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  • Kärlekens Cirkel - Circle of Love
    Communityen till gruppen Kärlekens Cirkel. Vill du gå med ska du ha en sida som bygger på det nya kärleksparadigmet, eller snarare slutet på vårt gamla rädsloparadigm. Sidor om läkande, fristående sprirituella budskap, övernaturliga händelser, utomjordiska tankar och mycket mer som påverkat oss i forntid och skapar vår framtid kan tänkas och mycket som ännu inte tänkts. Läs mer om gruppen på communityens hemsida. Där hittar du också våra communityloggor. Vill du gå med i gruppen måste du anmäla dig till mailinglistan där: http://vetteljus.org/karleken

  • A community for so-called unethical communitymasters
    Also known as "Andrea, get off it!" A community for communitymasters on any community service who don't think very highly of Andrea Stalnecker's "Ethical Communitymaster" concept, or of the heavy handed tactics used by Community.com to push this questionable idea. This community has already been censored on Community.com.

  • No Ads Community
    Don't like putting ads on your blog? Make a stand against them and give your readers a way to navigate to similar, ad-free sites.

  • Ethics – A Deeper Look Into Computer Games


    Despite the appearance of computer games as a leading cultural industry, we know little or nothing at all about the ethics of the computer games. Considerations of ethics of computer games hardly ever go beyond irregular portrayals of them in mass media as teaching devices for teenaged serial killers. In first learned exploration of topic, Miguel Sicart addresses wider issues about ethics of the games, ethics to play the games, as well as the ethical tasks of the game designers. He argues that the computer games are principled objects which computer game players are the ethical agents, as well as that the ethics of the computer games must be seen as a intricate network of the responsibilities in addition to moral duties. Players must not be regarded inactive amoral creatures; they relate, reflect, and create with moral minds. The games which they play are principled systems, with the regulations that create game worlds with principles at play.


    Drawing on the concepts from attitude as well as game studies, Sicart suggests a framework for examining the ethics of the computer games as both the designed objects as well as player experiences. After presenting his central part hypothetical arguments and proffering a broad theory for understanding the computer game principles, Sicart offers the case studies investigating single-player games (using Bios hock as an instance), multiplayer games (exemplified by Defcon), and online game worlds (demonstrated by World of War craft) from a principled viewpoint. He explores issues lifted by unprincipled content in the computer games plus its feasible effect on the players and provides a fusion of design theory and principles that might be used as both investigative tool as well as inspiration in the formation of moral game play.


    One of the finest things about the fantasy sports is the contest. Every league is prepared of a set of people that every plan to construct the best probable team. Owners might not have anything particular that they desire to prove, however they all want to succeed. The excitement of the contest can be spoiled by other teams giving up early. This is particularly accurate if the quitting supervisor does not leave "ethically".


    Leaving a fantasy sports group is not something any person ever in fact wants to do. However every now and then, all situations integrated, that is what creates the most sense. If it is the case, then it is yet significant to do so elegantly. There are a lot of reasons which can keep a set from being the victor. Injuries could devastate a team; players may not pan out as intended, as well as the manager may rarely forget to position their lineup. Even wonderful teams could be losers if fantasy gods scowl on them. So the right thing to do while losing (terribly) in the fantasy season is to keep playing the game as well as try to get improved. If you are about to leave then the ultimate thing you could do for the fantasy sports group of people is to do so gracefully.