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    Websites related to financial,investing, banking, stock market, trading,review,business,finance,companies,reports,finance news,business news,company news,newspaper,breaking news,realtime,real-time,updates,updated,analysis,comment,opinion,Sydney,Melbourne,Singapore,Hong Kong,Tokyo,Shanghai,Bangkok,Manila,Jakarta,Taipei,Mumbai,Seoul,Canberra,Brisbane,Adelaide,Perth,Darwin,money,funds,funds management,securities,futures,commerce,invest,investment,stocks,markets,cpi,global,world,economy,statistics,capital,investments,property,daily,weekly,information,features,editorial,ASX,shares,FIN,archives,comm

  • Financial Services Blogs
    Community of weblogs that pertain to the financial services industry. Here you will find blogs related to banking, insurance, investments, lending, financial planning, and other services.

  • CMKM Diamonds United Shareholder's Community
    We are an incredibly cohesive group, comprised of tens of thousands of shareholder's that banded together, creating a force that Wall Street miscreants never thought they would have to deal with. Individually we are shareholders, together we are the owners of CMKM Diamonds. Because we stick together, nobody will deprive us, or our company, of vindication in an incredibly corrupt stock market system.

  • Notary Signing Agents
    Group of Certified Notary Signing Agents. Loan signing agents provide services to title companies, escrow officers, real estate agents, lenders, loan officers, realtors, banks. Join the ring to promote the mobile notary public signing service in your area.

  • Notary (NSA) Networks
    Professional networks of notary signing agent members only. The notaries in this community are connected with an elite network of pre-qualified, experienced notaries who seek to work primarily with lenders and title companies.

    This community is for people who need financing to produce a film or television project.

  • Insurance
    Insurance websites and information.

  • deal report - tcrm commercial corporation and leslie agisim
    This community is focused on providing information on attaining loans in tough times. The United States begins 2009 in a recession and this resource can help millions of Americans get the money they need for business or personal needs.

  • Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement Training.
    World Venture Consulting helps consumers eliminate credit card debt.

  • "5 paisa" Impacts
    A cool blog for Share Market learners and for those on the go...

  • Business Loans
    Business Lenders Nationwide Looking To Loan $2 Million to $500 Million Recapitalize Past Due Notes, New Business Owners, & Those Looking To Expand

  • What are Financial Services?


    'Financial Services' refers to the different option that banks and other financial institutions offer when it comes to the handling of our money. Transactions involving money go back to the beginning of time with the oldest form of financial service being the lending of money. In the modern day however the term financial services has come to mean looking after the long-term needs and meeting the aspirations of clients and much more.

    One of the most helpful of all financial services would be financial planning. A professional will assist a client with their money needs by firstly looking after the protection of the client’s current position as far as money goes, and secondly, the planning for their future requirements.

    Protection of the present is mainly met by insurance, for example a young couple with a family will require life insurance and possibly critical illness insurance on the main wage earner to protect the family in the event of the death or the serious illness of the breadwinner. The clients may also need coverage for medical expenses and illness, which again can be catered for. For amounts of money which are relatively small a family can be protected against death, serious illness and other catastrophes.

    Once the client is protected against the calamities life can throw up, the main area of concern tends to be to acquire a sufficiently large sum of money so as to have the prospect of a comfortable retirement. The acquisition of this money is normally done through regular investment in savings plans or pension plans utilizing spare income over a few years.

    Coupled with the above, financial planning also involves knowledge of the tax rules and regulations which are, or may be, applicable to the client. By the use of simple financial instruments such as wills or trusts various taxes (such as capital gains tax or inheritance tax) can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

    Back to money lending; banks, credit unions and other financial companies provide money lending services to those who qualify. Whether for an individual or a business they can help you arrange the lending of the money that you need and using the type of loan or service best suited to you, your situation and your needs. Some of these lending or credit services include loans, mortgages, line of credit and credit cards. Once your type of credit service is selected, a payment structure is worked on based on the amount borrowed and what you can afford to pay without too much stress on your financial situation.

    Financial Services therefore encompasses a vast range of product providers, savings schemes, investment funds and the like but in the end it all comes down to helping you protect you and your family and help you to plan wisely for a comfortable future including a worry-free retirement.