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  • The Engagement Factor
    Working to create healthy environments both on and off of the balance sheet.

  • Managing an organization’s resources through Human resource Management

    Human resource Management is the most crucial and rational approach towards the management of the most valuable assets of an organization- its people. The people or the individuals working in an organization contribute to the attainment of the business objectives. Often termed as personnel management due to its process of managing people in an organization, Human Resource Management or HRM is an important part of any workplace.

    HRM means employing, developing, utilizing, maintaining and tuning of resources. Various management processes such as organizational, manpower, industrial and personnel are the important features of human resource management. The techniques involved in HRM consist of setting goals for the success of the organization and then providing resources to the workforce for the successful accomplishment of the assignment.

    The four main areas that form the core of the human resource management in an organization are:

    ·         Administration

    ·         Employee champion

    ·         Strategic business partner

    ·         Change management

    Human resources management comprises of several procedures. From the process of employing the people, to improving the resources, utilizing, maintaining and compensating the services to tune them according to the job and organizational requirement are all the functions that are performed by a human resource manager. Together with the safety, wellness and benefits of the employees a human resource manager also has to keep an eye on the performance and the further development of the organization.

     The critical functions of a Human Resource Management include:

    ·         Recruiting & Hiring: to decide upon the best employees for the organization.

    ·       Training: providing resources to the workforce to better understand the working of the organization and ensuring that they become high performers.

    ·     Organization Development: making sure that the employees work towards the achievement of the organization’s objective.

    ·      Performance Management: dealing with performance related issues and ensuring work and personnel management.

    ·         Policy Recommendation: performance according to the rules and guidelines provided by the organization.

    ·         Salary and Benefits: rewards and compensation in accordance with the individual performance.

    ·         Team Building: assessment of work methods in different environments and conditions.

    ·         Leadership: realizing goals, vision, values and action plans of the organization.


    The concept of Human Resource Management is not only crucial for large organizations but is also necessary for small ones due to their important functions.

    Anyone who is running a small or moderate sized business should consider using an HR consulting firm. This is essentially a service that helps out businesses with HR matters such as interviewing and hiring potential employees. It makes sense to utilize this type of service when the cost of creating a Human Resources department is not reasonable. Arguably, the best aspect of this service is that they will provide you with a customized quote based on the particular situation of your business, and it only takes a few moments to get in touch with them online.