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    Communications and Networking


    You must have heard the term ‘communications and networking’ many times and you probably have an idea of what it is, but how about we look at it in a little more detail so that you can be really clear and understand why it is so essential for business and life in general.

    All of these questions have something to do with communication either directly or indirectly. At very first instance, I would like to make this communication thing very clear to my readers;  ‘communication’ is the way we interact with each other, the way we talk, the way we call each other, we use verbal communication, written communication. Actually the two main forms of communication are verbal and written, but you can also use signals with this term.


    Communication has been with us right from the time Adam and Eve. Thanks to advancements over time, the term communication started expanding and today it is something completely different from the communication done in early days. With the invention of telephone, telegram and fax etc, communication was changed and snail mail has been the very first sort of far and wide communication, since humans have learned to write snail mail has been in use. With the invention of World Wide Web things have completely been changed.


    Now, communication is much clear in the view of my readers so, I believe moving to the next term i.e. networking. Networking is the most important term and it makes up most of the communications happening and having a quality DSL service provider can help you with this. It is the way all of the means of the communication are being tied up in a single rope. We could use example of a simple cobweb to make things much clear. As you see a cobweb is made up of many strands which have a single place where they are evolving from. This is similar to how networking is done.


    Communication is dependant on networking to a larger extent. As in computer or internet your computer is tied up to some specific server, which is not only collecting sent and received data from your computer but also from the entire computer available in its Domain. After collecting it transfers it to other and hence it reaches the master server from where it is sent out to other computer. If you are mailing or chatting with someone then, you know that your words have to pass at least three servers, one your server, Master server and then the recipient’s server and his computer.


    In case you’re networking if it is broken at any given instance then it is possible; you have lost your communication. If you have the wired internet connection then if any of the wire at your end or your recipient’s end is broken you and he might not get communication. This is the reason when the main servers of the developing countries have their optical wires broken in the sea they lose the communication with the Master Server. Not just for internet communication but for every sort of communication networking is required.