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  • MomPack
    A group of moms in business who work together to build our businesses. We invite you to join us in our mission:{;}{;}To Support Our Mutual Goals of Success through an Innovative Free Advertising Partnership.{;}{;}Membership to the Mom Pack is, and always will be, free. PLEASE NOTE: Adding one of the MomPack banners to your site does not include you in the community. The code as indicated in your membership email must be added to your site ON THE PAGE INDICATED WHEN YOU SIGNED UP.

  • Log Home Community
    A community to link log home related sites together - log home manufacturers, builders, dealers, furniture builders, furniture retailers, etc.

  • A Savvy Mall For The Family
    We invite websites of all family oriented subject matter: genealogy, adoption, business, greeting cards, church, search engines, hobbies, family, kids, jobs, government, health, seniors, newsletters, auctions, shopping and more

  • Custom Jewelry Community
    This community is a collection of sites that offer custom designed jewelry, or some type of customization of the product they already carry. No mass merchants or malls, just individual sites offecommunity a special service.

  • Community of Personalized Gifts
    We've searched the Internet to bcommunity you this comprehensive list of personalized gifts sites. Now for the first time, your favorite personalized gifts and personalized products sites are all together in one place.

  • The Professional Crafters
    The intent of  this Community is to join together crafters that make, sell and advertise professionally  handcrafted products on the net.  Any one who is a professional crafter using any medium is welcome to join. The navagation code for this Community is small and not intrusive to the design of your website.  Please feel free to mention this Community to any e-list or groups that may have members interested in joining. 

  • The Virtual Assistant Team Community
    If you are a Virtual Assistant you are welcome to apply to join our today. Our community serves as a business directory of Virtual Assistant Businesses. Potential clients of The Virtual Assistant Team have the option of viewing this directory to hire a Virtual Assistant. If you are in need of a Virtual Assistant, please visit the various websites of our members to find your VA Today!

  • BlissWeddings.com's Vendor Pages Community
    A network of wedding-related vendors.

  • Kleding Te Koop: Online Shopping Stores
    Consumer Goods and Services


    Economics is related with the manufacture and giving out of consumer goods and services. Goods will be described as anything that anybody wants. Services will be the presentation of any work or duties for another; supportive or specialized activity. The allocation of services and goods is referred to as the marketing. The advertising of goods as well as services could add approximately as much to the price as the genuine creating of the goods. Advertising a product refers to advertising, as well as other efforts to endorse a products sale.

    There are a lot of special kinds of goods. Customer goods are those like food and the clothing that satisfy human needs or wants. Producer goods are those like the tools and raw materials, utilized to create consumer goods. Capital goods are like machinery, utilized in production of the commodities or creator goods. There are countless numbers of the services. A short list will comprise educational, communication, health, transportation and social services.

    To endure in the competitive as well as crowded market, buyer goods as well as services companies should be continually attuned to their consumers’ changing desires and needs. In this changeable consumer landscape, companies need the leaders who could serve as the agents for change, own a detailed understanding of innovative marketing techniques and formats, work with partial resources and converse a long-term planned vision for the association.

    Consumer goods as well as services companies rely on unequaled access to these ultimate decision-makers, persons with the aptitude to perform and guide the dream, to assist them succeed.

    The UK trade sector has undergone important changes in past some years and is known as one of highest moving industry sectors. About 10 to 15 years before supply chain was hardly known as a business. In the present day, a top-flight supply chain administrative is a planned decision creator with the detailed understanding of money and knowledge; strong association expansion skills; as well as the capability to function on the worldwide stage. In spite of this, supply chain yet lags at the back of other retail functions in recognition, remuneration as well as board representation terms.

    Supply chain leaders require continuing establishing their business and reveal the involvement it makes to profitable success of an association. They should be ready to confront the perception of function and expand their power across the whole business, demonstrating joint behavior, cross-functional thinking and effectual management.

    The foremost trade bodies are playing their piece through the organization of accepted training and experience for the line of work; however the leading impact on future of function would be made by supply chain community itself.

    The ever-changing marketplace and the customer demands have altered how we sight our services and goods. We insist more and so companies are increasing and rising to gather those requests. With the insist and enlargement comes issues with supply of goods and services and so many countries have service set up which you could contact if you have had a difficulty with the services or goods.

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