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  • A Breakdown of Industrial Goods and Services


    Let's get right to it and give you a look at Industrial Goods and Services. These are the basic raw materials and forming and finishing processes used to manufacture parts and components and serve other industries. They are products or services purchased for use in production of other services and products in the operation of a business or for resale to consumers. Industrial products include heavy machinery, raw materials, typewriters, tools and cash registers.


    There are custom products, cutting services, engineering services, industrial equipment rental and sales, industrial supplies; materials, machinery and tools, metal fabrication services, packaging and safety products, surface finishing services, temperature control devices and tubular fabrication.


    Custom products can include vacuum forming products, die cutting products, fabrication and assembly, sheet distribution and more. Cutting Services would include laser cutting and water jet cutting services. There are consulting engineer firms who offer mechanical, electrical, chemical, materials, civil and marine disciplines that service worldwide. Industrial equipment and supplies may include industrial cranes, hydraulic lifts, drum handling equipment etc. serving different industries like mining, automotive, chemical, electronic, food processing and more.


    Industrial materials may include chemicals, packaging supplies and materials; inclusive of offshore oil and gas industries and the aerospace industry. Machinery and tools supplied may include metal cutting band saws, hydraulic ironworkers, imported lathes, milling machines, drill presses, pipe and shape bending, surface grinders and compressors. Metal fabrication services include a reliable service for all metals like mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum fabrication, welding processes, blast cleaning services, flame cutting services and roll forming services. They also provide custom orders.


    Packaging of products and services include pallets, cases and crates, cardboard cartons, packaging supplies, corrosion and moisture, resistant foil packaging; clips, buckles, seals, dispensers and starter kits. Safety products offered would be superior quality safety equipment, hose brigade systems, rubber duct systems, and warning whips, safety products for storing chemicals and flammables and corrosives. Eye and face protection products, environmental safety also.


    Surface finishing products and services would include deburring, burnishing, casting impregnation, robotic polishing and blasting on templates, castings forgings etc. Descaling and rust removal, polishing and hydraulic flushing services and more. Temperature control devices include thermocouples and RTD/resistance temperature detectors. Reading temperatures and controlling them with digital temperature controllers and more. Tubular products such as tubular fabrication services include tubes punching, notching, spot welding, drilling, sawing and cutting metal shearing.


    There are companies that supply all the above services in one quote. They have a full line of industrial distributors who supply the industrial goods and services for your needs. They specify different categories such as welding supplies and cutting machinery and tools, electrical supplies and tools, power tools and cleaning equipment. Material handling of chemicals and heavy equipment for construction such as hydraulics and pneumatics. Depending on the type of industrial supplies and services you are looking for, there are companies that will enable you to continue your business. Most businesses are located in your local city directory and most will give you a quote over the phone. If it is a larger scale job, you might have to make an appointment and lay out the scale of your job so you can get the most accurate information.