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  • The Petz Community
    A community that bcommunitys together sites devoted to the Ubisoft (previously PF.Magic and Mindscape) virtual life programs - Babyz, Catz, Dogz, and Oddballz.

  • Battle of the Ancients
    This is the official website for the Battle of the Ancients website competition. Battle of the Ancients is a place where you can enter you website into a competition against others. There are five teams to chose from, including: Fantasy, Myths & Legends from the Past Literature & Arts through the Ages Spirits of the Lands & Seas Loves, Lives & Family's Through the Years

  • The Furry Fems' Community
    A community exclusively for the women of the furry fandom. Sorry boys, you're not welcome in this one. ;)

  • BOTA Warriors Against Blind Voting
    This is the official BOTA Warriors Against Blind Voting Community! What is blind voting? Blind voting is when someone asks you to vote for their site, and you do so without even going there and looking. If you are against blind voting, then this is the community for you! You DO NOT have to be a member of the Battle to join this community... You just have to be against blind voting in website competitions.

  • Battle of Another Time
    Private Community for Members of the Battle of Another Time Competition

  • Silence ~ Vincent Valentine Community
    Perhaps a little contrary to the name of this community, the purpose of Silence: Vincent Valentine Community is to bcommunity together the many Vincent Valentine fan-sites out there on the web, and to help make them more accessible to the multitude of Vincent fans who can never quite get enough of this beloved FFVII character of dark mysteries. In silence, we unveil Vincent Valentine in all his exquisite splendor.

  • The Hunted Treasure Community
    This Community has been created for people with scavanger hunts or related games on their sites that include a graphic award for the player upon completion of the game.

  • Virtual Military Command Community
    The Virtual Military Command Navy emulates operations of the United States Navy using the following military simulators.{;}{;}Fleet Command , 688(i) , Delta Force , F/A-18, Fighters Anthology and more.{;}{;}VMC Navy includes Surface, Naval Aviation, Submarines and Special Operations Forces and Military Police.{;}{;}Our primary focus is realism, but We are in no way affiliated with the US Navy or any other Government organization.{;}{;}

  • Official Free Tradewars Servers
    This is a community for free servers that are running Tradewars 2002. You can run other games but you must have a website and a free tradewars game. Players can find free trade wars games from this community.

  • Angelic Angels
    Angelic Angels Team Community.

  • gamerLOGS
    a community for gamers with journals, logs, blogs or diaries

  • An EverQuest Community
    A community for all EverQuest players and fans. All and any page that has anything related to EQ has the right to join. Join the community, and bcommunity more EQ addicted players together!

  • Camelot Dreams Site Competition
    Come to a land of long ago... with dreams of damsels, knights in shining armor, castles and more. Camelot Dreams is a fun and friendly site competition, where you can compete in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

  • Dark Age of Camelot
    Bond together, those Brothers and Sisters, who are adventurers in the Realms of the Dark Ages of Camelot.

  • *NEW* Magical Dolphins Community
    The New Magical Dolphins Community

  • The *NEW* Pixie Paradise Community
    Proud Community for Pixie Paradise :)

  • The Castle d'Image Community
    A community to link the pages of players on the Castle d'Image MUSH.

  • The Lara Croft Connection
    I created this community for all the {;}Lara Croft Fans who have {;}made some sort of Tribute {;}to her on their home page. {;}Anyone who has anything on their {;}home page pertaining to Tomb Raider {;}or Lara Croft is welcome to join! {;}No Nude Raider sites.

  • Lucky VII
    A community for owners of great Final Fantasy VII related shrines and fansites.

  • Traveller Gearheading
    The Community for custom{;}designs for the Traveller{;}Role Playing Game. Find{;}Gearhead designs, design{;}rules, & spreadsheets.{;}Starships, cars, planes,{;}weapons, and orbital{;}pogosticks can be found.{;}All Traveller rules sets are{;}supported (CT to G:T)

  • Online Gaming webCommunity
    A MU* game community (MUSH, MUX, MUD, MUCK, MOO, etc.). Game pages, source and soft code pages, tutorial pages, etc. This is NOT for casino sites, graphical game sites, java-game sites, etc. If you are not running a game that uses TinyMUSH, TinyMUX, PennMUSH, Rhost, TinyMOO, TinyMuck, or something similar to that (i.e. a MU* or MUD codebase), please DO NOT apply.

  • Party!
    Un community para Cliques en Español

  • Scrabble Online Community: Magic World Games