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  • Paint Shop Pro Users Group
    A community composed of sites featucommunity graphics produced with PaintShop Pro and belonging to members of the PaintShop{;}Pro Users Group. Free tutorials, workshops and resources for beginners and serious PaintShop Pro users.

  • Graphics Anonymous
    This community has been deactivated. Please do not add your site.

  • Backgrounds By Marie Community
    Community for people who use Backgrounds By Marie backgrounds or graphics on their site. Or those that have purchased my Exclusive Sets or Custom Backgrounds. A great way for people to surf through sites!

  • I Love Blinkies
    A community for Blinkie Artist! NOT COLLECTORS!!

  • Chain of Graphics
    Do you create web graphics? This community is for sites offecommunity graphics for download so if you have free,linkware/purchaseware, tubes, stationery, presets, textures, tutorials, etc and your site is appropriate for all ages... you are most welcome to join this community.

  • Minds Of Vision Graphics
    Minds Of Vision was created in hopes of connecting a lot of great sites that offer wonderful free graphics for others to use for all kinds of websites. If you are looking for excellent graphics to use on your website and don't know how to make graphics then you are at the right place! Surf our community and find outstanding graphics that will make your website stand out and make people want to surf your pages! If you make graphics and are interested in joining our community please feel free to browse around and consider joining us in connecting all the wonderful graphics of the world wide we

  • The Cartoon Dolls Community
    Cartoon dolls are the latest craze on the internet! If you love them, collect them, have them on your website, or offer them for others, this is the community for you!

  • Women With Communitys
    This community is for Women who are a CommunityMistress or who "Own" their own community. If you run your very own community and you are a woman sign up and earn some traffic for your community!

  • Halo around the FullMoon
    a community for sites that use MizKitty's FullMoon Graphics

  • PSP Tutorial Community
    A community to learn anything you can or want to about Paint Shop Pro and graphics! Learn about how to make tubes, vectors, snowglobes, backgrounds, even how to use Blade Pro, Eye Candy and more.

  • Stationery Creators
    Community for people who make stationery for Outlook Express and offer it for download from their websites.

    This Community Is For Those Who Offer Freeware and Linkware Graphics To Others From Your Site. Join Now to See Your Traffic Increase

  • It's Snowing Globe Community
    A Community just for sites/webpages that contain Snowglobes or Snowglobe type graphics, that you have created in a graphics program (it does not matter which program you used to make them, we love them ALL! :)

  • Love To Quilt
    For People Who Love To Make And Share CYBER Quilt Squares

  • Country Graphics & Friends
    One special place for country graphic artists, and those who use their graphics :)Many wonderful links to artists, personal sites, blogs, country crafters, & more!

  • My Enchanted Cottage
    Doll sites are welcome to join.

  • PSP Tube Connection
    This community is for paint shop pro tube sites only. Your site must offer tubes for free/linkware. I created this community in hopes of joining tubes sites all over the net so that tubes can be easily found for all. all tube sites are welcome and encouraged to join. Please save the graphic to your own hard drive and insert it in the appropriate place in the panel

  • Designed With Style & Poise
    Welcome to Designed With Style & Poise Community{;}The owners of this Community are Shari's Designs & Swt MeloDe{;}We are an "Invitation Only" community & seek Graphic & Web Designers to join . However if you feel we might have over looked you & you honestly qualify to be a member you may submit your information & we in return will review your site.{;}{;}We are interested in those who create link ware graphics for personal use as well as professional & commercial use. In other words whether you create for fun and/or profit you may join this group. We will not accept any other sites other the

  • Pixel train
    A pixel exchange club where you can make your own wagon and trade it with other members. We have many cute activity's and contest that will be rewarded with little awards :)

  • Official Stamp Collectors
    For all of you graphic stamp collecting and trading addicts. Family friendly sites only.

  • Bryce Alive Network Community
    This community is a selective group of users of the program Bryce. With exceptional sites with galleries, tutorials, and 'Bryce evangelism'! We strive for quality in sites not quantity! Each site gives a new edge or twist to the world of Bryce artwork. This community is the place to visit to learn and enjoy the 3D works and worlds of BRYCE!!

