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  • A World of Opportunities

    While worldwide association has forever been a part of scholarly endeavor, financial globalization as well as communications skill are both accelerating its capacity and speed and raising its impact. Particularly for a medium-sized nation such as Canada, worldwide teamwork in investigation is turning increasingly significant, to access the worldwide pool of information, to expand relative perspectives on key communal, cultural and financial issues, as well as to pool information and resources to address intricate global issues.

    The new global policy of sharing acknowledges the significance of worldwide teamwork to assist maintain brilliance in investigate and position Canadian study in the globe. It recognizes the need to generate improved chances for Canadian investigators to guide and partake in worldwide mutual research. The strategy also addresses the significance of endorsing the characteristic contribution that the Canadian social sciences as well as humanities research could make to global research schedules and to better perceptive of major worldwide issues.

    Accordingly, the global Opportunities Fund (IOF) program would assist researchers develop, contribute in, as well as lead varied worldwide mutual research activities.

    The purpose of the program are to assist Canadian researchers to start and grow global research collaborations; help Canadian participation or management in present or intended global research initiatives which proffer exceptional opportunities to progress Canadian research.

    The global Opportunities Fund program proffers significant opportunities to precede Canadian research and endorse it globally; supports mutual research activities and enables researchers to take benefit of worldwide joint opportunities in an opportune and supple manner.

    Two kinds of grant are accessible and they are the Development Grants, to hold developmental activities like workshops, seminars, and setting up meetings which are predictable to lead to important global collaboration; Project Grants, to assist safe Canadian input or management in current or planned global research proposals or networks.

    The program is not planned to sustain activities that could be funded during other accessible SSHRC programs. Further joint activities resultant from these grants must be supported during other SSHRC programs or other resources.

    In connection with this plan, SSHRC could issue separate calls for proposals to partake in particular worldwide initiatives which present exclusive opportunities to advance as well as endorse Canadian research globally. Details of such calls for proposals would be announced beforehand.

    Development Grants are value up to $25,000 for a year.

    Project Grants are value up to $75,000 for single year.

    For every grant type, SSHRC would reflect on extensions for up to one extra year on a case-by-case basis. Note down that such extensions would not be qualified for any extra funding.

    Institutions which propose to manage any grant awarded in this program should meet the necessities for the organization of SSHRC funds as well as hold or get institutional eligibility.

    We need to see the significance and appropriateness of the chance for present or intended global research efforts in the region and demonstrated necessitate for funding from global Opportunities Fund. The prospective for the expansion of outstanding investigate and prospective impact on the Canadian and global research in area.