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    Classified advertising is a form of advertising that is particularly common in newspapers, magazines, online periodicals and free newspapers. There is usually a section of the paper that is dedicated to the classifieds. Each classified section is divided into sections. Some of these sections are: computers and electronics buy and sell items, vehicles, vacation homes, real estate and home sales, pets and animals, general ads, help wanted, looking for, notices and services, wanted and personals. The ad provides contact information, a description of what they are selling or offering and how and when is a good time to contact the seller of the goods or services.


    When placing an ad in a newspaper you will find that some offer free services; or if that particular newspaper owns other periodicals you can make a deal where it will be published in several papers at the same time. There is a nominal fee for a specified amount of words or description and sometimes it is free. Most local newspapers will have a section included that if you don’t sell your product or service within a specified time they will re-run that ad until you do.


    You can also do a search online as there are hundreds of websites selling products or services set up like classified ads. Be careful when doing your search. Do not give out any personal information if you are selling an item, especially if it hasn’t been confirmed the person wants that item.


    Classifieds are a perfect way to offer your services if you are a home-based business. It is a cheap way of advertising and if the newspaper you are advertising in also has other periodicals, your information can get out to many different cities at one time.

    Classifieds also offer a Personal Section which can be anything from looking for someone to advertising looking for a partner or friend. Again, do your research and be careful of the information you give out. Most of the time it is a smart idea to only have an e-mail contact BEFORE confirmation of the sale of the product or service. You don’t want strange people phoning your house constantly.


    The perfect way to advertise for a Garage Sale is through the classifieds. Most local newspapers have a bonus if you advertise with them and they provide you with a kit for Garage Sale information. It usually includes signage, tags for your items and tips on having a successful Garage Sale.


    The most important thing to remember when placing an ad in the Classified section of any periodical is that the information you provide must be as accurate as you can make it. If you are selling a washing machine that you’ve had for years and don’t know if it works, don’t advertise it as Great Working Order. This is false advertisement. The classified ad should state what you have to sell, a brief description of the item and/or service and when is the best time to contact you.