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  • CB Radio
    a community dedicated to CB RADIO!

  • VeePee!
    VP websites! From Avatars to Gestures, and VP Banner Exchanges to VP Link pages, you'll find them here!

  • Proud Americans & Friends
    This community is for Patriotism, and Proud Americans. If you have a web site that promotes patriotism for the USA, Please join!

  • HqO - High Quality, Original - Avatars by Avatar Makers
    High quality & Original avatars by the makers

  • Vox Chat
    Free Longest running chat program on the net. No banners,no forms to fill out.{;}Chat with new and old friends. and Become part of the family

  • The Geek Mafia
    This is a community for geeks of all ages & skill levels. Mostly, we look out for each other over at Blog Explosion", where members earn credits for visiting other blogs & such.

  • ChatDiva Community
    The ChatDivas are a culturally diverse group of women ranging in age from 17-61, who strive for equality and empowerment of ALL persons.

  • Leoville Bloggers
    A community of blogs from the citizens of Leoville

  • VP Wrestling Community
    This community is specifically for any sites with any material for Virtual Places (ie Excite Chat). Any sites meeting this one and only requirement is welcome to join.

  • Community ICQ ITALIA
    Benvenuti nel mondo di Community ICQ Italia.{;}Questo community unisce tutti coloro che usano ed abusano di icq.{;}Se hai una pagina web......e' tuo! :-))

  • Vp Western Stuff
    A Community devoted to the western side of Virtual Places Chat or VP. For sites that have avs, gestures, paint shops,or chat rooms with a western flavor.

  • Community Friends
    Communities offecommunity a place for people to gather and meet new friends

  • Clean Chat
    This community includes chat sites that are fun to visit, and that don't have bad pictures, language, or are offensive.

  • Msn Groups Community
    This community is for all of our msn groups , a great way to meet other groups and communities

  • SorceryNet IRC
    SorceryNet IRC. This is a place for those who are users of, those who have channels on and staff of SorceryNet

    The IRC HELP RING provides tutorials and help for beginners and advanced users. If your site has a help section then this is the community for you to join now.

  • HandySolo's vp community for virtual places
    A community for people who took the time to make pages or site's for the virtual places chat program.

  • Mad Chatters
    Hey all you Instant Message chatters..UNITE! Communicate with MSN, AIM, PAL, Yahoo??? Then join in and meet more addicts like yourself! We are a wild and wacky bunch, and are looking forward to chatting with you too!

  • Dolls that smoke
    If you are a female that loves to smoke, join this community..

  • Blogs Hermanos
    Mais importante que o jubileu da rainha da Inglaterra, mais rápido que o ataque da seleção canarinho, mais inteligente que a tese de doutorado de Carla Perez, mais feliz que pinto no lixo, mais musical que Sônia Rocha com rouquidão e, acima de tudo, mais amistad do que nunca! Resumindo: mais do que blogs, um estilo de vida.

  • All Luvers of ICQ
    This is a community for ICQ luvers who have a wide variaty of interests.... but luv to meet people and make new friends. =){;}Don't forget to add your ICQ # to your site description!

  • Bratzzz
    Just for fun...

  • I Love Fazed
    A place where fapping is acceptable, and bjoobies are the topic.

  • Ugly Blogs
    A community for members of Pixie Ugly to list their blogs. If you are not a member of this forum, you will not be approved.

  • Free Habbo UK Credits
    Its affical you can actually get FREE CREDITS just in a call ;)


    Chats and Forums Then and Now


    Chats and forums for many of us in the past days were just another nuisance in our parent’s eyes. Most of us would just sit around the computer using some expensive internet. It became something of much importance around the world and people were found indulgingthemselves in having online chats with their far residing friends, virtual friends would be more precise.

    Chatting actually is the way for CONTACTING our friends and relatives. It is another way of contacting our friends and families similar to that of telephone, but the only difference is we have to write in this mode of COMMUNICATION. To be added here are the advancements of the Chatting arena.

    Today, you are able to enjoy VOICE chats as clear as you make a telephone call. When we are talking about the advancements in the field on Internet it would be difficult to ignore to talk about online FORUMS as well. Forums are the more advanced source to have your self published. But what do I exactly mean? As in a Chat, you find new friends and have your time spend with them, so is the case of the Forums. Forums have gained popularity in last few years and people do find them much interesting as opposed to Chats.

    For chatting purposes, many software developing countries have produced software. Web-chat options are also made available with many websites; most popular softwares include Yahoo! Messenger, MSN messenger and GTalk. Still others are on verge of completing and will soon be available at your DESKTOP. Forums, on the other hand require you logging on to certain specific website. There are many forums for you to join IN. For your information I am adding here a fact that not all forums are that comprehensive, while some are based on certain topics, like some forums out in the virtual world are made for discussions and adding information regarding health, while others shine a light at information about literature, you can join any that suits your interests.

    Chats and Forums are much attractive especially when you are having some sort of interest in them. Once there was a time that forums were just restricted to forum publishing but now, a chatting feature is also been added to these websites. So, this doesn’t JUST restrict you to publishing and discussing something on the forum but also having CHAT with your friends by just clicking a button on the SAME site. Educational Forums are also there to help you prepare for some competitive exams.

    Everything in the world comes with it pros and cons, so does CHAT and FORUMS. AS you must be aware about the SCAM, one of the duly crime online, so be informed Chat and forum are also not free from this. There are many SCAM BUGS sitting in there to catch and play with you, so it’s better to be more careful and attentive! Apart from this some other special care MUST also be taken especially when exchanging personal information with you new keyboard pals.