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  • Texas Web Sites
    {;}We are proud to be Texans and would like to give each other a hand!

  • The Mobile Notary
    For those who wish to share other ways of assisting those who need Notarial services. And who wish to share other outlets or ways, and sources to generate business.

  • London Property Websites
    Websites related to London Property.

  • Women's Business Community
    Women owned businesses of all types with the exception of adult-oriented nature.

  • RealEstateCommunity
    Welcome, all sites related to Real estate listings,for sale by owner,fsbo,homes for sale,real estate,houses for sale,home for sale,home,homes,house for sale,,homes for sale,real estate,houses for sale,home for sale,home,homes,house for sale,homes for sale by owner,automated valuation models ,home valuations, model house appraisers ,AVM ,homes appraisals, real estate appraisal,property assessor, tax county assessors, AVMs ,value of my home, house values,

  • RealEstate
    A community for real estate sellers

  • Oregon Real Estate
    Whether it be property for sale for your residential or business needs, Oregon real estate will wow you. This community is your best resource for information on Oregon real estate.
    We welcome you to use this community to find Oregon property for sale. You can buy land, homes and more using our information and links. Look for advice on buying and selling property in Oregon, relocation information and a whole lot more.

  • Home Improvement & Building
    All the Information You Need to Build, Renovate, Buy or Sell Your Own Home!

  • High Desert
    The High Desert community is the quickest way to find business and information in the High Desert and Antelope Valley. Free business listings.

  • South East Tennessee Real Estate Professionals
    South East Tennessee Real Estate Professionals Community. Use this community to locate agents, realtors, affiliate brokers, brokers, realty companies and their personal real estate information sites! The first step in any successful real estate transaction is first to find that personal professional for your needs.

  • TLC Logs
    This is a site for home based or small businesses working with wood, especially logs and log furniture.

  • Ukrainian Zoloto
    The premier Ukrainian community created for commercial web sites run and maintained by Ukrainians.

  • madrid
    International real estate portal in Madrid offecommunity real estate in madrid: www.altafinca.com

  • Nabaza.com
    Our site is all about freebies, get paid sites, rewards program, earning money on the internet and my favorite tools we offer different portals to different needs

  • Kaitiakitanga
    This is a Community for members of the Maori Environmental Business Network.

  • Barcelona real estate
    http://www.bestbarcelonarealestate.com International real estate agency in Barcelona offecommunity apartments for rent and for sale in barcelona, spain

  • real estate in barcelona
    Information about finding real estate in Barcelona, sitges and everywhere on the costa Brava, apartments for rent and sale.

  • Spanish property for sale by owner
    Websites for property owners selling privately in Spain, commission free! And for buyers who are not willing to pay more than they need, to own their dream home in the sun.

  • real estate madrid
    international real estate agency in Madrid, spain

  • A Look At Real Estate Today


    There is a range of economic concerns including the impact of consumer debt and rising interest rates that would have an impact on global real estate investments. Real estate is just one of the industries facing challenges and opportunities because of global climate change. Realtors and others involved in the industry have already seen their jobs change as a result of climate change, with more challenges on the way.


    All businesses need real estate to work from, leased or owned, large or small. In many businesses real estate represents a large component of assets for a company and one of the longest term liabilities for a company on their balance sheet. Many agents/agencies will submit the same site with multiple URLs to optimize site traffic and sell their real estate. Some sites contain no unique content other than the agent’s name and/or contact information.


    For those who are just thinking of moving or purchasing real estate tremendous discounts await home buyers. Most home sellers today face long market times, repeated price reductions and lowball offers. The recession has hit worldwide and the real estate market has been hit the hardest. More and more homes being seized for non-payment which means right now more than ever there are more real estate for sale than there are buyers that can afford it. Real estate is a good long-term investment. More people are interested in buying commercial and residential property to boost their assets for their company.


    Real estate could include motels, retail stores, owner occupied buildings, seniors homes, resorts, townhomes, apartments, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, golf courses, wineries and theme parks; automobile dealerships, sub divisions, condos and dairy farms. There is funding out there to assist you in the process of boosting your investment potential by purchasing real estate for your company’s gain or for your own personal gain.


    Real estate and the guidelines associated with this industry vary from country to country. Each company has to follow guidelines in order to ensure the viable sale of a piece of real estate. An Agent could represent the buyer or the seller or both. They would make a commission on the sale. It is up to the individual real estate agent to ensure the sale of your property. Each agent can take you through the steps in obtaining real estate,


    If you are a first time homebuyer, there are several factors to consider such as what type of real estate you can afford taking into account your yearly income and the expenses that you already have; including any debt outstanding. One of the most surprising things I found out was that although real estate is possibly one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime, in Canada it is not listed on your credit bureau report. You can spend upwards of $300,000 on a home and be making regular payments; this does not affect your credit rating at all. In fact, if you want to get another loan to buy a car, only a bank will consider your availability and that is only if you carry your mortgage with that bank.

    Before buying a home learn how to get your household finances in order.