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  • Understanding the Definition of Regional


    The term “regional” refers to the special characteristic features that are applicable only to that particular region and not followed in common anywhere else in the world.


    All the countries of the world developed in equally. Some countries are highly developed economically and some other countries are still developing and some more are under developed. Several factors are responsible for such variations among the nations such as the availability of sufficient water resources, the quality of human resources, the abundance of financial resources and the technological as well as efficient management skills of the people.


    There is no denying the fact that on collective research regions are used in shorter sense having encountered external cooperation among regions in the field of trade, commerce, economics, export and import. But regional integration may be used in broader sense as because integrations is needed in order to maneuver the basic cooperation system in relation to the relevant regions in which the respective fields of regions are settled down virtually.


    Regional integration has become a very common way of co-operation among states in present day international relations. Generally a 'region' is an area where some geographically proximate states join together to achieve their common objectives. As I mentioned earlier, in the present time more or less every nation-state, strong or weak, is a member of a regional system. But there are some states which exist on the borderline between two regions. That is one of the reasons for those states not joining in any regional co-operation arrangements. Although geographical considerations are an important factor for the formation of a region, other factors-for example, social, economic, political, historical, and improvisational - are also important. So we can say that a region consists of two or more proximate states and interacting states which have some common ethnic, linguistic, cultural, social, and/or historical bonds, and whose sense of identity is sometimes increased by the actions and attitudes towards those of states external to the region.


    India acquired under development from the Britishers who ruled the country for several years. The Britishers did not encourage industrial development in India intentionally during their regime. The Britishers utilised India as the raw material supplier for their industries. Thus India used to supply raw materials for British and used to import the finished products.


    There have been demands for separate states in India since independence. For instance demands for a separate Telangana state in Andhra Pradesh, a separate Vidharbha state in Maharashtra. In the recent past a separate Chatishgarh state was created from Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand from Bihar and Uttaranchal from Uttar Pradesh. These demands for separate states are mainly due to lack of economic development in such regions.


    The member states of SAARC are geographically proximate with each other. These states have something in common. For example, they have some common social and historical bonds. These states have common colonial past. Those states (for example Nepal) who were not under colonial rule have also been influenced by that rule owing to geographical proximity with India. There is some cultural commonality among the SAARC states. But where the region ends-for example, on the eastern side-Burma is neither a member of SAARC nor yet of ASEAN. On the western side Afghanistan neither belongs to the Middle East nor to the South Asian group. These states exist on the borderline between two regional systems.