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  • Just Trucks and Truckers
    A collection of sites dedicated to trucks, truckers and the transportation industry.

  • Semi Truck Community
    You need not be in the trucking business to be on the market for a semi truck for sale these days. Having one of these trucks suped-up and tricked-out can mean driving around in something big and definitely unique! Besides, we all know that truckin' is a lifestyle!
    This community has it all if you're interested in semi-trucks. You can find information on semi trucks or find a semi truck for sale at an awesome price. Our resources are a great way to get all you need and more. Truck on my friend and see what we've got!

  • Words from the Road
    A blogring designed for truckers by truckers to allow us to band together and have our voices heard as one.

  • Transportation and Logistics - Moving Today's World


    Two of the most important sectors that help move a country's economy are    transportation and logistics. Both are important cogs in the wheels of economy since they help bring in and distribute goods and materials. For example, if there is shortage of wheat and rice in Malaysia or Vietnam, other South Asian nations can help in providing supplies to satisfy the need.


    Transportation refers to the means of distributing goods, supplies, resources, information, people, and energy from the original point to the destination point using any of the five modes of transport: animal-drive, air, road, rail, and water, or a combination thereof. Since transportation is concerned only with moving the supplies, someone has to take care of handing, packaging, managing the time the goods are fetched and delivered, and maintaining coordination, especially when inter-modal or a combination of two or more transport modes is used. That's when logistics comes in.


    Logistics is defined as the process of managing goods, supplies, resources, information, people, and even energy from the source to the user. Any country can testify how important logistics is for its health. Logistics is not just a company that gets your airmails delivered promptly. Logistics is found in every department of a government, from the military to health agency, from education to infrastructure agency, and of course, the time-conscious world of commerce. This application of logistics is more popularly known as business logistics.


    Business logistics, unlike military logistics where the concern is focused more on speed and quantity, is more concentrated on delivering the exact item, at the ideal time and place, at an ideal price, using an efficient amount of energy, man power, and financial resource. It is the business of most couriers in the world.


    Transfer of raw material and finished goods can be done through roads, railways, airways, sea routes, canals and high capacity pipelines. The selection of a particular medium depends on the nature of the product and its shelf life. Perishable goods like flowers, fruits and vegetables need a faster medium of transportation like air and road. Ships are used to transport items like metal, crude oil etc.


    The reduction of transportation costs is calculated by selecting the shortest distance between two points and the time taken to travel. Goods are now tagged with Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, tags to keep track of their location. Even trucks are fitted with GPRS systems to help drivers find the destination in time.


    Logistics companies use transportation software to make the most efficient use of their existing fleet of trucks, ships, and cargo planes. They also help other companies by providing them with technical expertise and customized systems that improve efficiency. Transportation is important especially for large multinational companies. Products of these companies traverse large distances over land, sea and air to reach their place of consumption.


    Whether one chooses logistics over transportation, the answer will have no difference. See, even transport companies employ logistics to their business operations. Both indeed must go hand in hand in order to achieve secure and efficient delivery goods.