others? Join this community! Your tubes should be original/unique. This means that they have to be designed by you and you only.

  • Pixel Faeries
    This is a community for all graphics designers to unite. We are a community of graphic artists who are supportive and love making new friends. We are Pixel Faeries!

  • Jeanne's Cuties for Adoption
    This community is for anyone who offers cuties drawn by Jeanne of Jeanne's Country Cottage. This includes bears, girls, angels, sheep, cows and any of her adorable and cute creations.

  • Imagination Unlimited
    Imagination Unlimited was opened in 1999 and took a long nap in 2002. Nessa, Donna & Jo decided to re-open it in 2004 and hope you will join us. As you can see we have a brand new look and hope to bcommunity you a brand new dimension in Graphics.

  • Free Web Set Graphics
    This is a community for sites that offer free web sets. The web sets must be free or linkware coordinated sets available for download.

  • Housework Can Wait..I Need To Create
    This community is for anyone who would rather create something in psp or photoshop than do housework. Graphic artists of all kinds are welcome.>>New Owner as of August 3rd, 2004<< Attention current members--please update your sites profile!!!

  • Visions of Vue
    A community of Vue d'Esprit members from across the internet, who display their creations, any may also offer freebies for others to enjoy.

  • Digital Landscapes
    This is a community for all kinds of programs that create digital landscapes and digital worlds. Vista pro, Bryce, Terragen, Vue 'd esprit, mojoworld and Truespace and 3DSMax with the special plugins. All community members are welcome to submit work to sci-fi, fantasy, horror art and literature magazine "Cosmic Dimension". All artists and writers are welcome to submit work. http://www.innerzed.com/sites/kosmic/

  • TheWiz3D Graphics
    a 3d graphics and great links

  • The PSP Addicts
    The PSP Addicts was created for those who are addicted to PSP.

  • The Creative Mind
    This is a community designed for creators of desktop enhancements. The purpose of this community is to assist desktop enhancement creators in producing better creations

  • Eclectic Treasures
    This community is for anyone who shares a passion for Paint Shop Pro, be it websets, tubes or what have you. We welcome everyone, except porn, hate, crackz or warez sites.

  • Ginger Dolls For Adoption
    This is a Community for those who offer Whispy Hollow Graphics's Ginger Doll adoptables from their site.

  • The Country Canvas
    The Country Canvas community is for members of the chat group by the same name. A group where original mousedrawn graphic artists can come together and share tips, tricks of the trade, new endeavors, and make new friends!

  • Fantastic Creations
    This community is for web sites offecommunity graphics. Incredimail, Sig Tags, Stationary, Websets, Linkware, Purchaseware and more.

  • COS Friendship Quilt Community
    This is a community for members of C.O.S. that have a friendship quilt

  • Background Art Community
    A community to link sites offecommunity free background and other website utilities free for use on personal websites.

  • Baerly3 Signature Tags Group
    Welcome to Baerly3. We are an online Yahoo group that creates and shares our favorite thing. Signature Tags. We share our favorite tags and share them with them members for request.

  • I Love Photoshop
    Community devoted to Adobe Photoshop

  • Adoption Lane
    We are a group of artist known as the Pickle Pal's that have joined together to give you some of the best adoptions and premades to stock your shoppes :o)

  • Little's Addict's Community
    This is a Community for all the Little's Addict's out there.

  • Incredimail Addicts
    This community is for family friendly web sites offecommunity Incredimail letters. Web sites that apply will be checked for content before being accepted in.

  • blend-o-rama!
    This community is for blend challenge and blend archives sites!!!

  • Paint Shop em Português
    Círculo de sites que escrevem,em Português,tutoriais,dicas,e temas relacionados ao Paint Shop Pro em qualquer versão.

  • Arete
    A community of experienced web artists with their own unique styles. Their sites have graphics which are handcrafted, completely original and of very high quality. Their use of HTML is excellent and navigational elements are easily followed. Layouts are crisp, understandable and compositionally pleasing. Arete only encompasses a small portion of the web art community -the best.{;}

  • The Official Baby Graphics Community
    This community is for those who offer free childrens and baby graphics for download. This can be tubes, websets, or any other graphics for childrens and babies. Site MUST be family and child safe.

  • 3-D Arena
    Welcome to the new 3-D Arena. Here you will be able to offer your 3-D models, characters and props for download and/or for sale.{;}{;}We also offer a website area where you may create your own site to showcase your 3-D work. Or you may visit the forums to meet with other 3-D artists.{;}

  • Snow Globe Fanatics
    Linking Snow Globe Sites together, Exchanging Snow Globe links.

  • Adoptables & Premade graphics Community
    This community contains sites which offer adoptable graphics. ....New Owner 4/28/05!!! Now accepting new members!

  • SigTag-Junkies Community
    Within this Community you will find sites that offer free or linkware (snaggable) Sig Tags & Tag Extras!! Most sites even offer to take your requests!! If you love making Tags...this is the community for you!! New Owner 4/15/05!!

  • The Graphics Blade
    This community is designed and dedicated exclusively to and for graphic artists with a distinctive flair and classic quality in their graphic design.{;}Your work must be unique and tastefully done.{;}All graphic artists are urged to join this community. {;}Whether your program of choice is Paint Shop Pro, Bryce or any other graphic program in between, all artists are welcome.{;}Please Note;

  • MPD Lil Bits Bears
    Community for people who like to adopt Lil Bits Bears.

  • The Pixel Universe
    This is a community for members of the Pixel Universe.

  • Dot Dot Dot
    This community is all about adorable small pixels and blinkies.

  • PSP Creations Community
    PSP Creations is a community that focuses on Paint Shop Pro activities. We have a mailing list on eGroups for members to share websites and general PSP information.

  • Ladybugg Junction
    This community contains sites that has to do with ladybuggs, graphics, country themed sites, and any one who has a site that is family oriented. NO PORN Sites will be admitted! Let's keep this clean!

  • BlogPlates
    A community of webpage artists who create weblog (journal/blogger/greymatter/etc.)templates. Members should have a creative variety of templates on their site. {;}{;}This community is NOT for Weblogs or Journals, only for people who design templates FOR Weblogs or Journals. Thank you.

  • Destiny`s Font Community
    This Community is mostly for those who are unable to unzip and store TTF`s (TRUE TYPE FONTS) for use at image magick. We provide you with the ttf to use, and links for other sites of simular msntv compatibility. Tutorials on how to use ttf`s at image magick. These ttf`s freely offered for use, not downloading.

  • Creative Savers
    community site for those dedicated to the creative savers group.

  • Tubez Rule
    This Community is for those people that have any version of PSP, and offer Tubes on their sites, or any kind of PSP tutorial about Tubes. As well as any graphics/bg sets made by using PSP. Come give us a look over. *S*

  • Panthera Web Design
    Panthera Web Design Community is for sites using my Linkware or Purchaseware. Please email me and I will visit your site. Child safe sites only! :Invitation Only After Safe Check :-) :

  • Expression Graphics
    This community is for users of the graphics program Expression to link together and share strokes, tutorials and their creative talents.

  • Pixel Faeries
    This community is for the gorup Pixel Faeries. We are a group of people who want to learn how to better ourselves in the world of Web Design, Graphic Arts, Digital Painting, Html..etc,etc{;}{;}If you would like to be part of a group that is always open to learning new things and making new friends please feel free to join. Make sure all of your information is right or your approval may be delayed or denined. {;}{;}Thank you in advance.

  • Nordiska PSP Tutorials Community
    Tutorials på svenska, norska och danska{;}Det ska vara lätt att hitta tutorials på de nordiska språken
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