  • IncrediMail Stationery Designers
    The IncrediMail Stationery Designers Community is open to all web sites that are dedicated to all things IncrediMail. Your web site, as well as your letter styles must be family friendly. Our goal is to create a safe, well rounded network of IncrediMail web sites that parents and children alike, can visit without fear of running across inappropriate material & pictures. This means hate speech, violence, pornography, nudity or partial nudity. If your web site falls into this category we would love for you to join us. Every web site that applies will be checked for content before being accepted

  • Hooked on PSP
    A community for members of Hooked on PSP and those that offer graphics created with PSP.

  • Greeting Cards E-Cards Community
    Community for people offecommunity Greeting Cards, E-Cards, Calling Cards, Notecards, and Online Greetings Page to send to a friend on their site. All types of Cards are welcome except for anything displaying Porn or offensive cards.

  • Top of Incredimail
    Top of Incredimail for designers of Incredimail Letters to join and for users of Incredimail Letters to enjoy

  • * Miss Fig's Friends *
    Where the Friends and Fans of Miss Fig Meet...

  • Tube Grooves Community
    The Original Tube Grooves Community is designed for all of you who are total Tube Maniacs and Brush Fanatics. Whether you want to share your own tubes or brushes or share what you have created with tubes or brushes this is the community for you! AVs Welcome!{;}{;}

  • Pixel Painting Lovers
    Hi.. Great you have found the Pixelpainting Lovers Community. Here you will find only pixelpaintlovers who are so addicted to draw their paintings pixel by pixel and making the most beautifull creations. Feel free to join the community. Please remember that you have to have a pixelwebsite. Otherwise you will not be accepted to this community. When you decide to join this community please make sure that you have add the community code at your website within 48 hours.. I will check your site as soon as possible and when the community code is visible I will add you right away. !! When yo

  • Blinkie Babes
    This community is now under new management all dead site links have been removed. Join Today! If you were in the community but not now it is because the community was deleted and started over due to so many bad links and email addys. So just join again. Do you love blinkies? Whether you enjoy making or collecting them, then this is the community for you!

  • Proud Grandma Rosie Collectors
    For those who love Grandma Rosie and can't stop collecting her...

  • Graphic Reflections
    Websites offecommunity free or linkware graphics.

  • Doll Bases Community of Artists
    This community has been created to unite doll base makers everywhere. The only requirement is that you offer blacnk bases for download on your site. :)

  • PSP 4 All
    This community is for anyone with PSP stuff on their pages that want to share.It can be tutorials,tubes,links,brushes etc... Just as long as it is PSP. ABSOLUTELY NO NUDITY AND NO ADULT CONTENT!!!

  • Copyrighted By Me
    A community to connect those sites that offer linkware, purchaseware or shareware graphics. However, these graphics must be only copyrighted by the site offecommunity them. No unauthorized use of others graphics, no disclaimer text, no exceptions!

  • ~Quilting Bee~
    An old fashioned quilting bee for exchanging friendship quilt blocks and making new friends!

  • FlyByNightGraphics Community
    The community exclusively for the current members of FlyByNightGraphics.

  • Women with Cyber Adoptables
    This Community is for ALL Women that have Cyber/Internet Adoptables/Adoptions on their Website. You must have a website and you must read the rules and have the code on one of your Adoptables Pages.

  • I'm Not Messy, I'm Creative
    A fun loving Graphic Designers Community. Created to join together all of us who love to make our own graphics, sig tags, blinkies, stationary, charms, quilts, stamps, linkware, pixel paintings, snowglobes and anything else created using your own graphic designing techniques. We all give credit where credit is due.

  • Always Respect Original Graphic Artists
    This community is for people who use original graphic artists work on their page, whether it is from their own creation, or borrowed from a graphic artist.

  • Fantasy Communication Community
    This realm is full of magical places and things to do. It is dedicated to preserving the magic of Fantasy in many ways. Come See!

