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  • AlbertaRose Home Business Communitys
    Women, men, mothers, fathers, all who have dreamed of starting a home busines or those who have, are welcome to join with us as we form a United Community Partnership.

  • Wahms United Friendship Community
    Join and support a great group of home friends and business owners.

  • WAHM and Direct Sales
    For anyone in direct sales or wahm. Information for wahms and independent consultants as well as new business ideas :)

  • Moms United in Business Community
    MUIB, Supporting WAHMs Personally and Professionally is OUR Business!

  • Mothers Work At Home
    This group is for all Mothers who work at home and have their own business websites.

  • Captive Mommies
    What holds your thoughts captive? Forum, blog, top 100, plug board, community and more - just for the captive mommy in all of us.

  • Entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneur ring that features businesses and startups. Make money now from home with direct sales or affiliate marketing.

  • Internet Millionaires
    The community is for the individuals who are business oriented and are or want to start doing business in the internet. The community help the members share their experience on their online businesses.

  • students get paid online
    earn money 24hours from anywhere in the world

  • Working Moms with an internet business
    This is for Mom's that work full time and are trying to get their own businesses started on line, so they can become Work at home Moms..

  • Liquid Supplement Homebusiness
    A network of home business owners that market a liquid nutrition supplement.

  • M.O.M. Network Community
    A Network of WAHM resources and retailers.

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  • Canadian Home Business
    Do you have a Home-Based Business? Join our ring! Get linked with other Canadian Nome-based businesses today! Together we succeed!

  • Starting and Running a Luxury Ski Home Business


    Your most important asset when starting up a home-based business is you. Research the type of business you would like to operate in your home and find out the legalities through your local city hall. You can search online and find hundreds of internet-based home business start-ups but I would suggest that you start with you. Figure out what talents you have. Perhaps you are really good at Pet Care and grooming. What if you opened a PetCareCenter out of your empty garage? Perhaps you like to paint and know that you could make money on the side painting other people’s homes. Decide what you would be good at and research that topic.


    Put your talents and skills together and come up with an amazing business plan. Sit down and write a list of all your talents and skills. Perhaps the home business idea is in there. Or maybe you already know what type of business you will operate. Now you must find out the legalities of running a business out of your home. Your local Revenue and tax office can give you guidelines as to the limits you can reach by running your business out of your home. To name a few, how much of your heating costs can you deduct as a business expense; how much of your car lease can you deduct as a business expense. Every country is different and has different rules.


    The most important thing about running your own business is keeping records, or everything! Your car mileage, any food receipts or supply receipts. Try to keep them in one place so it’s easy to keep track of. Be confident in knowing that by being organized on a daily basis will mean your business will run smoother on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Better organization means more profits for you. You also have to take into account the type of business you want to run out of your house and whether it is feasible to have people coming in and out of your house on a regular basis. Will this disrupt your residential area? Will it disrupt your neighbors? Do you have enough parking to accommodate extra people?


    Don’t make the mistake of not researching your type of business and if it is a viable business plan. Many people think that a business plan is only necessary if they need a business loan. The most important reason a business plan is done is to find out if your business idea has a chance of becoming a successful business. Do not forgo this important step in running your home-based business. Research, plan and cultivate your business. If after researching your business and you find that it’s not a good idea, then don’t go forward with it. Choose another home based business idea and through the process again. Nothing is a lost cause – but trying to run a successful business, especially a home-based business means you’ve done your research and you are hoping it will succeed. No one wants to fail.


    There are no shortcuts to starting a home-based business. Do your research and perhaps in time you will become successful.