  • Desktop Theme Accents
    For the makers of free original wallpaper, icons, cursors, logos...etc. Any or all parts that will accent a desktop theme.

  • Country Scraps
    Do you love anything and everything country, like I do?{;}The Country Scraps Community is the place for country-themed family sites, country graphics sites, country crafts, anything country!{;}I hope you'll come join us!

  • Pixelitas
    This community is for members of the Pixelitas. Pixelitas is a group of women who share a passion for web development and design. Among us you will find digital artists, digital photographers, writers, website designers, hosts, and more. A diversity of talent strengthens and defines us. To inquire about becoming a member please visit www.pixelitas.com.

  • Desktop Designs by Women
    A community for talanted women that makes tasteful desktop enhancements and stationerys.

  • Skins & Things
    Skins & Things Community is for sites that have Hotbar, ICQ, Winamp Skins as well as Screensavers, Desktop Themes and Wallpapers. If you offer any of these on your site, please feel free to submit your site for review.

  • Cute as a Bug Graphics
    Cute as a Bug Graphics Community showcases sites that offer graphics designed for kids and for kids' webpages.

  • I love stationery community
    This community is for people who love stationery so much like I do.{;}You must have a website where you offer stationery for download.

  • Incredible Incrediletters
    A community for all of us who likes to make letters for Incredimail and to share them with others.

  • The History of Graphics


    Graphics are illustrated presentations on some surface, like a wall, computer screen, canvas, paper or stone to brand, notify, exemplify, or entertain. Instances are photographs, Line Art, drawings, graphs, typography, diagrams, numbers, symbols, maps, engineering drawings, geometric designs or other images. Graphics usually combine text, illustration, and color. Graphic design might include of the purposeful collection, formation, or arrangement of typography alone, as in a booklet, poster, flier, web site or book the devoid of any other constituent. Clarity or effectual communication might be the purpose, link with other cultural elements might be required, or just, the formation of a distinct style. Graphics could be artistic or functional. The former could be a recorded version, like a photograph, or an understanding by scientist to emphasize necessary features, or an artist, where the difference with imaginary graphics might turn out to be blurred.


    The initial graphics recognized to anthropologists studying ancient periods are markings and cave paintings on boulders, ivory, bone and antlers, which were formed in the Upper Paleolithic era from 40,000–10,000 B.C. or former. A lot of these were established to record astronomical, seasonal, as well as sequential details. A few of the initial graphics and drawings identified to the contemporary world, from about 6,000 years back, that of imprinted stone tablets as well as Ceramic Toners cylinder seals, spotting the starting of the remarkable periods plus the keeping of the records for inventory and accounting inventory purposes. Reports from Egypt predate these and papyrus was utilized by the Egyptians as the material on which to plan the structure of pyramids; they even used slabs of wood and limestone. From 600–250 BC, Greeks played the main role in geometry. They utilized graphics to symbolize their arithmetical theories like the Circle Theorem as well as the Pythagorean Theorem.


    In art, "graphics" is usually used to differentiate work in monotone and prepared up of lines, as contrasting to the painting. Drawing usually entails making marks on the surface by applying pressure from the tool, or moving the tool across the surface. Regular tools are pen and ink, graphite pencils, inked brushes, crayons, charcoals, wax color pencils, markers and pastels. Digital tools that replicate the effects of these are also utilized. The major techniques utilized in drawing are hatching, line drawing, crosshatching, scribbling, stippling, random hatching, blending, as well as shading.


    Drawing is usually considered different from painting where colored pigments are balanced in liquid medium plus are generally applied with the brush. Remarkable great drawers comprise Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt as well as Leonardo da Vinci. A lot of people select drawing as the main art style, or they might employ it to create sketches for sculptures, paintings as well as other types of art. A graph or the chart is a kind of information graphic representing tabular and numeric data. Charts are regularly used to create it easier to recognize large quantities of the data and relationships among different parts of data. Graphics are illustrated elements normally used to point the viewers and the readers to specific information.

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